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November 2020 - Fast and the Furious

This month we're all about the quickies! Those lightening shags, intense and manic, hot and heavy. We want to hear about your best quickies, it might have been the time you had that hottie in the coatroom at a nightclub, or the lunch hour ram raid! Whatever your memory, if it was quick, hot and sextastic, we want to hear it! Remember, the sauciest Sex Secret takes home the cash award!

Nov 2020 Submitted Sex Secrets

Posted: Nov 03, 2020
I was sitting at my computer late one night, a few bourbons under my belt and feeling very horny.I logged onto a sex site and was surprised so many good looking men were doing the same thing as me...sitting at their computers wishing and a-hoping there was someone out there that felt the same as them.It was like Christmas for me...had been celibate long enough and there was some fine bods to play with.

I started messaging the best ones, not expecting a reply at all; it was just a bit of a diversion for me. Unexpectedly I got four replies and now I had a choice of who to have some passionate fun with.

Out of the four lads, the closest to me was the best so decided to ask him over for a drink or 3.

He was very willing, as I knew he would be. He had said on his... read more
"He grabbed me and slammed me up against the wall and his kisses made my knees buckle."

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