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hornycouple0055 18 October 2020
Wife and I are having a great time, RHP has been the best! We have met so many people - couples, single guys, single ladies...have fulfilled all our fantasies, loving it! We have had the best time and I have FWB, wife has a few too, thanks RHP!
ozzie41 05 October 2020
I have met this lovely girl on here, we had awesome fun and we are now friends and it is a ongoing thing. Thank you RHP.
TheBug81 03 October 2020
I have been on and off RHP for a few years and am very thankful for not only the amazing sexy times I have had with couples and singles but also the great friendships I have made along the way.

Whether in Sydney or now Bowral can't wait for more friendships and hot times to be had!!!!
markdaisey111 02 October 2020
Gotta say...with the lockdown in Melbs going for so long, RHP has been invaluable!! Love you people, you know who you are!!
BBWGANGBANGGIRL 25 September 2020
Have had nothing but a great time since joining RHP. The No of guys I've had has been huge! Also met lots of sexy ladies & cpls as well. My pussy has been well & truly kept fed & wishes to convey its sincere thanks to RHP & its sexy members. It's Looking forward to meeting & devouring more of you guys!
UnicornWranglers 21 September 2020
Absolutely loving RHP. Have met a few sexy couples and ladies. Can't wait to meet some more!
Nik6027 20 September 2020
Finding awesome sex partners in this app is cool but finding good friends In this app is even better! I love how this app helps me to connects people, I probably wouldn’t have met in my normal circle of life . The experiences they share, food, music and much more is a great experience.  Thank you RHP :)
SurfSeaMan 07 September 2020
I live in the Midwest. It's fairly isolated in Port Denison / Dongara. I've only been on here about 5 months, maybe less.
I've met 17 great, sexy, funny, happy, normal people on here, and most of those are couples (so more like 31)!
It's unbelievable! Haven't even made it to the city yet ??
Such a great winter, and so many hot and steamy summer days to cum!
sweetnshy 06 September 2020
I have met some wonderful new friends on here :) I have used Red Hot Pie on and off for years in my sexual journey. Can't go wrong with this community :)
LatinSubmissive 06 September 2020
Had my first sexual meet with a couple and it was fantastic, they made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the start.. looking forward to more fun times ahead ..
mrmrsbyron33 04 September 2020
Me and my husband have found some great ladies to play with and take on some wild adventures
HotTER4U 03 September 2020
I met 2 very sweet very sexy humans from RHP. Thank you for the experience, one item ticked off the bucket list plenty more to go!
Nik6027 03 September 2020
Great success connecting to some lovely couple and few ladies in the last couple of months. Thank you RHP :)
poppeez 02 September 2020
From blushing at a rude joke just over three years ago to the confident sexy woman I am I have RHP to thank!  Met some wonderful men and my 2 long term fwbs of over two years I met right here and so grateful!
Attica 01 September 2020
I have blossomed so much sexually since joining RHP. No turning back.
Simon_72_Mel_76 29 August 2020
Although we have been living the lifestyle together just a couple of months off 21 years now, Mel and only joined the online swingers community around 8 months ago when we started an account here on RHP. We soon began accounts on other sites too, however most we deleted as they were a waste of time. We decided with the success on RHP it was the only one worth spending and investing in more than a nominal amount which we have done so on only 2 other sites, keeping as just basic members.

     It has been an interesting evolution of change we have gone through with our profile and of course had a great fun with the different playmates we have met and fucked too. Like most of you on the site, we did a little research on how to create a successful swinger profile before embarking on our adventure, however due to our different approach to the lifestyle we chose to forge our own style, finding the formulas suggested something that did not really suit our personal taste or needs. We are a little different in our ways, this does not make us better or worse just human.

   We feel no shame in our bed hopping behaviour and so do not hide it from our personal lives, however we do keep our personal life personal and try not to share much of it with casual play partners rather than the other way around. It works for us but seems to be quite different from what most feel comfortable with who use the site. Again I really must stress this is what works for us, but that does not make it superior to any other way of navigating such a rich and liberated lifestyle.

   We are writing this today in celebration of the fact that we have just said goodbye to couple number 30 in our 8 month enterprise, there has been a few singles on special occasions too but we don't bother counting them. We do believe that discretion as to who these people are is paramount and so also chose not to bother with validations, we don't like to "kiss and tell". Again maybe a different ap
KinkNMe 17 June 2020
Have been on rhp for a while and have played with some amazing people. My experience at a hotel yesterday morning with a lovely lady, being a icing on the cake. Loving all the pleasuring and pampering..
Nik6027 09 June 2020
It was awesome to connect with a couple other day!

Very friendly and helpful  - I been wanting to worship a Milf bbw and the couple were more than happy for me to offer her an oil massage with tease.

They allowed me to watch them make out once she was wet - awesome show for me.

Great for starters :)
Curiouscc 03 June 2020
Joined RHP and have met some amazing couples and a gorgeous single woman. It has exceeded my expectations and am loving the new platform. Well done RHP!
Blacktowndesi 31 May 2020
Wow love this site, we have played with couple's and single male's, we loved it.
readytoplay77 27 May 2020
After being on here a while and a few missed opportunities, finally met a local lady and all I can say is WOW, what a great first meet.
Thanks RHP.
7Dicks 24 May 2020
Ok we have only been on the site for a cpl of days and we have already found our first Gangbang Girl. We start ganging this naughty wife on Thursday. Can't wait!
sweetnsensual 07 May 2020
We joined RHP a few years ago and were completely new and had no idea on what happens. We sent a message to a gorgeous woman on the site and she arranged to meet us both for a drink. When the night arrived we were nervous and in bounced the most vivacious gorgeous woman who's smile lit up the room! We chatted had a drink and that was the start of a beautiful ongoing friendship which we still have to this day. We consider her a true friend and is an amazing person! Thank you RHP
SirTwistopher 06 May 2020
I came here because I wanted a threesome.

I ended up having 5.

Cheers RHP. You made the dream come true...
SpanishSub 02 May 2020
After being in communication with this one gentleman on and off, we finally took the step and spent a wonderful time together, the Dom/Sub was brought into play which was a major turn on, we have been meeting on and off since then with night time rendezvous, and day time meet ups, now we are both looking to take it to the next level by meeting adventurous couples to join in on our sexual adventures.
playfulminx 17 March 2020
I had a huge amount of fun the last time I was a member here so I can't wait to explore more with my party this time around.
alltiedup 26 February 2020
And it just gets better. The mrs went to socialise with a couple as work got in my way and she came back beaming “they’re our people“ . A dinner was planned at our place (pork rillettes) and a chat . Knowing S liked them made the meeting more like catching up with old friends so when the cheese board was done and their glasses were full I sat them on the end of the bed to watch me tie S in a standing waist and thigh harness. Wry smiles from duke and daisy and then back to dinner where S just sat nude in ropes for the meal. Another breast harness tie for Daisy standing as we all stroked and caressed her and then game on. Thanks RHP. We met people we could be friends with as well as fuck.
MelindaMM 19 February 2020
Something was lacking in my life and since joining RHP I’ve come alive again. I’ve had some great sex with some very sexy men. Men who’ve shown me new experiences and pleasures. Without RHP I think I’d be still playing alone. XX
hotblonde 06 February 2020
What can I say........have met many hot guys
nightmoves29 03 February 2020
RHP, this platform is truly awesome. 25 years of dysfunctional marriage has given way to meeting many wonderful & beautiful women & couples for open honest sexual exploration. I have absolutely loved almost all of my encounters with vibrant sexy women, & to be wanted as a strong giving lover & sharing those moments is totally magic. I'm going to keep exploring.
SugrAndSpice 21 January 2020
I had the best experience of my life since joined RHP a month ago. Met some wonderful people and had some amazing fun. I don’t think I would have any of that if I wasn’t in RHP.
Ragdata 18 January 2020
We've all heard online dating horror stories, and I've lived a few via other sites.  In the few months that I've been a member of RHP though, I've had nothing but great experiences!  Genuine people, easy site to navigate, great content - highly recommended!
iiibxloz 01 January 2020
Well after a false start this time last year, we had a nice break between Xmas and NYE in Sydney this year and indulged in a bit of fun.  Wow.  Boxing Day evening she was tied spreadeagled on our hotel room bed with a blindfold and gentlemen joined us who really knew what he was about.  Two mouths and hands moving over her body had her so excited, and when her mystery man had or squirt for the first time ever she didn't know what had happened (I had to explain it later).  I stepped back after than and he gave her a really good fucking, eventually pulling out and blowing a huge load of cum all over her belly.  It blew her mind.  She rated him 10/10 and was on a complete high after he had gone and I'd untied her we played with each for some time.  She wanted him to come back the next day but that wasn't to be.  So very hot watching her having so much fun, watching her kissing and sucking and fucking a complete stranger who she will never know what he looked like was the hottest thing ever.

The following day another guy joined us, but he wasn't as experienced and was nervous.  She still had an awesome orgasm, but not the mind blowing session from the day before.

Our next night was suppose to be to OSS, but a bit to much sun at Cobblers then a bit to much to drink with dinner saw us stay home.  It was still hot to plan that night and agree it must be on our 'to do' list sooner than later.
LivingItUp81 31 October 2019
RHP has been a fantastic way to meet ladies who share similar kinks, fetishes and interests to me. I've met some incredible women and had a lot of fun over the many years of membership.
Dogsrs 29 October 2019
I recently had the opportunity to attend a party in Brisbane and what a great night. Very diverse crowd of people who enjoyed a great night. Reminded me how much fun being alive is and of the joy of giving and receiving. Thank U rhp
thulgrum 19 October 2019
Well, I was able to introduce another new bottom to the joys of Punishment spankings :)

Her: I've only been spanked once before, i dont think i'll last very long

90 minutes later

Her: Are you stopping already???

alltiedup 16 October 2019
Wow wow wow. The look on my woman’s face as we finally experienced a bi flexible MMF. Her spank bank memory moments are many. We met on the beach by agreement and then came back to ours to just begin with a shower and massage. He started above her head and I at her feet as we flowed back and forwards sensually. I positioned a pillow under her belly and invited him to kiss her and put on a condom. We really didn’t have too much time because of school pickups. The opportunity for me to touch her in all the places normally unreachable or impractical whilst he fucked her was a treat for us both. The look on her face as I kissed her before we both started licking and sucking the sides of his cock. The look on her face as he lent over her to take my cock from her mouth to place in his. Her biggest moment was my bright light just enjoying her pleasure with the bi flexible extra energy in a room that allowed me to feel a part of her pleasure.  We finished off with both of us giving him a lingham massage and watching his eyes roll back in his head at orgasm. Thanks RHP, it’s a part of us as a couple.
Busty_Salma75 21 September 2019
Finally met in person the guy I had been chatting to online for over 4 weeks, (he is interstate) and boy did the earth move for both of us, we really enjoyed each other now planning for our next rendezvous.. thank your RHP...
thickhung8inch 18 July 2019
Thankyou RHP! I have ticked off many, many items from the bucket list. And have been with more mature women than I could of ever dreamt of! Amazing!
mssm89 13 July 2019
Recently lost some weight and got up the confidence to seek out some fun and tick a few things on the bucket list.
I have not regretted signing up to RHP  at all. Met a few great guys and I'm able to explore some of my fantasies that I never thought I'd act on!
Thank you RHP.
Maresol 26 June 2019
Have finally broken the RHP cherry!!! Thanks for delivering me a few new recruits to throw into rotation. Always good to have options! xox
wetonemmmm 10 June 2019
Yep having heaps of fun as a couple playing on here and getting the biggens, anyone keen inbox me xo
mysteryman101 27 January 2019
RHP is definitely worth the effort. I find the tips very effective if you treat the ladies right everyone has fun. I'm enjoying my dates Thanks for the great work and site RHP
bilulu 26 January 2019
Less than a week after joining, I responded to a DateFinder from a lady visiting Melbourne.
We chatted a bit and decided to hook up. Great sex and a new friend!
Happy man :)
addictedtocum 06 January 2019

I’m not really one to leave reviews but this guy is probably the most genuine guy I’ve met in a long time he knows how to please and I enjoyed his company 10/10
realitybites7322 19 December 2018
Thank you for helping to let me experience what most of society deems wrong.. I've met some fabulous people on here and intend on having many more adventures x x x
FirieFlame 11 December 2018
Just had my first hookup through RHP and HOT DAMN it worked out brilliantly!
Enjoyed dinner with a beautiful fellow member then found a hotel room and enjoyed a night of sexual pleasure with me massaging her (and getting such a strong, active response), bed wrecking sex for ages, her massaging me and then a little sleep.
She wasn't satisfied enough so we went for round 2 a while later. Sorry to anyone in the next room who might have complained about the "young folk" at it all night - tough :)
mrmrsnewbies 11 December 2018
Christmas Drinks ... Thank you!! Just wanted to say thank you for organising the event. We greatly appreciate your work in organising such an event. We met many great couples!
sweetnsensual 11 December 2018
We joined RHP last year and after navigating our way through the first six months have really enjoyed the experience. We have met some wonderful people and made some great friends in and out of the bedroom. We have also met some amazing party organisers andbeen to some wonderful events. The staff at Redhotpie have been professional and attentive. Looking forward to more adventures in the new year!
rwatto 05 December 2018
I have been a member for many years and enjoyed meeting and chatting to lots of very nice people and met some as friends!
Andrewwbz 14 November 2018
I am happy to say that I met a wonderful lady through RHP and made a great connection. We enjoyed a very memorable afternoon and will definitely have another!
goodone1994 27 October 2018
Met with a girl last night. She was a bit nervous,but she 'came' through in the end. Was definitely a fun experience
close_cpl 15 September 2018
We recently met up with a fabulous couple from interstate who we'd chatted to on and off on the site for ages. We had such a good time. Dinner and drinks, great conversation, wonderful sexy 4some sex. We hope there is lots more of this sort of thing to come!
RHPHornyGirl 13 July 2018
Just moved in with a couple I met via RHP (not sure you'd say we're a throuple but its a great arranagement that works for us all) Thanks RHP!
Jodie45 13 July 2018
I meet my partner right here on RHP 2 and half years ago and we are still going very strong.
swingbliss 11 July 2018
We have met our first couple found through RHP, hopefully one of many to come!
Jojos_insatiable 06 June 2018
Have met an awesome guy who Is an animal in the bedroom. Just how I like it. Looking forward to many more good times.
rekindleflame 27 May 2018
Have met up with 4 guys and 2 couples now. Not all for sex, but all been good fun!
Saffadude2 19 May 2018
Woohoo, How lucky were we to win movies tickets.
Thanks heaps RHP,  funny movie, Amy did it so well. lol....Well worth entering all competitions. Great prizes, thanks heaps guys.

sharkgirl2018 26 April 2018
I joined RHP with the intention of having fun, what happened was the last thing on my mind when I clicked on a flirt.
I met up with a gorgeous guy for brunch, sparks flew, and we're now seeing where things lead, and it's looking like it may be a loooooong term thing
Thank you RHP for bringing us together xxxxx
roundup 07 April 2018
We have met some great friends on RHP both couples and some beautiful single girls. They are incontaxct most days and have accompianied us to events dinners and drinks
Really happy with who we have met!
Mark_and_Jenny 24 March 2018
We have been trying a few sites and everything worthwhile in life takes effort and there are negatives everywhere to overcome

The ongoing friends  we are starting to make now have all come from RHP

Its just wonderful to be able to sit down with couples and relate our experiences

Many thanks to RHP and this lovely supportive community
Shine1 06 March 2018
Everyone can find love online
Tender_Luvn 28 February 2018
RHP you Guys and Gals ROCK! Thanks for the copy of 40 Days and 40 Nights. Was a great surprise to come home to. We have lots of laughter during the move.
Alfred19655 27 February 2018
lost my virginity to a girl from here
71Camaro 22 February 2018
Thanks to RHP for not only introducing us to some amazingly hot couples and singles but the competitions are awesome. Just received my 2nd movie tickets !! ??
Sensualdesires 04 February 2018
I met someone very special who satifies me in all ways.
Bbeauty99 20 December 2017
Great website!
Hot_n_horny 19 December 2017
Pleased to say that RHP has led me to meet someone who rocks my world! Did the hookup thing  and enjoyed that but really wanted  to find my match both in and out of the bedroom.. My new man is that match!
MsFi43 15 October 2017
Met a fabulous guy on RHP. I adore him and he's everything I ever dreamed of.
KatNat 27 September 2017
Hi Everyone,
I thought it was time to share. I have meet so many great couples and singles on this site. You all know who you are. There is no one I have met on here that I wouldn't be happy to call a friend.
There is one very special man I have meet on here though hornyinnt. We have been living and playing together for about 6 months now and before that we caught up regularly for about 4 months. He is into all the naughty things I love. He is the most amazing man. He loves to see me play with other guys and girls. The more the merrier. If you want to look us up out joint site is katnat_n_hornynt. I think we will have many many years of happy playing until our bits just don't work any more :) I think there is a lot to be said for this type of relationship. there is no lying no cheating as there is no need to. We have one simple rule and that is play together and stay together. xx Kat
passiton2 18 September 2017
We had  the best group weekend ever, left the hotel room in a right mess and those sheets and pillows, if only they could talk hehe
Waiting4U17 10 September 2017
Hey meet an absolutely amazing guy through RHP. We dated for a short time but his work, distance & his family commitments meant that for him it wasn't working out romantically but we have remained really good friends who still have feelings for each other.
I would sacrifice absolutely everything to spend more time with him as I can't imagine my life without him in it anymore & I don't won't to either.
I might act like a love sick crazy girl regularly these days, but it's only cause I miss texting you & hearing your voice & especially seeing your handsome, sexy self. I love you so much as a friend & potentially as something more.

I'm talking about you Mickyv2
shyfun 25 August 2017
Met a greay guy here have had lots of fun new experiences and we will continue to do so together thankyou
Emzlea 24 August 2017
it was fun and really good service thanks 0x0x
stayer66 05 August 2017
Hey, had the most amazing catch up with J. She has to be the most amazing lady I have had the pleasure to meet. We spent 4 hours of have having fun. I pleasured her she pleasured me, I so recommend her what a great night
Menagewithclass 25 July 2017
A great site.. wonderful parties advertised, great service!
sugarbaby7 09 July 2017
I have met two amazing couples on here so far and it was mind blowing .good company cocktails and hot sex! Loving it RHP
naturalblue 28 May 2017
I was not seeking or expecting to find the love of my life on RHP.  However I did and now I couldn't be happier!
passiton2 17 May 2017
We see 3 ladies on a regular basis and have amazing times with them.
Our 2  couples we had regular hot times with have both moved interstate, so we would love to meet some sexy couples, and our life will be almost complete, thankyou  RedHotPie
freofan 10 May 2017
Thank you rhp I have met the most amazing lady in my life , who has become my best mate and someone who makes me feel like I've never felt before, without complications and the excitement is out of this world . Never thought it was possible but looking forward to what lays ahead exciting times for sure .
Mischiefnwet your amazing. ??
mischiefnwet2 10 May 2017
Thank you RHP i have met the most amazing man in my life who has become my best mate and someone who made me feel like ive never felt before without any complications and the exvitement is out of this world..never thort it was possibkr but looking forward to wot lays ahead..exciting times for sure..freofan u are amazing
Waiting4U17 10 May 2017
I've been on RHP for a couple of years now but have never really been that serious about it until last Friday 5th May when I was contacted by the most amazing guy I have met.

We agreed to meet up at Crown's nightclub, were there for a few minutes before deciding to go down to one of the bars instead where we stayed for a while just chatting, getting to know each other a bit better.

We then left Crown, decided to get a hotel room & spent a wonderful Saturday morning exploring each other's bodies & making love to each other.

It was a night I will never (want to) forget, will hopefully do many times more & hopefully over time will develop into something more serious & long term.

Thanks Mickyv2 for that wonderfully amazing night! I look forward to doing it all again! ????
lifestylecruise 03 May 2017
Thanks RHP, we are coming up on our first 6 months of membership with RHP and already have gone on a cruise with 36 wonderful new friends we made all via RHP.  There are so many great couples here, a huge thank you RHP.
DiscreetSwing 30 April 2017
Let you ego outside and come in to enjoy what the world of sharing has to offer you. Enjoy liberation, mutual respect and mutual pleasure! This is what swinging is about. RHP is the website that helps to facilitate that. Not for everyone but i enjoy it.
Mark_and_Jenny 18 April 2017
We only just joined rhp about five weeks ago and we listed a cocktail party

Being new we had some hiccups getting our party information listed so we asked for help via the website and the next day we got a call were given the help we needed

All the communications between members were respectful and exciting

The party night came and we were nervous
Our guests were simply amazing
Everyone got on so well
It was truly magical to be a part of  a community of spirited sexy people

Mark and Jenny
Patricia1956 14 April 2017
I found my guy by accident I know it might sound strange I haven't seen him yet but I know he is the one for me
I wish to thank RHP people your company is amazing as other people have said
The people I have seen in real life it really been lots of fun and laughter
Now I'm with Sam  we have become a couple ?? about three weeks ago and I'm so happy I don't want to ever lose him
Mark_and_Jenny 06 April 2017
Omg !!this site is so much fun we have had many great chats with some vey sexy interesting and respectful couples we are so looking forward to meeting
kirth_girsen 26 March 2017
It's been 3 weeks for me on this network, after a quiet few months. I still believe there are a few bots the owners should seriously get rid off. But overall, plenty of genuine and likeminded people to interact with. Last Friday, I eventually met a fine couple of Sydneysiders, and we shared a good moment together, wining and chatting about our travels, and eventually getting naughty and wet between the sheets, casting 3 dancing and undulating shadows against the wall, courtesy of the candlelights. Very grateful for this special intimate moment, I hope we'll meet again. It is for this kind of experience and encounter that we need a site like RHP. Kudos guys, keep up the good job.
LittleGiant 23 March 2017
I've been on RHP for 10 years now (wow!) as both a single female and a couple and have met the most amazing friends (social AND sexy) through the site. Mr Giant and I met on RHP as singles in July '14 and have been together ever since. Thanks RHP for opening my life up to exciting experiences and beautiful people that I wouldn't have had/met otherwise. I'm addicted!
Mark_and_Jenny 17 March 2017
We are  newbies to the site looking for some fun times he he. Everyone is so nice with the messages and flirts, yaaaay!
CuriousInPerth02 13 February 2017
We're newbies to this site and the scene in general. After a couple of false starts we decided to attend a party at The Pleasure Lounge. We had a great time, met some awesome people and can't wait to do it again!
politc 08 February 2017
Honestly , RHP site members, Massive credit to all.
Everyone that i've spoken with via  web/cam ,chat,mail even flirts have been a absolute  credit to this  site & people .... so friendly,beautiful human beans .  

I can not wait to meet more of you.... ..
TheDoorMan 30 January 2017
Thanks to RHP for sponsoring the Aussie day eve party WET N WILD. The host's were welcoming'n friendly. We had a grate time meeting others that got to attend it was a fabulous venue . Some enjoyed the Pool others enjoyed each other in the play area. Cant wait to go to the next party. XOX
Shamefulrose 16 January 2017
Thanks RHP so far I have met two really fantastic guys through this site and if the night with them is anything to go by then I'll be meeting plenty more!
reservedarmadilo 15 January 2017
Thanks RHP, My first group sex party was beyond what I could have expected, such genuine and lovely people. Opening a door to a whole new and beautiful world for me. An awesome experience!
foxs49 14 December 2016
Thank you RHP .l have meet a lot of lovely people on this site and had a lot of fun  And I would like to meet plenty more.
upforthefunxxx 24 November 2016
Thanks RHP. I met a great new group of friends, in and out of the bedroom.
Amazingly cool people. Can't wait to meet more.
netflix_chill 03 October 2016
Thanks RHP for the advice on throwing a great party. We have just held our latest one which had a 'back to school' theme and it was fantastic. All the pupils were up to no good and a few were close to being expelled for naughty behaviour.
The ladies, in particular, really went to town with their outfits and appeared to really stretch the limits with who could wear the shortest skirt or whose blouse could reveal the most boob.
We started the night with drinks and nibbles before a round of 'spin and lick the pussy' before the class hit the 4 play areas including the ever popular massage table where a 'happy ending' was guaranteed.
Thanks to all the pupils who attended and heres to the next party in November when we will have a Bianco theme.

Fat_BottomGirls 02 October 2016
Being in one of those sexless mariages l decided to join RHP and give it a go... I have chatted and met with some wonderfully supportive and very sexy ladies. Surprisingly to me l met up with a much younger lady and for more than 6 months we had the most amazing thrilling sweet and sexy relationship.. Thank you Missxxxx. Looking forward to when we can get together again.
And thank you RHP for this great site.
pokemeow 25 September 2016
Through well directed conversations and "keeping it real" we have met some lovely intelligent people who are respectful of boundaries and have patience to deal with health issues that sometimes get in the way of adventures. This site is a great place for adults to connect when used appropriately :)
ourfunsecret 14 September 2016
Thankyou RHP,

We had an amazing night with a fantastic couple last Friday night.

Started with a couple of drinks and a chat and ended up with some very sexy play, The boys had some fun with the girls and the girls had plenty of fun with both the boys and each other.

Looking forward to the next experience
Maxanya 06 September 2016
We've been talking about hooking up with other girls and couples for a while but it wasn't until we join RHP that we fulfilled some of our fantasies.

The people on the site are respectful and genuine, it feels great to be able to explore our sexuality with comfort.

Nice work!!
codsworth 03 September 2016
A massive thank you to RHP and the community
I have not been here long but everyone i have talked to has been amazing and friendly. A even bigger thank you to the wonderful couple who gave me my first experience as an extra
I had such an amazing time
horneycouplewa 28 August 2016
Thanks to you sexy 4 ladies and 4 good looking gentlemen (you know whom you are) for sharing an OUTSTANDING play date yesterday in our hotel room.  Already planning our next....
Cheekychick323 21 August 2016
thanks red hotpie for my movie ticket to see ghost busters I went and seen the movie it was a greatlaugh
Ayu83 19 August 2016
Keep looking, ladies, Mr Right is out there ;)
Ayu83 19 August 2016
never give up looking. When you think you may not find what your looking for that someone special will come along. Dig alittle and you find that diamond.
brisbaneguy69fun 18 August 2016
Having the best fun ever, have met some wonderful, naughty and gun girls and some really easy going fun couples
daniel05 07 August 2016
RHP has been great.. really explored so much sexually. It has its hits and misses this site but generally its a great fun playful site!

Been here for years :)

looking forward to many more.
MrsMrScorpio 06 July 2016
Thanks RHP we have hosted a few party's and with our last one which had a lingerie theme we had over 40 people turn up and met some fantastic people and couples and looking forward to hosting our next one which will be a Roman/toga party!
2seekingmore 06 June 2016
Met a very cool couple at a Gold Coast hotel for a few drinks... ended up heading up to our room for an amazing couples session. Both girls went to town on each other and it was so erotic. Can wait to see them again.
sexiful 31 May 2016
Another sexy, sexy night with a fit, hot, playful couple! We started with some fun games and then things steamed up. They're amazing to watch!
bussodude 25 May 2016
met lovely lady for a dogging session....more to cum, im hoping!
SuperFoxxxy 11 May 2016
More than Impressive!! To the man, who followed through with his word, kept it and actioned it. Thank you XX
AlicesexyCD 19 April 2016
Met some awesome people on here, enabled me to get out of the house dressed and have fun, bars, coffee shops & more ...& have fun in side as well ...met some awesome girls, guys and couples on here thanks ...looking forward to meeting some more nice people
jonnywadd 13 April 2016
Had a great night meeting a Darwin couple. We were all new to the scene, in fact they told me I was the first to join in with them. They normally are just seeking other couples for same room sex but as a present to his other half the guy gave permission for me to get involved in a threesome. He blew quite early in the encounter so then sat back and watched his wife try and swallow my cock. I fucked her in her sexy little stockings enjoying her plump arse and her little legs and feet wrapped around me.
This girl is submissive, turned on by big cocks and always leaves guys satisfied.
A memorable encounter.
Stirry 31 March 2016
Thanks RHP!! now the postman winks at me, the milkman spills his liquid, and the muffin man on drury lane is bakin up a doughy one!!! So thanks a lot for making me sexy just by being a member, and having one too!!!
Jen4fun 29 March 2016
I have recently separated and am now looking to expand my horizons, especially sexually. As such I joined RHP with the intention of meeting sexy men and couples and after only a week I’ve already been with an amazing couple and a gorgeous guy. I will be seeing the couple regularly as they are completely lovely, sexy and wonderful company. The guy was dominant and forceful and knew just how to push my boundaries and satisfy me.

This is just the start of what is going to be a breathtaking time!
herewer 24 March 2016
Had a great night with a guy we met. he was so accommodating. My partner loved how he turned him on with his tongue and rimming. I'm sure many other men have enjoyed their encounters with him, we cant wait to catch up again. Thanks RHP
Frendlycouple4u2 22 March 2016
Thanks rhp you have totally reinvigorated my sex life with my husband, can't wait to experience so much more. This site is just what we needed!
passiton2 10 March 2016
Love the  empowerment and confidence that comes from the slow building sensations  of flirting, slight touching, glancing up and down, fleeting breath play, the deep desire to fulfill each others wildest primal fantasy that comes thru sites like RHP
VicParkMan 06 March 2016
Met the nicest lady through RHP recently, we caught up for a drink and chewed each others ears off for a couple of hours, before a sneaky snog against her car at the end of the afternoon.

She invited me over to her place later that week, and sex was mind-blowing!! (as were other "blowing" skills she showed me - Ah-MAY-zing!!) It took ALL of my resolve not to cum while she was deep-throating me!

Lucky enough for me, she's coming to my neck of the woods tomorrow; to enjoy some tapas and drinks at my local, and hopefully myself as dessert later....

Thanks RHP, you rock!
funandSpice 20 February 2016
Thanks RHP

Well had an amazing night with a lovely couple.
Great meet,some drinks and food,then off to our hotel room for some juicy f/f kissing and licking each other whilst our men watched on,then all 4 of us played,lots and lots of licking and cock sucking,mmmm more please
WineFirstX 11 February 2016
Thanks RHP, that's what I'm talking about : I wanted quality Brisbane women who enjoy a great date, great sex, leaving both with a spring in the step. Thank you!
daniel05 08 February 2016
Thanks RHP,

I've been on here 2 years and had many fun encounters.

Learnt so much with this site haha;)

Perfect site for me :P

Hope to see many more members,new testimonials and updates with RHP :)

Lloyd23 07 February 2016
Thanks  RHP ;) first time to have sex with other couple;););) we really enjoyed every minute of it. Can't believe we done it. Wen't home , parked the car in the garage, we still feel horny, so we play and had sex again inside the car;);)its mind blowing thinking about it. Hope we can do it again.
Country_62 01 February 2016
Thanks RHP. Finally found someone who can not only keep up with me but satisfies me to the point of exhaustion. The after care is delightful too.
Playfulsins 29 January 2016
Hey hey i've had some great meets , and even won some movie tickets. THX RHP
adventuresplus19 28 January 2016
Thanks RHP, you're the best! We had a great party again on the 23rd of Jan; heaps of new people and of course plenty of the regulars and a big thank you to the hosts of course. Everybody had a great time together, hope to see everybody at the next one.
Stirry 26 January 2016
Thanks RHP for introducing me to my next chapter in my life!!!
Cattledogx2 16 January 2016
Never tried M/M BEFORE    I couldn't find anyone to show me. By the end of the first week, I had a cock in my arse. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. NEVER HAD SEX LIKE IT....EVER. Thank you rhp, you are the best
imtheprincess 11 January 2016
Thanks RHP! since the Christmas break, I have meet about a dozen straight guys on here who wanted to try having sex with a tranny. I have met some amazing nice, decent guys here. I am loving life at the moment.
BadBeau 10 January 2016
I met a gorgeous beautician, who travelled to meet me, and paid for accomodation, and we had a great, mutually satisfying evening together.. Obviously I paid for the dinner and cocktails :)
RealSexyFuckers 10 January 2016
2 Successes again..thank you RHP.
In the last couple of months we have made new (and lasting) friendships...and in the process had lots of amazing sex!
adventuresplus19 07 January 2016
Hey thanks to all the great people who attended the new years eve party in Waikiki it was a blast as they always are, fantastic group of people who know how to laugh and have unreal sexual and sensual fun. Cant wait to catch up with you all at the next one! Cheers to everybody on RHP, hope you're having at least half the fun we do.
mikesplace01 03 January 2016
Thanks Kitten, Mark and all the team at RHP. We've had a great year in 2015 . Had the best yet NYE Party and are looking forward to 2016.
Unicorn1112 27 December 2015
Thanks rhp for the Christmas turkey and log wink wink nudge nudge lol!!!

Love gravy and the hot bread.
starlet1 18 December 2015
We hosted our first play party recently with members of RHP and we're amazed by the hot couples and hot times we had at our place! We were blown away, in more ways than one - looking forward to organising the next one ;)
patli 02 December 2015
We had already some nice fun with single guys. The last one was more than good, he was clearly fantastic. Thanks M, and RHP. We'll do it again!
ajaussie 27 November 2015
Thanks ashlee69 for the fun. You are a hot lady and  full of fun. Thanks once again
yourjoystick 22 November 2015
I Had  a great time on Tuesday  with a great couple thanks Steph  for a fun day & Stephen for allowing me the pleasure .Steph you were amazing & hot as hell.

Thanks RHP
SuperFoxxxy 10 November 2015
I feel so sexually empowered, embracing my mind, body and soul to expose my physical nature to other person(s) in so many levels of intimate connections.

Thank you RHP  
SnownJen69 22 October 2015
Hi all , Enjoying RHP alot!
adventuresplus19 20 October 2015
Hi everybody we just wanted to thank all the amazing people we have met of RHP both couples and singles and of course RHP as it is the best site we have found for genuine swingers to meet up become friends and have heaps of fun together ,,we love our care free lifestyle and meeting new people as well as keeping in touch with the friends we have made a long the way ,,to all our great friends we thank you for being in our lives ,,to our new friends great to have you around p/s to all the lovely people that have been invited to and been accepted to the Halloween fancy dress Masquerade party party you will experience one of the best party's of your life ,,keep up the good work RHP we love ya S and J
littleMissShy 17 October 2015
Amazing night with one hot couple! Far out! Thankyou for being our first! Couldn't of asked for a more perfect night! Sexy and steamy! I can't wait for more!

Thankyou sexies for rocking our world!

You know who you are :-P

Xx Tam and michael
siensai 27 September 2015
Another reconnection success story RHP.  Unexpectedly I'm in touch with a friend I met off here a couple of years ago. He is back in OZ and  I'm looking forward to rekindling fun and friendship again and seeing where it goes. You know who you are and your timing is impeccable x
sandra4sonny 26 September 2015
Had an amazing night last night,crazy play session with a sexy horny couple from rhp... definitly looking forward to more fun x
adventure78 25 September 2015
Had a great day last weekend after using the Datefinder for the first time. Fun, sexy, horny, satisfying, awesome day!! Thankyou RHP, have chatted with some great people & hope to meet them for some fun sexy time soon! In the meantime, the sexting has been fantastic ??
RealSexyFuckers 19 September 2015
Thank you to J (and RHP of course).
J came on the Wednesday and left on the Friday morning. THEN she asked to meet again in Friday night. She kept everything so fresh that the time flew by those two days. Only wish we had not made plans already on the Friday. Thank you J xxx
ontherdagain 07 September 2015
Thank you Rhp for reconnecting me with a lover I used to have . found each other again and Im going to enjoy every single touch & intimacy.  
Mwah dv
sexyweekitten 29 August 2015
Wow Wow ... Wow. Last week we got a phone call out the blue from a member who I can't even acknowledge as they wish to remain completely anonymous.

But the BEST part is my partner has found a new best friend in her. They are inseparable now and she is like my best friend too.

Thanks to you sweetie...we think the world of you!

Nat xxxxx
natisback1 19 August 2015
Thankyou .  I wish you all the best and happiness.  Thankyou rhp for the experience.  Im moving on now and feeling great :)   good luck all.  
Go get em tigers
MustBi 17 August 2015
It has been a wonderful time!!!
Tammin1010 16 August 2015
Met the most amazing hot sexy man!!! Hope you all find what you're looking for; I did very unexpectedly!!!???
roller_boy 14 August 2015
Absolutely cannot start to explain the convuluted wisdom gained from fellow contributers.. primarily the forum topics and advice..... life changing.... curious learning... not to mention envy for my sexy forumite folk.... attended our first meet and greet... welcoming and zero stress.... just sexy naughty weirdos we wish more time was with us to explore further... thank you for our welcome..... look forward to the next one..... xxx
Silkroad 14 August 2015
I've been doubtful about online dating systems for a long time. RHP was the first I've ever signed up for and the result changed my whole idea of online dating. We got to know an amazing, talented & educated lady here and have had so much fun together a couple of times. I'm glad we tried it :)
Beloved46 10 August 2015
I was lucky enough to meet a hot sexy young man on here. He was 27  and I was 45. 3 years on we still see each other and have become the best of friends. Thanks Red Hot Pie for bringing us together.  
Marnat 10 August 2015
I met this gorgeous kinky woman on here now we play as a couple.  Never thouggt id meet someone as kinky and cute like me.  Thanks rhp.  Sex gets better.  
BlkMalOdy 03 August 2015
met a mind blowing sexy and a sexual girl, too too young for her age, I enjoyed every minute of it the talk and the sex very open minded lady, Looking forward to our second meeting .
Purplerm 27 July 2015
We went to the launch party of RHP in Dubai and must say it was a fantastic night ! Great venue, great people - Amazing hosts and lots of fun. Everyone was very sexy! We couldn't get enough and can't wait for the next one... Thoroughly enjoyed :)
Boredgal123 25 July 2015
Had my mashmallows melted ...thanks
mikesplace01 22 July 2015
To the near 200 fantastic RHP members that attended the Annual Masquerade Ball at Mikesplace . Thanks for a great night......it was if not the best yet , it was pretty close.
Once again
Mike's and Staff
Boredgal123 21 July 2015
So I tapped that sauce....when he said he wanted to drizzle gravy on his schnitzel... hot hot hot....dinner Yum xxx
thatguy2715 17 July 2015
Met up with the couple again. Got to partake in my first mfm threesome. It was awesome. She wanted to be double penetrated which was one of the hottest things I've ever been a part of.
Boredgal123 13 July 2015
Dipped my croissant in some hot chocolate........lol wink wink nudge nudge
thatguy2715 05 July 2015
I only just joined and honestly didn't know if this was for me. That being said I met an awesome couple. We met up for drinks and then went back to their place. They could tell I was a bit nervous so they just let me watch them. They were amazing and we've made plans to meet up again. They've don't mind if I just watch again or join in.
Hierophant 02 July 2015
I’ve been a sporadic member for about four years now, usually to the tune of one month on, seven months off. I’ve been quite lucky to find the right mix of anti-social intelligence hidden amongst the crowd to fit perfectly into my busy lifestyle. I’ve made some great long term friends - mentally, emotionally and physically stimulating. There are some great guys on here, you just need to find them and coax them out of hiding. ;)
olly86 22 June 2015
Thank you for all your help!
Bazingal 21 June 2015
Testimonials on RHP normally revolve around the awesome playmate you met and awesome sex. Please, don't get me wrong.... I attest to that :) Had some mind blowing sexual adventures since joining.
However, surprisingly what I have found more than anything on this "sex site" is like minded adults that have been through similar circumstances to me or are able to open their minds to appreciate where I am coming from.
I now count a dozen or so people I have met through this website as my friends.
Thanks RHP, I needed that :)
Forus1234 17 June 2015
Thanks RHP!  We are having the time of our life, met some amazing couples we are fond of & become great sexy friends & have also met some seriously sexy singles....you know who are!!!!
theluckyones 16 June 2015
I'm finally feeling like the sensual intriguing woman I've always been and still am. Confidence is back! Thankyou !!
happypatch 13 June 2015
Had my first sensual massage this week and wow not just with one guy but with two...All you woman out there u must try this as it was the most erotic experience.  The only downfall was it did not last long enough.  Thank you to my new play mates you acted like true gentlemen and I would recommend you to anyone. Woohoo
letsplay4hrs 07 June 2015
Met some great kinky nice couples on here . Very sensual!
BlondeClassic 05 June 2015
I've had a really awesome meet this week .. we'd been talking here a little and had an idea of each other .. so agreed to meet for a drink.

And Yes!  the attraction was there .. and just as the first drink was nearly over, I leaned over and said "What are we STILL doing here" .. He was amazing .. such a sexy man, exactly what I needed to feel like a hot sexy woman....  that came again and again and .. Thanks J  ... thanks rhp
Boredgal123 04 June 2015
So good...finally got someone to cook me a meal.

That is all.

auzziredneck 19 May 2015
Hooked up with a great couple for my first mfm and what a great time it was  a few drinks at a pub and and hours of bedroom fun .  Hopefully the RHP good times will continue
wewantbicouple 20 April 2015
Sex sex sex sex meeting kinky ones just as opened minded as yourselves is amazing ! New pleasures
Making new friends you can talk to as well .
Becomes quite addictive ????????????
wewantbicouple 16 April 2015
Some amazing times & couples Ive meet .
Experiences to last a lifetime In my memory .
Thankyou x
RealSexyFuckers 08 April 2015
An amazing night with our new friend. She is a real hoot and one sexy gal. She's been off the site for a while and we were lucky to be the first couple she met!! You  know who you are sweetie! See you again in a couple of days! Bests Salva and Nat xx
jettycat 29 March 2015
My wife was lucky to meet a young guy recently and more to the point I was lucky enough to sit back and watch them play with each other.

He was very polite and spent lots of time kissing her. No one had ever done that before and it continued for some time. I sat back and enjoyed it so much.

The wife was able to climax several times and we will definitely see him again.
CoolCoasters 24 March 2015
WOW! Played twice now with lilfunne1 and these guys are the best! Great company, great fun.  Looking forward to getting to know both of them better and better and better ;-D
Binoella 17 March 2015
Met with Mango couple several times.  Lovely couple, great company  heaps of fun
RealSexyFuckers 14 March 2015
Amazing night with an amazing couple.
B & T you guys are so sweet. Glad you loved the lasagna too! Ciao Belli x
MrFucksAlot 11 March 2015
Amazing play meet this morning!!!!!!!! Such a wonderful and sexy gal. Completely different to my Mrs but just as sexy. Thank you sweetie for an amazing morning.

And it's not over yet. She's still here and we're waiting on Mrs RSF coming home for a threesome date too. Catch you all later! :-)
RealSexyFuckers 11 March 2015
Lovely day of playing solo this morning (male). What a wonderful and sexy gal. Different to my mrs completely, but just as sexy. Thank you sweetie for an amazing morning. And it's not over yet. She's still here and we're waiting on Mrs RSF coming home for a threesome date too. Catch you all later! :-)
horneycouplewa 08 March 2015
Wow our first couple experience was fantastic, there were no expectations to the night but it just happened and it was wonderful and sexy. So looking forward to next time  ;)
Natty73 08 March 2015
I just wanted to thank RHP for introducing me to the most amazing man..Love you babe xo
KrissySYD 06 March 2015
I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours in the company of a smart, intelligent, respectful and attentative man via RHP -you know who you are - I am looking forward to more exploring :)
RealSexyFuckers 02 March 2015
Amazing night just finished up. Amazing couple so nice and very sexy. Respectful in every way too. Thank you soooo much guys! S and N
RealSexyFuckers 16 February 2015
Thank you RHP again. AND Thank you to a really respectful couple and their lady friends...you know who you are. So much excitement and tongues everywhere yum. :-)
Mille Baci everyone.
BeeJay101 15 February 2015
I have met the man of my dreams on every possible level through RHP! I am the luckiest girl in the world - thank you. Just as I thought I was going to be left on the shelf...tada!
StrawbryShrtCke 12 February 2015
OMG! Hotstepper85. I was feeling very up tight and needed a release, this morning. I texted him this morning and i cruised on over. Had a little bit of a laugh as to what to wear, birthday suit was prefered, but not managable due to distance to travel. So I turned up in next to nothing and before I knew it, we were going at it. This hot guy, has the moves, knows the all right places to tap. Very recommended to all those ladies needing some good, awesome sex. On a high, still and I left over an hour ago. Thank you hotstepper85. Xx
joyinus4fun 09 February 2015
Hi all,
we have been here now for almost a year and met some awwsome people..it's great fun sharing our sexuall fantasies with others who feel the same.
We love RHP!!!
RealSexyFuckers 01 February 2015
Another fantastic night through RHP!!!
RealSexyFuckers 31 January 2015
Great time last night with two of our friends here on RHP. We can't wait until later on tonight again!
Bigmamma1 26 January 2015
Thank you, thank you..... If it wasn't for RHP I would never have met this amazing couple.  We messaged, texted, talked then met for lunch, met for drinks and then wow...... We met for an amazing 6 hour exploration of bodies and mind. Again thank you RHP for this opportunity.
treegirl 23 January 2015
Had some fun with Average_1, a fit, fun guy was a very respectful experience!
Wewantanextraguy 14 January 2015
We are Wewantanextraguy
We signed up to RHP after being very disappointed with another adult dating site that (we had been paid members for years.)
There was a lot of talk and very little action
Our profile is very detailed and specific in what we are looking for
We joined on the 7th January 2015 and we were playing with a very nice man from this site on the 10th of January 2015.
I am not sure if 3 days is some sort of record but it was AWESOME
So then we bought a paid membership and posted the pics of that first play date to share with you all.
Thank you RHP we almost gave up.
This has definitely brought an already loving and very sexual couple like us even closer
The man that played with us is very accommodating and respectful just like his profile said he is
We look forward to even more play dates and photos to share
Just take a look at our photos to see the joy in my lady’s face
Well done RHP well done indeed
lovethegame 14 January 2015
Lovethegame has a full card of sexy playmates!!!! Love your work RHP!!!!!!!
KaitlinG 09 January 2015
RHP has worked for us!
oralalot 09 January 2015
I met a couple over afternoon coffee  and we seemed to get along well.  We decided to have a glass of wine to relax and eventually ended up at there place. Flirting and laughing eventually developed into a very enjoyable evening.  Thanks to RHP for providing the mechanism to meet.
sexyfunforall 05 January 2015
We recently had an amazing night with a hot young couple.thanks to rhp we have had lots of fun with some very nice couples.and ladies!??
PleasurePuss 24 December 2014
My first meet up was unlike anything I had ever expected before. The first moment I laid eyes on him I walked up to him and kissed him without saying a word. What was supposed to be just a meet and "see what happens" turned into us sharing a picnic that was pretty hot and heavy, we connected on a level that made both of us feel like we knew each other already and we couldn't keep our hands off one another, when it got dark we ended up having incredible sex by the river in full view of the restaurant, I didn't care this guy was insatiable. He had me yelling out and saying things that good girls just don't say, well not in public anyway. Instead of dropping me off home he stayed not just that night but the following night, we talked, laughed, he made me cum so many times I thought I would pass out, and we had the best sex imaginable, we found it hard to stop and leave my bedroom so as we could get food! A truly memorable experience that I will never forget, he had me behaving very badly, just the way I like it and he turned out to be so much more than I could have ever expected.
BBCBoyd 22 December 2014
Had been chatting with this amazing curvy lady for a while, so when she invited me to visit her on Saturday in Mandurah I just couldn't say no. Was a lonely drive with steady traffic but was worth every second. She blew my mind with her conversation and we had very good fun. Waiting to be invited again!
thisguy4play 14 December 2014
Met my first lady from RHP yesterday and I had soo much fun with her. she knows who she is ;) anytime im happy for more =)
Naughty40couple 08 December 2014
This is our couple name.......but when I joined RHP as a single girl all I was looking for were hot encounters and awesome sex, and maybe find a regular FWB or two.  I had absolutely no intention of a relationship.  After a few bad experiences I had decided it was time to take a bit of a break, until I was messaged by another single guy who had not long joined RHP and wanted to meet for a horny encounter.  I was about to say thanks but no thanks but eventually decided to say "ok lets meet".  A couple of weeks after our initial contact we finally met and I am so happy that I didn't say no.  The first moment we met it was like we had known each other before, an instant attraction which turned out to be both sexually and intellectually.  After that initial night we continued to meet up whenever we had the opportunity.  We both ditched our single profiles a couple of months later and added our couple profile.  It has been almost 12 months, we are totally in love with each other and have the most amazing relationship.  We are still on RHP and now play together as a couple and we are loving our lifestyle.  If it wasn't for RHP we may never have met.  It has been an amazing journey with my gorgeous soul mate and it only continues to get better every day.  I love you more and more everyday baby xox
cumplaytime 30 November 2014
We were lucky enough to experience an amazing afternoon with a very sexy, intelligent, wonderful woman this weekend. Too many ticks off our fantasy list to count. What an absolute treat and we  cant wait until we play again (hopefully with her hubby included next time).
ms_defiance 12 November 2014
There are legitimately good people on here. Everyone has their baggage and you need to remember that, but it's nice to meet people to connect with on an emotional and sexual level
ExChoctawBingo 04 November 2014
Met this amazing Women 6 Months ago. We see each other nearly every day & just spent 4 fantastic days together on a Road Trip. Thanks RHP.
LittleVillianess 25 October 2014
The site of rhp is simply,
Brilliant, brilliant need I say more.......thank u rhp
I have met a few ppl from this sexy site! And all have been sweet, sensual, deviate, and so much more! Ejoyed my journey of sexual escapades! And plan to have many more!! Thank you xx
cock3088 06 October 2014
Ok so first RHP hook up and it was very hot and passionate, set the scene by turning up to give a quote as i am a home handyman ...... well safe to say i have not had a quote like that before.... hope for another one soon
chardonayplease 28 September 2014
Met up with 2curiouslovers very classy down to earth, had an amazing time. We're bringing sexy back! Don't miss out on this great couple. If you get the opportunity grasp it with both hands....
Desireonlycouple 25 September 2014
Late last year I met a mature couple on RHP while in WA on hols. I am now addicted to couples,with all the layers of satisfaction they bring. I am now free to persue my addiction. I am confident RHP will cum through again and again.Thanks heaps guys
PleasureCAT 21 September 2014
OMG!!!!  I had the a fantastic, messy, sexy, filthy, horny evening with prowlingtiga, we held absolutely nothing back, WOW, still as horny as hell from the memories, dam stunning looker and certain performer and absolute stamina....went for hours.....I mean hours.....non stop..
Bali_friends 20 September 2014
Just thought I would post up here about one of our experiences since joining the site as i think it reflects something about swinging, Bali and holidays.

We were contacted by a youngish couple (late 30s) who were new to swinging. Clearly they were nervous about it. unsure if it was for them, and what to expect. Also nervous about meeting up with people where they were from, and who they might know. Also, the woman was bi-curious but unsure, and very nervous Many of us can remember this kind of thinking, and fair enough.

They messaged us a few times, then eventually admitted that they had never done anything with another couple, but were coming to Bali, and wanted us to "teach" them. My partner got an instant hard-on, which being a smart gal, I read as a "yes".

They were full of stuff about just meeting to say hi, and they may not want to go ahead etc. But the reality is that when we met them they were actually ready to rip their clothes off, and ours too. Sure she may never have been with another woman before but any nervousness disappeared quickly. She was very responsive, but was keener to give than receive, which I was happy to indulge and guide her.

He came quickly, then came back for more. Sweet man.

We saw them again before they left, and they wanted to talk all about it before going around again.

Pretty sure they are converts. But maybe it will be a case of "What happens in Bali stays in Bali". Welcome back anytime.
SamanthaLeon 02 September 2014
We met a few years ago on RHP and fell in love (awww). Now, were back! Weve been talking to alot of sexy couples and singles. We cant wait to meet up  with one special little lady this weekend.
Weve also posted our first event in October and we cant wait to see how that unfolds.
We love our #RHPLifestyle
monfun 02 September 2014
RHP thank you, we had a great time every time had my first kiss with...well five girls in one night! Had my first FF night the other night! Wow! Our partners were most happy. Oh yeah Happy Birthday my man :P. Our sex life has just exploded beyond our expectations.
radywillingable 01 September 2014
What a lady.. Thanks RHP; as a result of your site I have been able to connect with a truly spectacular lady
blondie46 30 August 2014
I've been on R.H.P for a few years now. I joined it to please an ex bf. But not long after I set up a profile he decided to cheat with his exes. Needless to say he was dumped fast.
I have just decided in the last couple of mths to try again & have already had some success.
I've met some lovely guys on here & tonight I got to play with a lovely couple who made my night amazing.  I'm surprised I can even walk. Kangajem123 (very sexy woman) & her partner Shrek are amazing. Yes they might be a larger couple but damn they are amazing. I definitely left my mark behind. Sorry Shrek, you'll have to call in the carpet cleaners. My bad. But damn you were both great. Look forward to next time. I'll certainly be validating you asap.

A big thanks to R.P.H for helping people come together . xxx ;)
Primarni 23 August 2014
Thanks RHP!
pnadkhornypair 16 August 2014
Well what can we say. We got invited to a meet and greet last weekend and met some very nice couples. We had an instant connection with the hosts, we ended up being the last to leave. There was no play involved that night. So last night they came over to ours, after a few drinks and games of pool we retired to the bedroom to have some fun. WOW what an awesome, amazing time we had. We will be spending a lot of time with these guys both social and intimate. Thank RHP we have now got amazing new friends and awesome play mates.
Litonya 13 August 2014
I med up with Keenasbutt and the only secret I tell
is. :) I got what the Doctor ordered. great sex, lots of cuddles, lots of oral ohh I loved it, good hands, good kisser, sweet lovely, lovely man.
DeadlyNightshade 12 August 2014
Met a man who is a keeper!
butterfly002 11 August 2014
I wasnt looking to meet someone special at the time, just to experience life and meet some amazing people, in which, while on RHP i did, both.
Just by a simple msg, we chatted for months befor we met, and from that first meeting we just clicked and its gone from there. He is the most amazing man in which fills my every need, physically, mentally and emotionally.
I wish all RHP users the very best of luck to find what they are looking for, be it a FB, FWB or a relationship, however long your path and jouney may be enjoy the experiences, lifes to short not too.Thanks RHP for a great site.
bellesub 10 August 2014
At first I was trying to meet other girls but haven't had much luck there as I'm alternative and there's just not many alternative girls on here. Since I started flirting with guys I've had such fun! Met up for a kinky date with a cool guy and am having heaps of fun flirting with everyone! Great site (needs more alternative girls tho!!!)
libra62 04 August 2014
Met up with sexynhung had a great time. Look forward to catching up again soon xxx
deadlydivorcee 30 July 2014
Spend a great day and night with Biker_69...  He's one sexy man, dont miss the opportunity to meet him!
libbylou 26 July 2014
Spent a fantastic morning with hadfuntoo. You are one very sexy man. Come back anytime xxx.
BlondeAmelia 26 July 2014
RHP has allowed me to meet up with some amazing guys, couples and girls. The very best adult dating site I have used.  Amelia x
billy206208 20 July 2014
Well, as I'm new to the site, I met my first girl on here Saturday night and oh my god, what  a night it was! Hoping to have many more nights like that... Thanks RHP.
Experienced6874 12 July 2014
Just wanted to let RHP and others know that this site and the guys are great. Have met an awesome bunch of blokes for 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 and can't get the smile off my face...there are sooooo many more to do.
CravingTouch 06 July 2014
I met the most amazing man for a date a few weeks after joining RHP, six months later and we're still having mind-blowing experiences together.  Thank you RHP for making me a very very happy girl.
pavp79 05 July 2014
Thanks RHP. Met an amazing couple last night and had a ball. Awesome night.
Melbourne_Babe 28 June 2014
I am surprised with the quality I have found on this site. I am definitely happy I followed through on a recommendation and put my profile out on this site. I would never have found the opportunity to meet a genuine FWB otherwise!
USAmanaustralia 27 June 2014
I have had a few wildly naughty nights at the Couples Club with  ladies I met on here. One had her first FF experience in front of my eyes and another satisfied her fantasy of being with two guys...RHP is the real deal.
redhot666 24 June 2014
I have meet some great guys on here an I still see an talk to three of them... you know who you are. Love you guys and thank you for the great sexy times!
upforfun833 20 June 2014
Met the most amazing couple and had the most amazing groups sex last Saturday thank you RHP for  everything I was a sceptic but now I'm hooked and craving more
Thanks to the Adelaide couple that let me into their fun you know who you are I loved every moment x
mistyme 29 May 2014
Nice, read some success stories. My experience was that good!
lmfaonewy 21 May 2014
I have got heaps of action on here
libbylou 21 May 2014
I have spent the afternoon with the most amazing man in the bedroom. we just let go and now I can barely sit down. You know who you are you sexy man.Thank you RHP,I would never have met him without you.
ag4mg92 16 May 2014
We are newbies to RHP and we have met an awesome playmate.  A gentleman out of the bed, but between the sheets OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Two sessions of afternoon delight have left my body deliciously tender and eagerly awaiting more.  Yeah, you know who you are gorgeous!
Mwah ;).
BubblyBekk 08 May 2014
Wow I'm having a great time on this site.... I never thought I'd meet so many wonderful people .... Genuine people who actually want to help me discover who I am.... You know who you are.... xxxxx
mrhandyhands 04 May 2014
got a invite to go to a orgy gangbang. What a Awesome night.. and a big up to the host!!!  thanks so much...
ExChoctawBingo 04 May 2014
To the TWO fantastic Women who shared me & my Saturday night/ Sunday morning [Both RHP Members] Thank you for fulfilling an age old fantasy
most men hold dear but few achieve! Girls you are both awesome Women. This is a story that should be told but alas probably won't.   :)
Tightkitty42 02 May 2014
Oh my,have I been missing out!! Had my  first RHP fun time with a awesome fella!! Jesus he made me climb the walls and the ceiling!! He knows what a woman wants!!
hornynhung 01 May 2014
Hooked up with a awesome chick from RHP. We talked about each other sexual needs, and now helping each other to forfill them together.. Thanks RHP
hornynhung 29 April 2014
RHP wins again.. had a 2day sex romp with a super sexy older RHP member. the sex was out of this world and talking freely and openly about each others sexy do's, don'ts, wants and needs was the biggest turn on.... Cheers RHP
Shybutnaughty25 26 April 2014
Had my first RHP experience with a sweet, awesome guy... was a great night, and he was amazing!!  Already been back for seconds!! ;)  Never knew I could orgasm sooo many times!! Thankyou xx
mysteryman101 25 April 2014
My mailbox is never empty. RHP is great!
lotsafun74 25 April 2014
Thank you rhp been with a very sexy woman from currumbin waters a few times now and have had the best time.The sexiest most horny woman I've been with.
jockdownunder69 16 April 2014
I contacted one of the members, after many emails, telephone calls and fun time on the phone we met each other. She is a beautiful lady full of life and fun and we had a great evening drinking wine and enjoying each others company way into the small hours.
petitewings 14 April 2014
Thank you :))
bi_for_cpls 14 April 2014
I have only been on RHP for a short time and am surprised with the amount of fun couples I have been lucky enough to spend some sexy time with. I am looking forward to many more adventures on RHP and joining other couples in their sexy fantasies :D
dylos 31 March 2014
yet another success story,i sent a flirt to a couple that looked way out of my league,they messaged back "interested" we msged and I was invited to there place for long sexy fun,awesome fun-filled night, loving RHP xx
british_lothario 28 March 2014
met an amazing women by the name of bellaja
wow what can i say !
she blows my mind and leaves me breathless every time our eyes meet let alone making love
ive met her on a few occassions now and we click so well it never gets old and boring
she's far from different from any other women i have met on this site
really do enjoy my time with this gorgeous , inteligent lady
any man that is lucky enough to meet her is in for a treat if he treats her right
Bikerchic26 28 March 2014
After only being on the site for a week I met up with Travelling stud and had the best time, he was great and very sexy and funny, on the second night he got a couple to join us for some fun and it was the first time I had done that in it was good, and he made sure I was safe. As it goes now he is now my mentor and confidant on the site and we keep in contact regularly. Thanks RHP
dylos 26 March 2014
awesome time using this site,met a sexy couple that are a good laugh and lots of fun,been invited to parties which I cant wait to attend.

thanks RHP xx
dylos 25 March 2014
I have only been on rhp for a bit over a week,had a couple flirts but I got a message off a couple by the name of starsacha,its the first time ive had a threesome with a couple and absolutely loved it,very good hosts and also so genuine and sexy

thanks RHP ;)
Renken 01 March 2014
RENKEN absolutely loves this site!!
Beautiful honest genuine couples/women.....We have had some erotic n sensual play meets so far....But meet n greets are such fun too, its the nervous feelings you get each time like a first date  over n over again...
Thanks  RHP!!
angel_1 22 February 2014
Im finding it quite fun
Its like secret squirrel love letters ......trying to find hot sexy fun crazy sex mahines and finding the time to meet up .
WrensWay 05 February 2014
we joined up here not that long ago

had an incredible play last weekend and catching up with them again very soon. Finally - someone to match my libido!!

Another hot date planned for this weekend with some experienced playmates who are going to introduce MrWren to a whole new world of fun.

thanks RHP!!
WrensWay 31 January 2014
we've only recently joined and haven't met many people in person yet but the anticipation has improved our own bedroom time - not a lot of sleep is happening. many many hours of fun together and lots of talking about what might happen soon.

thank you RHP :) and the lovely people we have met through here who have been so welcoming and helpful
mysteryman101 31 January 2014
Lots of fun here on RHP. Ive met and pleasured heaps of women. Keep on coming!
angel_1 30 January 2014
I have been on here for a year now ......and its taked my husband till now..... to get into it.!!!!
Its hard when the person you are  with feel like you are fucking ......different guys as his replacement ...... and its taken a hole year to prove..... its just a     fuck date of fun to me .......its like a play .... acting and I get to play with sexy hot toy boys that want to fuck like animals and have a good time ..it.....do u know why girls always win cause tits and vag are better then dick...... but together Is fucking on......mmmmm.... my favorite pass time, fuck reading a book, starlet is my sex name
AgentCooper 20 January 2014
I have met an amazing woman on here ! Talk about a union of middle age nymphos im so happy, thanks RHP.
libbylou 19 January 2014
Joined RHP late 2013 and have met the most sexual guy ever. Best start to 2014, this is a great site.
arrowana1966 13 January 2014
Hi everyone. We joined RHP just over a week ago and have had such a tremendous response that we thought we should write about it. We have met some amazing couples that we hope to meet again, we have also chatted with some really nice people that sadly we wont be able to meet. RHP has really changed our view of this lifestyle and we can't wait to see how far into this rabbit hole we will go. A & C
millie13 09 January 2014
Came onto RHP hopeful but sceptical that we would find ourselves a unicorn. Only a few weeks later we find ourselves a genuine, sexy gal. And it turns out I'm getting more fun out of it than my Mr. right now!
yoursextoy29 06 January 2014
Well joined as a male looking for fun. thanks to a particular couple who were genuine polite and discreet, I had some great naughty fun with them and look forward to it again .
Couple_Swap 05 January 2014
Thanks RHP!

We have only been on RHP for a short time but have had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing couples and singles.

We already have two regular gorgeous girls who love to join in with us and an ample choice of hot single guys to bring that something extra to the mix too.

Thank you RHP for providing such an amazing data base of like minded people to get to know :)
DoMeNow66 04 January 2014
I joined in early 2013 and had the Best Year of my adult life!
Bucket list is really getting dented!!
Thanks RHP.  Keep It UP!!!
deep1985 04 January 2014
We are thankful to RHP. We joined few months back; on New Year's we went to Sydney for holidays, we got a really good chance to meet some people in Newcastle... great time with those guys. We had a good time together. Thanks to RHP again.
AnnieJames 07 December 2013
We joined RHP early in 2013.  We have been privileged to meet some wonderful couples and single ladies.  We particularly appreciate how genuine the people we have met have been and greatly value what they have added to our life experiences.

We have been thrilled with the wonderful company we have enjoyed and the sexy times that we have enjoyed.  

RHP has been a wonderful thing for us - and a great way to meet like-minded and normal people.

angelduskinkbi 06 December 2013
me and my partner where lucky enough to meet a slave who lived with us for 8 months of endless awesome fun, she was an special girl
LadyAntebellum 02 December 2013
Hi Kazzy69er - thank you for making my night hot hot hot for the first time in a few years.  You are so sweet and sexy, had a wonderful time.  Hi Kazzy69er - thank you for making my night hot hot hot for the first time in a few years.
mrlimp 30 November 2013
RHP is way better than other sites!!
GC1975 26 November 2013
WOW Thank you RHP !!!!

I caught up with a totally amazing and sexy woman. Cant wait for the next time we meet.  
fun_flirtycouple 23 November 2013
Thanks RHP.  We have not been in the swinging scene long and we are quite specific in what we are looking for in a couple/single.  On RHP we have had really good success.  Almost all of our experiences have been great!
Discoveryfor2 23 November 2013
We too were tired of other sites and joined only RHP a month ago. We have met a lovely local couple and have enjoyed there company after our first meet & greet, before this we have travelled some distances. Thank you for helping us to find people we are looking for.
sexytimes82 17 November 2013
Thanks to this site i had a fun filled day/night with gorgeous22. Look Forward to the next trip!
19571970 14 November 2013
Thanks Redhotpie, we just had a great time that's all I can tell you. Thanks again.
NSA4you2013 12 November 2013
Met an awesome guy on here  blew my mind away!!! Best sex ever!! u can Cum visit anytime gorgeous
queserasera2013 11 November 2013
Thanks RHP,  recently had a great night with a fellow member... she is very sexy lady and lots of fun.
CravinBBW 05 November 2013
RHP has to be the best site on the net !!!!!!
Thanks for helping me find fuck buddies past & present as I've had a great time with all the ladies that I've seen through RHP, it does help to listen to what the ladies profile say's to match what your looking for in order to get the best from your experience on RHP......... Believe me it is out there as I have just met another Lovely lady we fucked each other all night long ,,,,,,,,, She is Bold yet Beautiful inside & out, WOW does she know how to tease & please BUT Watch Out as she is no push over very strong minded which brings loads of fun and intense passion. We fit together like a glove the sex is Awesome our characters match well as to our desires for new and wonderful experiences. Excite her mind and you might deserve to get your hands on her great curves. She is very sexy and we will have many more fun & passionate times together exploring. I believe heaven can be in your hands if you are genuine honest respectful and choose wisely for your FWB or FB  Don't just look with your eyes look with your mind and you will find........
There are genuine Gorgeous Hot Horny Woman out their. ;-)>  The pleasure is mine x
feline96 05 November 2013
MMMMMMMM have just spent the best part of a week in Tassie.
Thanks to the people who showed me a good time.
Will be back visiting again soon

Funtime visitor
bean_pole 02 November 2013
Thanks you RHP for giving the chance to meet a great lady, sweetjen67. Awesome lady to have great time with. An wow what a time.
boredxhousewife 30 October 2013
there is  god.. lol finally after 24 hours i can again sit down and  my pussy not hurt.. Guess thats what i get for saying *hope i get fucked so hard i cant walk the next day* :) thanks rhp for helping me make a new FuckBuddy, i thought 1st time was great but wow 2nd meet showed me im just scratching the surface of wild sex :P time to invest in some dressup outfits oh and salt for the bath next day :P thanks Jay x
Bigmamma1 29 October 2013
OMG my body is still squirming with my fantasy being fulfilled by two amazing RHP members.  These guys were friends of friends that we have met on RHP, so I got great testimonials.  Hubby knows I wanted my fantasy fulfilled and after checking these wonderful men out through their profiles, agreed I could have both of them over to my house.  Thank you so much for having this amazing site, we are loving it AND living it
hardcock9 26 October 2013
Can it get any better. After my first visit with justwantit1 I thought we had sutch a good time it couldn't get any better well I was wrong we meet up again and just like last time  great night and did some thing I had never done before and oo boy was it good I am not going to tell you all you can just let your mind ponder on it.
Junetranslender 19 October 2013
Dear Red Hot Pie this site is so successful for me personally. I have found that there must be at least 95% time wasters out there. But on this site I have experienced extremely genuine fellas entertaining me four nights a week so it really keeps me busy and well fulfilled giggle
fundament 18 October 2013
Thanks to all the people we have met through RHP. We've worked out what we like now and ran our first party a fortnight ago. It was a huge success for everyone there. We did it a bit differently from other parties we have been to by focusing on making things really relaxed, safe and easy going so people felt OK to be themselves. The fact we had two lovely single women feel comfortable enough to come along and have a great time, validated our idea.

We're not sure how many more parties we'll organise but everyone wanted to come again so we'll do it again at least once.

jpw71 11 October 2013
I would like to tahnk RHP I meet this guy aussiestirker. It was meant to be one night and turned out to be 2 and half weeks of fun. I really enjoyed his company and ladies or couples try him out you will not be disappointed
bnd696969 09 October 2013
We had a single male stay over at our house last Friday night & we had a fantastic mfm threesome with him on cam in room 1 on RedHotPie, he was so gentle with mrs bnd & he made her squirt that many times we lost count. We can't wait for him to come back to Brisbane so we can play again.
hardcock9 06 October 2013
had a top Friday night meet up with a realy nice couple we started with a few drinks to ease the nerves and to get to know each other but when the action started those nerves were gone and we licked fucked and sucked for hours been along time since I have had carpet burns on my knees what I great night .hope to meet up again soon .
hanga1 04 September 2013
hi i met a couple from bunbury way ,my first mmf it was the best thing the couple were so lovely and easy to get along with . with red hot pie at least you can say what your interests are before you meet ,so anyone who hasnt tried mmf or ffm go for it you wont look back
Kar110118 04 September 2013
Well for as much as I once would have been so reluctant to admit to this for being judged, I have found here in rhp people with similar views wants and opinions just like me.  I have met with four men from rhp for sex and nothing else. How wonderful to be 40 a mum and just come out and say that.  And best of all no pressure calls to keep meeting. Each time the guys have understood my desire for privacy and we knew why we were there.  For sexual fun and nothing else.  I think it is wonderful that rhp can put like minded people in touch with each other.  I know I'm enjoying new adventures and that includes some of the messages. Steamy sexy and getting my imagination going wild.  I'll have more of that thanks.  Karen
lasttango 02 September 2013
Have met the most incredible people and the man I hadn't even dared dream of! Best thing is that we have nothing to hide from each other and therefore our relationship is founded on complete mutual trust and appreciation of our sexual selves and each others pleasure. A lot of couples never achieve this and we feel so lucky to have found each other!!!
tez69tez69 31 August 2013
I want to thank my friend for introducing me to RedHotPie bac at the end of March this yr n since then I've met some very awesome people n I now consider to b very close friends with some of them. U kno who r u xx. N at the same time Ive come to kno a few n we love to catch up on the social side if things. Would never have thought that would happen n its awesome that my play n nonplay friends can come n catch up with me when I organise things. So I would like to thank my friend for taking me to a meet n greet n also RedHotPie for being able to go to ur events n making friends in one way of another. I've enjoyed my time thus far n I'm sure it won't b ending any time soon.  
I've also tried things n learnt things I never knew about of thought I could do Thanx for giving me the opportunity to push my boundaries n step outside my comfort zone. The people that have known me the longest will kno how far I've come n loving the lifestyle wouldn't change a thing at all.
Thanx again Tez xxxxx
asian_torpedo 28 August 2013
Thanks to RHP. We had great fun night in Adelaide and great experienced as well....  

cbteager 26 August 2013
WOW what a ride! I have been on here for some time, waiting for my life to get to the point where I could start enjoying the things I have wanted to try for years. I met an amazing woman who waited until I was in the right situation. We met for lunch one day. The next time we met at my place and before long she was stripping me and giving me the best blow job of my life! I can still see my left ball in her mouth being drawn well away from my body....... so hot. I have an interest in cbt but had no experience, neither had she but she trolled the net and joined a forum, went shopping for toys. Last Saturday she blindfolded me and we started exploring. It was the most amazing experience. She is incredible and so sexual. I found my perfect sex partner!!
tunpi1960 23 August 2013
Best fun meat 'n' greet... had sip n dip for starters then the action was furious n fastie... love an action fill um.
Nikkiluvx 22 August 2013
Had an awesome time  with naughty guy ...can't wait to repeat it...u r wow....
Pleasingu365 20 August 2013
Enjoying meeting new people and doing new things I haven't done before. Its good to step out of the comfort zone. Thanks all :)
angel_1 19 August 2013
Husband decided to get me this RHP as my Xmas present .......the problem is ......I love it ...... I'm on here watching all the hot body's pass by .......
babysubslut 18 August 2013
Had my first play date last night with people from rhp..  
Started with 1.1's ended with my first ever gangbang! And on top of it all I squirted for the first time!
A lovely night of face fucking, pussy pounding and cumming :)
They were all really respectful and gave me a ride of a lifetime.
Thanks for coming and master for organising it xx
naughty1979 17 August 2013
We meet an awesome friend the other night. We think living in the country is a bit of a deterrent. But then one Sat night we come across a really nice lad (justfun111). We had a great relaxing night with lots of laughs and good times. We would like to thank justfun111 for a great experience. We now have a bit more confidence in RHP due to our meeting. We look forward to having a lot more meetings with the rest of you lol lol.  
want2spoon 16 August 2013
Met a great couple on RHP who were exactly what we were looking for, for our first playing experience. We had a great time in a hotel room with them and would definitely meet up with them again.
straight4ward 14 August 2013
I've been on here for about 6 months. Met some amazing men and have some interesting stories to add to the collection. Cheers RHP :)
Ms_silk 14 August 2013
Well its been almost a year on RHP and what a year it has been. The most important thing that I have made some great social friends. Visited some great swingers clubs and parties. Learnt alot about myself sexually and have had some awesome lovers. My wish was to find a FWB which I thought would never happen.
A month ago we met and havent looked back.We now have a guest couple profile and each a single membership profile. Looking forward to more fun times ahead. RHP you rock. Word of advice there are many on here that are disappointing in some way or another but when you find the great people it is so worth it.
Nick_Mack 10 August 2013
Met a great couple from interstate last week. They were looking for a gangbang with 5 guys, and had lots of enquiries but on the night only two of us showed up. Why do people do that?
Anyway, they were great company, and after chatting for a while we all got down and dirty, and a good time was had by all. Lots of kissing, pussy licking, cock sucking, and a cum-filled pussy to show for it at the end of the night. This was not my first gang-bang, but it was definitely the best so far.
Thanks, RHP, and thanks to my new friends as well - hope to see you again soon :)
meca698 21 July 2013
I had a wonderful night 20/7/2013 had my first MMF with a wonderful couple.
I enjoyed myself with this couple i`d catch up with them again the night was about pleasing woman and enjoying watching her with delight as we made her cum and enjoyed herself so much that she passed out for being tired.
cristinamartinez 17 July 2013
My husband and I have always had trouble getting to climax, so we decide to try a private house party in Adelaide. He always wanted to try two girls as role-play pets, actually that was the best day of our lives as we just discovered each other again! We have had many climaxes through role-play pets party themes, so thanks RedHotPie for putting a sex spice into the sex lives of thousands of Aussie couples, singles, bi, lesb and all the community that enjoys it.
bullsta66 14 July 2013
A connection i just had to share.
We only knew it was the place by the bouncer outside. It was some secret swanky bar. We walked into amber light and the buzz of conversation. There was a charm to the place, I liked it right away. We were led to a booth and she sat next to me, not across from me as people usually did. The waitress locked eyes with me for an instant and I smiled.
She was dangerously close to me, our legs rubbed together, my hand pressing against the light fabric of her dress, occasionally finding the line of her panties under the material and fingering it. She was a cat, pushing against my hand to make the most of every stroke as I pet her back and then her leg.
“Can I kiss you?” she asked sweetly, awkwardly. “Would that be bad?”
“Horrible” I said and moved towards her. Her lips were always hungry. She descends into kisses, her whole body submitting, she turned into a rag doll. I have to stop, she will drag me in and I will have to have her, right there.
Looking around the dimly lit club I saw all sorts of people. Somehow I imagined more people touching, kissing, something. It was a sexy place, it was a Friday night. What was wrong with these people? They were all chaste and so I tried to move away from her a little, to keep my cool.
We drank, we ate, we talked about old movies and new books. We flirted the way lovers do, the immediate intimacy of people who have done unmentionable things together. I took her there because I thought it was romantic and sexy. I realized a few minutes in that the chemistry was so strong I could have taken her to a dinner and we would still be all over each other. When the check came we bolted, got a cab.
We sat down in the taxi and her dress was already hiked up. My hand landed naturally on her leg. I’d done things like this before, kissing in the back seat, but this seemed so much more blatant. Her legs spread open, her mouth opening a little as my hand moved up her naked thigh...
missus_is_DTF 14 July 2013
Met someone that was actually what he claimed, and exceeded our expectations. Hopefully will meet more ppl like him :)
Play2getha 02 July 2013
We have yet to have that wonderful experience everyone talks of....I can't wait when we do and sure do look forward to it... I sure hope we get to experience all that you all have. Wish us luck! And thank you RHP for this amazing site.
Intuitiveluv 26 June 2013
I have just joined RHP and met some amazing People...  Fantastic site Glad To Be a part of this Awesome Community I am still open to meeting allot more people and making so many more new friends. I cant wait for my life to unfold before me now that I am a part of RHP :-P Life is just so much more exciting now!!!
neverland_couple 25 June 2013
In October 2012, we met on RHP. 3 weeks later we met in person. Fireworks, pure orgasmic bliss and a collision of souls occurred. We had no intention of joining RHP to fall in love, but we have and there's no looking back <3
PowerfulPassion 23 June 2013
i have met some amazing couples and single ladies over the years,  and my adventures just keep getting better and better.
fundament 21 June 2013
We originally thought that it would be hard to find couples who were interested in becoming friends and lovers but we have stuck to real and deep connections as our goal and the results have been delightful. It has been nothing short of exceptional. We've made luscious sensual sex and burgeoning friendships to boot.

So I would say, whatever your think, hold out for it and remain confident in what you want from RHP. There is a very wide range of personalities and desires and its worth settling for nothing less than absolutely everything.
raineydayz 12 June 2013
I am a married woman going on 9 years now. And the last few years our sex life fizzled out, vanilla was getting very very boring. Then 2 weeks ago I stumbled across the RHP forum. My sex drive has gone up and trying new things with my husband (who is very reserved) who has welcomed the idea of trying new things. It's baby steps. So thank you RHP.
Cointreaugirl 06 June 2013
Have just had my third date with Freewilly96. Each time he leaves me absolutely shattered. He plies me with French champagne, possesses my body hour after hour and his kinky inclinations take me right to the limits of my safe word.. It takes me fully two days to recover from each encounter. I can't wait for the next.
funcpl4usandu 18 May 2013
We have met some wonderful people on this site, cant wait for our next adventure. Part of the fun for us is the excitement of the meeting leading up to getting naked -adds to the fun. Recently met a great couple who we will see again...but thats another story.
candy1971 16 May 2013
After many lonely nights at home.. A friend of mine introduced me to RHP... I have met some interesting people but then one day I got a message from a Single Dad with 4 boys...6 years later we are now Happily Married. Thank You RHP as I have found my True Soul Mate!
paul_n_sue 11 May 2013
amazing site
hereagain68 09 May 2013
I have been on and off RHP for a number of years.
I have met some wonderful people and had a ball along the way.. A big thank you to the site as i have met some very specials friends..and hope to continue to meet more.
tris2131 08 May 2013
thangks rhp... we meet an rhp member in bali..  we enjoyed them in our bedroom and had a great time.. we loved that moment!
mikeandshel 08 May 2013
we've been here now for a number of years, and have found the experience to be very.......liberating, .....lol. much fun, many great people, and some incredible memories! thanks to all we've encountered! Cheers!
Patrick47 29 April 2013
So much to do, people are normal here, It's great
Kramsins 26 April 2013
What a great, site have met couples and single ladies all who have been great, made friends and regular plays. For a guy with a tongue that likes to please, this site has provided great success, looking forward to many more adventures, Thanks RHP
jomeffan 13 April 2013
Having plenty of success on RHP only been with three girls in my lifetime yet with TV Admirers on average one a week.
ms_dimples4fun 08 April 2013
Well its been fun and exciting times on here, met some great friends and some funny stories,i am sure i could write a book.........Events and meet and greets are great to catch up with like minded people. All you lovelys who send me messages THANKYOU :) Appreciate all the comments and time for writiting them cheers Ms Dimples xx
PerthKinkyCouple 06 April 2013
Hi RHP well you’ve done it again, what can we say Couchee is well out of this world, we met her the other night for the first time, and usually we don’t play on a weekday night but for once we made the exception and WOW we are soooo glad we did, the amount of awesome people we have met here is amazing and you are the best site ever, Couchee is a dirty,filthy,lovely golden girl who is welcome to come back to our erotic sensual wonderland anytime …. I’m sure the student Couchee will take out the dux of any school that she attends as she’s taken out the dux of the school of deviotic erotic sensuality!!!!!!!! She is the fastest person yet to pick everything up so quickly and with such ease, thank you COUCHEE for allowing us to teach you the things we did as it was an absolute pleasure form us both and was an awesome experience that you gave us… .. You are always welcome here Couchee and again thank you xxx  
Thunderstorms 05 April 2013
Being on here makes me feel at home. Been to so many parties. Had so much fun. Met so many great and exciting people. Please keep doing what your doing. Thanks for this site, Redhotpie.
letmymouthshowU 04 April 2013
This is my first time on here and OMG meet a really lovely guy on here and had a wonderful time with him, we have meet up 3 more times and OMG I will be seeing him again.
Gururu 23 March 2013
When I was single I did pretty well on this site. Then I had a chick move in with me who said she liked 3sums but every time I tried, she would start some kind of fight. Well after putting up with her for far too long, she's finally gone.
I logged straight back on to rhp and met some pretty wicked chicks straight away. No mind games, no head fucks and no lies. RHP ROCKS!
brook_34 20 March 2013
Rhp is a great site / I meet all great ppl
2sexynymphs 07 March 2013
Thanks to RHP not only did i find the hottest man to  have the most amazing sex with i found the love of my life....being asked how we met is seriously hillarious,  we cant just say we were up late one night flicking through RHP, we chatted, then that night we met up and blew each other away in bed...(we were literally speechless lol) and then after that we'd see each other everyweekend and it kept getting better, and still is of course lol so we decided to take the next step and here we are living together, still having the best sex, in love and its all thanks to RHP!! TY RHP!!!!
Couple34 01 March 2013
We had a fantasy that we wanted to fulfill...thanks to RHP we have fulfilled that one and many more. Each experience is everything we hope for and morre. This site really does work. Thanks RHP
hopper4471 20 February 2013
We've had some great times thanks to RHP. Very sexy women who are intelligent and funny are hard to come by, but we have met a few and hope to meet more. Thanks, RHP
StookyAndChooky 10 February 2013
We meet on here about 4 years ago been together ever since if it wasn't for redhotpie we wouldn't be together today.
zoe69r 10 February 2013
Success with couples.

Well what can i say ,  i met  a couple ( perthkinkycouple )  before xmas and we all met and chatted for sometime to get to know each other and to get aquainted with each other , and then it happened we all spent the night together and wow what a night it was . ive been with couples before but this takes the cake by a long shot , ive seen things and done things that i never thought or would have been possibly  but my oh my what a couple  i just love being with them even if its just for drinks n a chat socially  and when we have fun wow is all i can say they blow my mind all the time  and they have introduced me to a few of ther friends  (herandhimperth) this is  anther hot n sexy amazing couple who ive played with as a5sum and they also blow my mind and i have done wonderful things with and for them all .  i have only ever had anal sex with toys but i have given myself to perthkinky and they are to have first pop at my cherry ,lol, then who nows who gets it from then on ,lol, i also xdress and both couples absolutley love it and encourage me dressing up and being a little slut  and for both of these couples i will do anything u ask of me as i feel completely safe with both of you and that is a big thing for me . lol and this may sound stupid but i can probaly say i do have feelings for you all  yes the guys as well as i love sucking there lovely cocks mmmm and maybe one day both of you guys can spit roast me as the girls watch .

just want to say a big thanks  RHP
The_Lizard_King 09 February 2013
Rhp is a great site , actually has real people on here unlike most other sites i've tried.
CHRISandTJ 06 February 2013
We met each other on RHP and are now a couple. So glad we found each other here and now we're looking for other couples and women so we can have even MORE fun in the bedroom!
mike201047 04 February 2013
Wow thank you found this great married guy with a big hard -i-k.Mmmmmmmm can he use it.
funcple6569 02 February 2013
After not having much luck with other sites we decided to give RHP a try, we met a great guy who invited us to his place, i enjoyed a morning of mind blowing sex with him while my hubby watched, looking forward to many more meetings with our new friend.
suelee686 31 January 2013
RHP thank you i met someone the other nite and he was awesome and i had a good time thank you !!!
PerthKinkyCouple 28 January 2013
Well we must say RHP, you seriously ROCK! We met the most AMAZING couple from here, who are so much like us it’s simply MINDBLOWING….
We had the best time with them and have to say that considering we’d pretty much given up on couples due to, too many issues within their relationships like jealousy amongst many more to take on with them, which most who are on these sites are like, that we’d simply had enough of couples who think swinging will fix all problems that they have in their relationships! Well WOW RHP, you are one site who have really stepped up to the plate, cause the couple we met were absolutely FANTASTIC…. Their simply OUT OF THIS WORLD, their two AWESOME,HONEST and STRAIGHT UP people which are all WINNING and ATTRACTIVE traits to us, we’ve hit it off MAGICALLY with them, they are so much FUN its truly AMAZING…. Thanx RHP xxxxx
ChiefGazza 26 January 2013
Thanks to RHP I've met some great people, and I  dont think I've ever been closer to my hand. LOL
selinam 20 January 2013
After debating about it I finally gave into meetin a really hot guy was a little nervous at first bout OMG he was so worth the meet...
binudistgirl 17 January 2013
I met this lovely fun guy through here. I've been a member for ages and had yet to find someone who just understood women and was a kind lover but made everything fun. I thank him for bringing some much needed light relief into my life.
scottnsandi 16 January 2013
We joined this site early Jan 2013. We have met a few couples and all lovely people. We wanted more in our lives.... and MORE we got, we have had GREAT times to date, and hope there are many more to follow
wild469 12 January 2013
Rhp is a very nice place. We are having a great time and are meeting amazing people.  Join us .:)
Nessie1888 10 January 2013
Joined this site to scratch an itch, and not even 24hrs later that itch has been more clawed than scratched. I had the most amazing night out and in last night.
PerthKinkyCouple 06 January 2013
Well we have been on a few sites looking to meet couples,males and females that are in the same mind set or similar to my hubby and myself, with little success, then we found RHP, and we must say WOW this site has been absolutely OUT OF THIS WORLD, there are such an array of people who range in all forms of sexuality,and we have met quite a few people that we are not only play friends with but have also become extremely good friends too in and out of the bedroom, THANK YOU RHP keep up all your good work, your site ROCKS and we recommend you to any one who have said they struggle to find what there after, a few of our normal friends have joined the site already… So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!! xx
siensai 04 January 2013
My legs are still shaking from thee 3 hours of wild sex, I had no initial expectations whch led to the best time with the most sexiest guy.
Didactic_Spamed 02 January 2013
Mr and I met in the  RHP chatrooms on cam and hit it off straight away...So much so that he flew all the way to Bris Vegas from Perth to meet me! The last thing that we both expected (or were looking for) was something serious, but almost a year and a half later I have relocated to Perth to be with him and am soo excited to start our sexy adventures through the site that brought us together. Thank you so much RHP!
latinlover6169 22 December 2012
we have met and spoken to many amazing people on RHP who come from many walks of life. The two we have gone the next step with have been truly amazing and my wife cannot wipe the smile off her face and cannot wait for the next encounter
LauraJane77 15 December 2012
After having not had sex for 5 years, I joined RHP to expand my social circle and meet new people. I met several lovely males, some psychos, broke my "near virgin" status and then some! Then one evening, I met up with a great man I had been tossing messages back and forth with. Four months on, we haven't left each other's side. Thanks to RHP, I have met the greatest love (and lover) of my life...
DullGirl 26 November 2012
RHP has been great! I've been on other websites before & have always had a few dramas with idiots. The men on RHP have been polite & considerate, & a lot of fun! I met 3 guys, who were all very funny & sweet. Best of all I met somebody who really melts my butter & we've been having some wicked fuck fests!! Thank you RHP!! :D
CatchyHandle 24 November 2012
RHP is awesome,so many sexy fun people, we love it!
Mariamauro 19 November 2012
Wow i thought once i put a date finder for a weekend thought i never get many offers.But was i wrong, like to thank all of them dearly,but the guys i did catch up with.fantasic night it was the fantasy that i wanted and such a 2 night magical experience i ever had .You know who you are and i wait till this weekend again and thank you so much kisses and hugs from me to you always ..xxxoo
lindy69 19 November 2012
Well joined RHP  as a couple to have fun with a fuck buddy. End up being a single on here now. With a new friend instead as we realised our sex was good but not hot. Since I have meet some great men and not so great. However after trying to find a regular FB, I finally found one and both of us really enjoy each others company and the sex just gets better and better each time. We see each other up to four times a week. When he comes we talk and laugh and have awesome hot horny sex and then shower together before he heads home. Mwah to him
mizellicia 18 November 2012
have meet and had fun  with a few blokes already. Love rhp dnt know what i would do without ;)
Horneycock 17 November 2012
Having a wonderfull time with a very sexy women we seem to have the same sexual appertite and now the chance to add a 3rd party WOW
guvandsnat 17 November 2012
We went to our first swingers party last night as recommended by a couple we finally met up with from RHP, they where hot in so many ways. looking forward to next weekend.
OH_YESSSX2 12 November 2012
I agree with everything lipsofpleasure says....never in my wildest dreams....did i think of holding hands and walking along beaches when i looked at the site first......and I also have found my soulmate..we clicked and..she is sexy...horny...cute..loving kinda girl and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.... Luvv U babe
Sara_Sam4 06 November 2012
Have found two wonderful cpls and had so much fun, new on RHP but we're sure we'll find a great genuine cpl on here ;)
lipsofpleasure 06 November 2012
When I first signed up to RHP never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would meet someone who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We just clicked right from the start, it was almost as though we had known each all our lives already. Easily the sexiest, funniest, most down to earth woman I have ever met, throw in a  very naughty side and I would say I have met my soulmate. I love you so much
Ana74 03 November 2012
Thanks RHP, totally awesome hookup last night, had so much fun;))
Vivacious_Vixen 02 November 2012
Have been on RHP a couple months and have had some fantastic experiences!!! and met some awesome people, Thanks RHP!
diagonal 25 October 2012
Had most fantastic meet with a gorgeous young lady. She rocked my world; was really good to see how sexy she was and sensitive. Thanks RHP!
beaches66 22 October 2012
We are on RHP a while now. Swinging is our most favourite hobby now. We meet really nice people and would not want to miss it any more. AAA website.
honeybee0086 17 October 2012
I travelled this weekend to Sydney to meet a man I met here a month or so ago. It was spectacular! He fulfilled every desire I had and made my time in Sydney so comfortable and one I will never ever forget. You know who you are babe and I'll drift away with you anytime you want ;)
chevtrek 14 October 2012
Been on here for some time and found some ladies and couples, great fun. Better still, open, honest and great people.
jackg90 13 October 2012
Met my first couple last night, awesome!
thedarkside247 12 October 2012
Had a group play, which was a first for us - verdict omg why haven't we done this sooner - thank you so much to those who participated (you know who you are ;-) and we can hardly wait to do it again
dirtydave660 12 October 2012
I've been chatting to a sexy member for a few days now, and we met up last night! Wow what a hot sexy lady!
She stayed the night and we did again this morning.
Thanks, you were wonderful.
MademoiselleB 08 October 2012
Meet some amazing guys while on holiday and had some freaken awesome experiences! Thank you RHP!
siensai 07 October 2012
I joined RHP a couple of months ago to find some playmates and OMG did I find one, "married and in an open relationship" which I was a little apprehensive about to begin with, we started chatting, hung out then I lost all inhibitions and opened myself up to best sex I have ever had, his wife is one lucky lady!
OH_YESSSX2 07 October 2012
We met, we clicked, we had hot sex; now, we hold hands, go for walks, make love, and still have hot sex. Thanks RHP and Mizz OH YESS
mochachill007 03 October 2012
Been on RedHotPie for nearly a year now, and i enjoy the social and sexual aspects of the site... met some wicked people and had some awesome sex and looking forward to continuing to!
Ripped1981 29 September 2012
I was hesitant to pay for a membership, however my initial concerns were well and truly put to rest. I have met some very nice girls as well as a few amazing couples and couldn’t be happier how things have turned out! Thanks for helping me meet these people RHP!
Kay85 27 September 2012
Met some hits, a few standing ovations and had a few encores...good game people, good game!!! Thanks RHP me love it!!!
13chey13 25 September 2012
Have had various ages since the beginning of my sexual activity... however ...my young man I finally met tonight afte rmany months of chat  txt msgs and a whole lot of soul searching as to the positive and the negative of the age gap.... had  a body to be proud of and a knowledge far beyond his years of how to make a woman feel so desired and pleasured....A welcome visitor at my door anytime...
MissGemini88 21 September 2012
I never joined RHP to find Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect .. But i have found a few awsome guys that are Mr. Right for me :) I've also found some guys that are pushing my boundaries that i thought i already knew where they were.. Oh so wrong was I .. I've found out that i can be pushed that little bit further.. and im loving every second of it!
I was in a VERY long term relationship and I'm new to the whole single lifestyle .. Can I just say .. WOW why didnt anyone tell me it was this much fun before .. hehe! This whole F*** Buddy thing people have going on ... PERFECT way to live .. You get the best of both worlds.. freedom then a boyfriend for the day when you need one hahahaha! Thanks RHP .. Fun times xxx
Notalongtime38 19 September 2012
Just became active on this site, met an amazing couple and a few amazing women for some of the best sessions of my life!! This site is AMAZING!
quite1 18 September 2012
Hi RHP thanks just had an awesome time, and the  sex was amaaazing, wow
genuineBBW 18 September 2012
I have met a truly amazing man, intelligent, soft warm (get into bed) eyes, totally passionate and great kisser. I have not met anyone who comes near to him on any other site, of which I have membership. So happy that I took the chance and joined RHP!
Horneycock 15 September 2012
I have just joined RHP and met an amazing women... had unreal sex. Fantastic site!
blush4u 14 September 2012
only new to rhp and found myself a very young hot irish master.
blackwidow62 28 August 2012
Hey RHP, I've just joined and I am loving you already...can't wait until I've been in here a while longer to sample some of your very appreciated prizes or should I say gifts
Hardontwo 25 August 2012
An RHP couple came to visit and both are very sexy people relaxed and easy going , I keep looking at the pics and can't believe the stuff we got up to some of it I thought not possible.
Meeka_light 22 August 2012
I am engaged and going into a strict religion and marriage...(You can't help who you fall in love with).  The discussion of sex has never come up because of his beliefs.  No sex before marriage...So I panicked and realized, my bucket list for sexual fantasies  may never be fulfilled.   So I joined RHP...and OMG..I found my ZENZA.....no pussy and cock sex ..however anal and foreplay is allowed...and he respects that...He gives me orgasms I thought never existed...He eats my pussy and ass at the same time..and ohh I love waking to find him eating me..all of my fantasies coming true.....we have started a challenge to see how far I can squirt...and we have a measuring tape to record my personal best....Thank you my Zenza for being so good with me......Thanks RPH
richo1968 11 August 2012
A few weeks ago, I had my first encounter with a woman who is the sexiest woman I have ever been with! We dd absolutely everything bar one, and that will be first in our next encounter. We are planning to meet up again soon and I am so looking forward to that. Thanks, baby girl.......and thanks, RHP
sub_btm_boy 31 July 2012
Just had my first session of being dominated, was so much fun, learnt lots of new things, looking forward to pushing the boundaries further next time
Luvnya69 27 July 2012
We are only fairly new to RHP and find a better quality of couples on here compared to the "other" sites.
The offers from sexy couples continues to stream in, and we do look forward to when we can catch up with you.
Stay Sexy.
eviemagic 18 July 2012
Had an awesome blind date recently with Tomac6970, explored a few fantasies, and he showed me that yes, I can squirt!! Awesome, genuine nice guy too.
bellaS 10 July 2012
Thanx rhp, u have shown me its good to have a extremely high sex drive and that squirters can be appreciated for our talent.  Have had 2 mindblowing encounters, cant wait for more.  xxxxxx
Royallboy 06 July 2012
I am new here on this site and really happy that i have joined the Redhotpie to full fill all my fantasies  and sexual desires... Lets rock and explore the sexual life with a high desire and passion..... hugzzz to alll
smoothgirl39 02 July 2012
I met this gorgeous guy here RHP, well endowed.  We head to his place. We started kissing, soon I was in his bed, he asked me to go on top of him and asked me to ride him and I did. His member felt delicious inside me. It just felt soo good !! I  let myself go. And opened myself to the experience. He was smiling all the time, and looking at me with arresting pleasure. His face and muscley body were lit with passion. His eyes and body followed the urge. Thanks RHP for opportunities to enjoy sexy, pleasurable, passionate, attractive horny man, wow!! we are meeting again, we liked it. We dont want to have a relationship, just smooth, sensual, sexy encounters.
kaz1981 25 June 2012
im am just writing to say i hooked up with hgp81 and i have had better sex in my life i now see him regular but still up for other meets if u can compete
sensual_luvboy 24 June 2012
RHP has helped me out in my first hot encounter...we chatted for 4 days  without seeing each others pics and then had a blind date which was very adventurous and exciting and that date lead us straight to the bed....awesome sex and chemistry..

thanks RHP  
00heavan1984 16 June 2012
RHP i believe has helped me unleash my wild side!!....I have met some great people in the short space of time i have been on here....and hopefully i will meet lots more!!   Let the good times roll!!
hgdc42 01 June 2012
We have only joined RHP for 4 days and have met some amazing couples like us! definately a great fun site!
Kinky_Charlie 29 May 2012
This site delivers some good information for people who want to have access and knowledge to sex outside the vanilla mainstream. It's not like you can walk into a book store and pick up a book and read about adult club venues and definitions of things like a split roast and 469 etc. RHP delivers that information. Sexpo is also good and I am happy too see RHP involed in it.
scrumbo 26 May 2012
I have had a lot of fun with this site, I've met and had fun with some couples and some single guys too.  Most I have met have been decent and fun ppl.  Recently met a local guy who is now a regular FB and a good mate too. Nice work RHP :)
youllbebuggered 22 May 2012
have to say I love this site .... there's no shortage of  men even for ladies that live in the country ... I've met some beautiful men and had some unforgettable times ... thank you to rhp and to all you men that I have shared an encounter or two with ... just need some ladies to come and play with me and share these great men on here  
Charged_Up 20 May 2012
Just joined a few days ago and am pretty damn surprised. Honesty here is really the best policy. I don't have a pic and I am not going to put one either. The sheer excitement of meeting someone at a blind date and taking it from there is adrenaline pumping in itself.

I have already had a meetup with someone locally, didn't like the package, therefore we paid for our own dinners and went our way. The second one is scheduled in next two weeks. Will provide you updates.

My advice to you all is, be honest and know what you want and can offer. Be open minded, as no one would be just the perfect. I guarantee a good time.
hughesc 20 May 2012
hey thanks rhp  had another hook up today this is really working for me. anyone thinkn of signing up dont think just do it n trust me u will meet new people i have meet heaps. thanks again rhp n all the sexy men out there
Dan_the_man_85 16 May 2012
Wow! I didn't really know what to expect the profile pic didn't really tell me much. Just said she was big n beautiful. She forgot to say sexy, soft and amazing in bed! :). Running half hour late i opened the door and offered her a glass of wine. We took one sip and headed to the bedroom wen i suggested we shower together. Soaping each other up and runnig our hands over each other while kissing passionately we couldn't get enough. Then to the bedroom- couldn't stop kissing as we explored each others bodies. For hours we were pressed close together, our mouths and hands heavilly involved. As we both ached for more and more we couldn't gdet enough. She revealed a secret to me and it just got better. After hours of incredible foreplay the finale was euphoric. Amazing night and will be the first of many with this beautiful woman.
hughesc 16 May 2012
hi ive been hooking up with this site, its a good site to meet new people n horny ones
kyeblue68 12 May 2012
We have been browsing on RHP now for a couple of months and had a couple of hook ups.  The first was awesome. 28 yo guy eager to walk on the wild side with us and very eager to learn more about art of pleasuring a woman.  He was a little hasty but I showed him the secret of teasing everywhere but there until I could not take it anymore and pushed his head down to bury his face and ordered him to take me with his whole mouth.  He eagerly obliged and was really turned on when I kissed and licked the glistening remains from his mouth and tongue.
sammy22 08 May 2012
hi  just wanted to thank rhp for another great find,had a great time with yourneeded, god so exciting, fucked on and off all afternoon, but we wernt allowed to get dressed:)that was our rule so hot just walking around naked, did'nt think I could get so horny watching a guy make coffee, but just watching his cock grow god I was on my knees there and then:) cant wait to meet again thankyou thankyou RHP  
yourneeded 08 May 2012
Hi met up with a gorgeous  lady on here, had some fun with blindfolds:) had a great afternoon of teasing and fucking  she was so much fun wow whata great  afternoon of fun  going back for more soon what a great site
playme42 08 May 2012
Met with him a 2nd time, have to admit I was still a bit nervous, but he was so nice,loved him taken my clothes off with a blind fold on its was so hot and sexy,oh my god:) and we had a great afternoon, we kissed (my fave), teased, and fucked for 4 hrs stopping for lunch, eating lunch naked is so hot, loved watching his cock grow as we ate:) thankyou so much RHP what a great site glad I found it  
Aarmi1985 06 May 2012
Met with a woman from here last night, nothing intimate but had a great time at dinner. Hopefully a sign of futher things to come.
varyingdegrees 03 May 2012
I used to swing with my husband but then we split up, in the mean time though we continued to have sex for a few months.
For a parting gift to our relationship he got on RHP and found me 2 guys to join us to fullfil a fantasy of mine.
The meet up was perfect, they were everything they said they were (As I found out later cause I did not know about it).
It was the easiest best sex I have ever had.
Thank You RHP for continually helping me fullfil all my fantasies and find even more fantasies to work on.  
Loving this site, Loving the sex!!!
rhody 13 April 2012
My new love - Gangbangs!

Where do i start - i finally indulged in the pleasures of a wonderful GangBang!
We arrived at the hotel room to find a great host and some new playmates, where I was touched, rubbed, licked and fullfilled again and again and again by guys of all shapes and sizes.  I even got some girl play with the other girl there, which i always love!

Hubby, myself, the host and the other girl managed to put on a 'gangbang intermission' show for the guys with the host in me, the other girl licking my throbbing wet clit, hubby in her and my arms wrapped around her and hubby, all while the other guys caught their breath and regrouped... glad they didn't take long before they could join us again!

It's amazing how quickly 2 and 1/2 hours can fly by in an afternoon!  

I know now that while i enjoy all other areas of swinging, i have found yet one more that is a new pleasure to emerse myself when opportunity presents.

To all you girls that want to try and are still undecided...all i can say is the gentlement that i met from RHP with the organizer, made every concern i had completely melt away in just moments after meeting them, so first and foremost, I have to say 'Thank you RHP'!, and of course a big thanks to the organizer and guys that attended - I won't name names, but you know who you are.
paradise14 12 April 2012
Awesome time,meeting hottest couples,with hours of laughs,sex and more sex,no more boring nights or days.
pheonix2012 03 April 2012
My testimonial includes my beloved partner, we hooked up  at a look out. And had the loudest and wildest sex on a park bench. Mind blowing, on another occassion we hooked up with a bi guy and all three of us licked and sucked every part of each other before blowing on my girls tits. Too hot to dream of, yet it happened
shortnsweet2002 03 April 2012
After a few months of chatting and really clicking with what will be a lasting friendship we finally met for some couple playtime and wow, for a first experience, we can't wait for more. Thanks RHP
sammy22 01 April 2012
hi sammy22 here just wanted to thank RHP met a really nice guy on here sexyfriendinneed and we had a really great time,so nice to meet a guy who enjoys the foreplay so hot,met at a nice hotel so exciting, the whole afternoon of teaseing,kissing,and fucking so hot thankyou so much RHP
xxTRIPSxx 26 March 2012
I met a  guy online over 5 years ago, spoke for a month or so but never got to meet up. Always regretted not meeting up with him. Until I seen his nick in RHP last december 2011. Wow talk about a blast from the past. This time I wasnt going to miss meeting him. So I invited him to one of my girlfriends parties. As soon as i seen him, I knew something was going to happen, lol and he would be a hand full for me..... Well It is now march and while there have been a few hiccups along the way, we are both happily attached and enjoying each others company. Inside and outside the bedroom.. Not sure what is going to happen in the future, but certainly enjoying this journey with him.  Goes to show... you just never know what can happen..So enjoy while you can... I know i am :P
Have met my partner in crime ;)
Out4funn2012 26 March 2012
Haven't been on the site for that long but gosh there are some real gentlemen on your site. I have met some of the nicest ladies and guys from your site. Keep up the good job guys
couplesint 19 March 2012
We are so pleased that we teamed up with Redhotpie years ago, since our first time on the site for our club there has been many years of great times and we have met the most wonderful people that you can imagine. We choose to only select our single guys for entry to our club here on redhotpie, and can we say , we have NEVER had to evict any of them. Each one of them are respectful and courteous and always a pleasure to have at our club. We are proud to say that nearly all our couples and singles are from redhotpie, we dont associate ourselves with any other site, and soley advertise on Redhotpie. THere has been many couple relationships made from singles at our club along with the help of redhotpie. Couples International is so proud of its association with redhotpie and we wish to thank you for assisting us in showing everyone that the lifestyle is not a sleazy one, but one where there are real people and real relationships formed. Thanks so much redhotpie for all your support and for having the sexiest and friendly people on your site. Bryan, Leesa and John Couples International Brisbane.
meet2plzu 18 March 2012
i have been on rhp for several years as part of a couple, i recently joined as a single male.  last night i had THE most fun i have EVER had... i met with a raunchy, devilish, explicit "good" girl who i met on here.

starting at about 6:30, we had a 4 hour long session of kissing, touching, caressing, screwing, everything... before i had to leave... i got half way to my friends house before i realised that i would be having so much more fun at her place... so i went back... round 2... and this time was even better, we finally went to sleep at about 8am.... then slept all day (with a lunch time screening in between)

it was without a doubt, the best time i have ever had, courtesy of rhp... thank you RHP!
perthboy88 16 March 2012
Well out of the blue a sexy 39 yr old asked if i was into trying new things and of course my hand was straight up and let me tell you the most sexual wild and fun entertainment i could ever ask for nice sxey body and all the fruits loved it
mrman69 09 March 2012
I met a man on Red hot pie and arranged to meet him at a motel.It was so exciting to arrive and meet him.He was a little shy and we got a knowing look from the girl at the front desk.She showed us to a room with a spa and winked at me when she showed us around. We were alone at last and made a coffee talked and then stripped off our clothes.Ive never seen another guys penis so close up let alone have it in my mouth.we sixty nined on the bed rimmed each other and then he slowly fucked me in my arse.I unloaded a massive load of sperm on to the bed and then he pulled out took off the condom and ejeculated into my mouth. Thanks red hot pie for introducing me to male to male sex.I love it and am going back with him tomorrow night.
spicegerl 07 March 2012
I have met some incredible men on RHP. One in particular I would recommend to all you girls looking for a sexy fella for a really good time!

sharpasatat 05 March 2012
We werent looking for a relationship just hot sex .. we found each other and we found not only the best relationship ever, the best sex and the best partner you could ever had we have been inseperable since and are planning the future togther.
MadandAngel 03 March 2012
We finally met our first couple last night for play, and it was well worth the wait.  Thank you RedHotPie for making it happen.
windy1968 02 March 2012
RedHotPie provides Adult dating services for singles & swingers in Australia.................
Oh see it's not just a Sex site as many say/asume it is....... I've met & still meeting some awsome people through here & alot are just totally awsome friends ! There's a few FWB which is also awsome to ;-) Someone to hangout n chill with without any bullshit :-) I love RHP & the aquaintences & gorgeous life time friends it has given me xxx
crakaz3 25 February 2012
We had our first encounter with a single guy about a month a go. Once we got over the initial nerves we had a hot session which the three of us enjoyed so much we have had him back since and will again. Next we need to find a single female to join us.
pheonix2012 25 February 2012
Since my partner and I joined RHP our sexual swinging fantasies have become physical realities... since joining we have enjoyed ( totally enjoyed ) couple forplay and oral swap, mmf straight sex where my girlfriend enjoyed my monster cock and one of another well hung and stamina full younger male for a four hour fuck fest, ffm bi sex oral satisfaction, and most recently mmf bi sexual encounters.. One being out on a golf course at night consisting of me fucking my partner while we were both sucked off by the male extra, finishing with gagging deep throat sex, deeper than she has ever taken me before finally ending in a sea of come all over my smoking hot girl, we all loved it so... And again most recently a mmf bi fuck fest in a hotel room consisting of a wild sweaty night of sex, my girl was being licked and finger pleased by the plus one male while i sucked him close to blowing, next we swapped to her sucking him off hard and deep while i licked her to come just as he unloaded in her mouth, she moved into kiss me with a mouthfull of warm starnger come to share with me, before i finished her and me off with the favourite over the shoulder deep pounding fuck to mutual orgasm..we are looking forward to more experiences,,, hot hot hot
andyfire101 23 February 2012
We so love redhotpie.
yarwenna 21 February 2012
Ladies, dont give up, there is a fabulous lover waiting for you here on RHP, plus he is a gentleman and totally funny, go check out perthscot70 you will not be disappointed!
ChampaignShowers 18 February 2012
stcouple08 15 February 2012
great site... there are some great people
tygrasia 11 February 2012
We had our first MMF with an amazing guy last night, was so much fun, my legs are still shaking! Loving being a part of this new world :)

Wish everyone else the best of luck in their search xoxo
abelnsexy 09 February 2012
Have you ever noticed someone of the opposite sex on the site without a face pic and gone OMG I know them? Wonder what they're up to on here. You flirt, message. I wanted, wasnt sure if I could have him, but persisted, teased & ... a date...a kiss....early mornings at the gym, lol, and hansom and hot. NOW he is my hubby. We are enjoying every minute of our life together; knowing where we stand & what life has to offer is an experience every day. RHP brought a smile to my face again after 8 years - thanks RHP.
perthscot70 08 February 2012
Met a very sexy girl within a few days of signing up.....saw her 3 nights running and had an awesome time....!!!!
sammy22 08 February 2012
Just wanted to say thanks RHP only been on here a week and found a really freindly nice guy ,harder to find than you might think:) thanks feeltheneed1 for a   fun afternoon.  Hope to make it a regular thing,this is so exciting thanks again RHP
QuaverTruffle 03 February 2012
Here I was thinking RHP was just about sex. I got asked on a date by a member here, with no pressure. I ended up going on the best first date ever and all there was, was a kiss at the end of the night. I have since gone on to develop a relationship with this man. He is so beautiful and he treats me like a princess. Without RHP, this never would have happened, so thank you!
funkynsensual 02 February 2012
We have met some wonderful couples in our new journey of eroticism! Not only are we having fabulous time, we have made new friends along the way too!
letzfuckkkkk 13 January 2012
Met up with my first person from rhp the other day seeing as i am new member, thanks to rhp and the beautifull people that r members, amazing big smiles x
flux76 13 January 2012
Thanks RHP for reopening my eyes and giving me the chance to (re)meet someone who has effortlessly become my everything. It's funny... you don't have to go looking for love, you just have to open your heart to allow love in again and find the trust that someone else stole previously. This is not a hard task with the right person.

I hope all of you on RHP that are looking for this in life find it also.
handsomeman69 09 January 2012
To make slow teasing love to some gorgeously sexy and beautiful ladies whilst their partners watch is incredibly arousing. RHP you are sensational!
Angel_dreams 04 January 2012
Met up last week with 2 amazing guys from Rhp....they were so attentive and fulfilled me in ways I never thought possible....thanks Rhp for introducing me to the wonders of multiple guys.....you have fulfilled all of my fantasies...xxx
wecouplelooking 04 January 2012
Had a great start to the new year with one special girl, hope we can do this again with her, thanks RHP for this great site
greatperthcouple 31 December 2011
We have had some very fun, kinky and sexy times with the great people we have met on RHP. Thanks RHP for the great exeriences we have had and for the fun yet to come ;) !!
Jackinnobox 30 December 2011
within 24 hrs I was meeting someone - and we definately had a great time... x thanks RHP
hardcock9 29 December 2011
Just had the best niight of my life of hot sex with two of the most amazing people thanks RHP is the best site ever, never dreamt it could be this good wow.....
SexyRuby 21 December 2011
I have met some gorgeous people on this site. Its a good way to meet babes & fulfill desires. x
bilustful 21 December 2011
Thanks rhp for the travel profile. used it whilst in sydney for work. Met alot of great people, thanks to alll those who made may time in sydney very enjoyable and playful.. made some good friends.. highly recommend it if travelling
amethyst8 10 December 2011
OMG redhotpie!! YOU ROCK! 9 fantasies fulfilled in one night!!! I love this site! Have learnt so much and since fulfilled 9 in one night with a very special one and 2 others... And this is just the beginning.. find that connection and spark - it makes it all so much more worthwhile magic memorable and just happens so easily... hot hot hot!! Love you REDHOTPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
QuaverTruffle 26 November 2011
Thanks to RHP I have experienced a lot of the fantasies I have held onto for so long and there are many more I am about to make real life. I am so grateful for that.
MadamDragonfly 26 November 2011
Thankyou RedHotPie for the opportunity  to Connect with  Quality, Intelligent, Fun Guys for  Fun times and Sexual Intimacy mmmmYUM! .
To the Aweome Guys who have enjoyed My Company be it as Friends or Lovers It has been a real Pleasure.You treated me as The Unique Amazing  Sexy Woman I am .You're all very Special Individuas ,I'm  Looking  forward to sharing  with you on other occassions if it's meant to be......Regrds LU :)
heavn2000 26 November 2011
Very new to this site n already met a lovely guy. He is really sxi.  always good to make new friends. Awesome.
doubleormore 26 November 2011
what a great experience for us both....not only have we made friends, we have both enjoyed the planning and nerves before, the action and then the reflections of what all have been great times.. ok..you don't win em all and there are a few players but generally people are honest, loving, healthy and sexy like we are. It has brought us as a couple far closer... every encounter is different but there is something special about a swinging couple...isn't sex great !! great site by the way rhp ..very user friendly.
honeysuckle69 23 November 2011
Just wanted to say have had a blast on this site, have met the most wonderful guy on here he just takes my breath away. We talk on the phone..have to say he is so damn handsome...yum he is so kind n caring I know I can talk to him any time day or nite...just wanted to say he makes me so happy. Thanks rhp, thank u so much...xxx
skip2010 17 November 2011
Just wanted to say thank you to the lovley ladies and couples i meet thru rhp in western australia,thank you for your hospitality,thank you for taking time out to take me sight seeing ,and being social, and most of all the fun times we had. i hope if you ever come to the eastern states,you get in touch and i can return do the same.once again thank you.
in2u3 01 November 2011
I am luving rph,this site rocks :)
ads_n_elle 28 October 2011
6 months ago we agreed to meet. The only promise we made was good company, lots of laughs and a space on the comfy couch if things did not "click" for us.  Well .... inseparable since then... who would have thought. I have met a man who is my best friend, treats me like a princess and a fantastic and exciting lover. Thanks RHP
in2u3 28 October 2011
LadeBack 20 October 2011
Im loving all the new and regular friends I have on here, its basically an escape to the reality Im glad my life has become :)
teamtonelle444 16 October 2011
We had a hot hot hot encounter with a very sexy woman within the first week of joining RHP. Threesomes rock!!!!
DOUBLEDELITE 13 October 2011
We met together one night in the chat room. We spoke together for one night and caught up the following weekend. Sharing each others love now and thanking rhp for the chance of meeting each other. We were sexylilminx and clownsfun but now and forever we will be doubledelite.
sexylilminx 12 October 2011
Hi, I have been on RHP for about a month now, and I can say I have met my dream man... we are now together and falling in love... Thanks RHP we definately have a story to tell the grandkids.. Candice & Ryan xx
SteveBa1984 10 October 2011
Only had one hook up from here, but at least you each know from the get go what people are looking for. Excellent: Red Hot Pie
shylittlemiss 09 October 2011
Wow, what a wonderful site.  Have only been on here a short time and met some wonderful people, Males, Couples and chicks, and had some of the best times of my life.  Looking forward to the great times ahead.
blackorwhite 28 September 2011
We've had some good experiences on this site, thanks to the sexy cpls that made it happen
eileenharper 20 September 2011
I loved this site. This was just amazing and it is a pleasure to be a part of it. I could meet new friends here and strike a good relationship with them. I recommend it to all the singles out there.
jewelplus1 18 September 2011
Were back after a 6 month break and met the most amazing couple who made us feel relaxed and extremely horny lol, love this site and all the great couples on it !!!!!
shelly89 12 September 2011
I love Rhp i have met so many ppl and made new friends its the best......
sexualsecret 07 September 2011
Only been on this site for 3 weeks and ive just met the biggest cock I've ever seen, thanks RHP!
cpl4swinging 27 August 2011
found a wonderfully exciting cpl...had coffee and then met the next night where we shared a hotel room and then went to CI brissy, the first time for all of us....and although the club didnt do much for us...we did find a roon upstairs and went for it!!!...so what happened next...we met up the following night again and had an even better time...now have 3 more dates put in the calender for fun horny times;-)...thanks RHP
hungaussieguy 18 August 2011
Finally found someone genuine, met yesterday for coffee, invited back this afternoon to play... From her kisses yesterday afternoon, the anticipation is killing me... This is gonna be a blast!
Kelly_is_hot 17 August 2011
Woohoo I have met my true match !!!!!!!!! I thought it never was ever to happen but boy was I wrong. He keeps me more than happy , a mate , a true friend and a great lover to boot.
buttercup01 07 August 2011
i am so pleased with RHP... have so much more to meet :)
Justdelish 25 July 2011
I received a message from Colesy78. After meeting (very briefly) we headed back to his place and, I can honestly say, it was one of the best nights I've had in ages! A great sense of humor, body, cheeky smile and a sexual appetite to match mine, this guy has the whole package.

I'll definitely be heading back for seconds
Nudgee 18 July 2011
Thanks for sexpo, it was awsome , and i won a photo shoot and have been back to the gym just because of u. RHP forever!
kupple4u 13 July 2011
After just a short time back on  RHP after a long break...we met a cool guy that has become real mate out of the bedroom....and a gr8 playmate in it....thanks RHP....you rock
firebo 12 July 2011
I'm enjoying all of the sexy women I meet!
sexxxycindy 07 July 2011
I have met with some very sexy people here and had some very hot moments. Most recently I met with 1wellhung1 , OMG he is a very talented man. One of those rare guys who just knows what to do. YUM!
TeamKitty2 01 July 2011
Wow, cant believe that its almost a year since we found the most amazing girl on rhp, and all 3 of us have been inseparable :) Thank you rhp for your help in making our dreams come true. xxx
pocahontaswolfie 16 June 2011
All I can say is thank you so much redhotpie. I have been on redhotpie for 3 years and met heaps of sexy genuine people on here. Went to my first swingers party and it was awesome.  But the most important one is my current boyfriend wolfie the love of my lilfe. He is eveything to me and more. Thanks guys
Bifun2 11 June 2011
Have met the most amazing couples here ! and you know who you are. This site has given us the opportunity live life to the fullest and we are so gratefull.
misschief8 07 June 2011
he had me at hello...
i met a man for lunch, and 6hrs later, we were still there chatting!!!
8 weeks on, we have 'come out', things are gr8 and he is just so gorgeos...  
we look at one another and go: wow, where have u been!!!
thanks rhp and the universe for bringing us 2 together...i am a v v lucky gal...
misschief8 03 June 2011
met a man for a lunch, and 6hrs later, we were still there chatting!!! he is absolutely gorgeos and now, 8 weeks later, we are together, and things are going well...!!!thanks to rhp and the universe for bringing us together
aliceis 19 May 2011
OMG thank you RedhotPie for helping me to meet the most fantastic guy in the world. Newlife61 is the most fantastic, sweetest man I have ever met and I am so glad that we have found each other. No one can replace him, he is one in a million.
rufun4me2011 15 May 2011
Only joined the site a few days ago and just in the door from my first play date with 2 lovely gentleman. Had the most amazing night of fun, laughs and amazing sex! Thanks RHP. Now to find some more people to play with.
MadameHeather 13 May 2011
Well I met him for "coffee" and to say Hello.  He has a nice kissing style, nice hands with a gentle touch, hopefully more fun to be had.  MMMM RHP thank you very much
abel2bsexy 11 May 2011
awesome..ready willing and ABEL2....we have met some amazing people on rhp...get out there try new things ....explore new boundaries
playmates4us 11 May 2011
Hey there RHP, thanks for the britney spears cd we won its awesome. I have never won anything; thanks RHP!
BearThrills 09 May 2011
Just like to say that i love this site, have met some awesome people had some awesome adventures and just think its great to find people who think how i think and play how i play.:)
MadameHeather 09 May 2011
A quick Hello and Coffee turned into a truly wonderful afternoon.  His Kissess were warm and tender, his hands gentle and skillful. Who would have thoughtt someone so good was so close.  I'm hoping this will become a regular thing. RHP thank you

playtoyz 03 May 2011
We met 2day just as a "HELLO"
loved her kisses and her tight little pussy felt so mmmm nice.
think i have found an awesum cute sexc playmate and in my own backyard.
so yes RHP  you get my vote, a big tick here.
funtimeinbali 27 April 2011
living in Bali we thought we would give RedHotPie a try and maybe some of the people visiting Bali would contact us.......... well it worked, we have met couples as well as singles and had a great time playing with them. Thanks RHP it has worked for us.
dirtytimes 14 April 2011
this site has been a great intro into our new sexual lives together....
alldanite 31 March 2011
I've only been on here a few days but I've already met some really great people and have a whole lot of hot dates lined up this weekend and next week , awesome!!  Party oooon!!
Ps Still have some dates free ;) !!!!
mnk3sums 30 March 2011
We met our very first girlfriend here on RHP and have had a wonderful few years meeting regularly for some very hot playdates. Happily for her, but sadly for us, she has met a wonderful guy and though we still chat we don't get to play anymore... so we are back here on RHP where the genuine people play to establish another friendship with lots of benefits ;)
2xyoungandfun 29 March 2011
we would just like to say thank u to RHP for allowing us to meet such wonderful people and make awesome playmates. we have only been on here for a month now and were absolutely amazed at the amount of interest in us within the first few days. also submitting pics in the amateur pics section was a huge boost to my self esteem!! lol
: D
hotandhorny7084 28 March 2011
my partner and i are having the best time :0)
natalie78 27 March 2011
hmmmm lemme see, have met the most amzing  guy on here, think i am in love!!!!!!!
juliesden36 26 March 2011
Love this site have tried some others but RHP i have found to have the best people and nicest.
I have had some hot hot hot hot fun from couples singles from RHP and am still doing so.
Thanks Red Hot Pie keep up the good work....
abel2bsexy 20 March 2011
Persistence pays off..quality and not quanity..We had an amazing weekend with a single female. 3 days of pleasure for us. Lust, passion..so many sexual desires fulfilled and thoughts of more in the near future.
Hotsexymumma 28 February 2011
Have met some gr8 guys off here, very talented
welikeyou2 26 February 2011
Well after only 3 weeks of typing and chatting we finally got some Red Hot action with a Red Hot couple. We arranged to meet at a inner city strip club the atmosphere was steamy and the strippers were hot. It approached 1am and my wife made her move and gave the order to the other girl to be back in our hotel in 30 min or else.  Let me tell when they arrived the toys and costumes were all ready to go and so did they !!!!  Thanks again for putting on a great night we will always remember Friday night on Collins !
sinbabe1001 25 February 2011
Love this site. I have met so many hot people and thanks RHP. Keep up the good job.
anjiebaby 24 February 2011
I have met the best, amazing, great, sensual, best kisser from RHP... an amazing male with the best qualities, strong family values and a womderful human being. the sex is awesome.. wow its unreal.. xxxxx babe
anjiebaby 13 February 2011
Hey RHP, I have founf the most amazing man... he makes me laugh all the time and I feel so great when I am with him. And to top it off he can use his tongue so well,Lets hope this is the one I can have a life of fun sexy times with!
cheekyguyforyou 13 February 2011
Thank you RHP for I have met the most amazing woman through your site. SmileyBear70 is the complete package: stunning, sexy, smart, considerate and funny. We made an instant connection and I have enjoyed the journey. Very happy.
SmileyBear70 08 February 2011
Thank you RHP as I would never have met cheekyguyforyou. He is heaven sent. Funny, sexy, loving and very special. Lots of reasons to keep me smiling.... :-)
mark345 01 February 2011
I met up with kate6974 and we had an amazing time. Hopefully we'll be in touch again soon so I can explore her more :)
Bec_n_Mg 26 January 2011
RHP has been a great journey. Joined years ago as Firie4rent and later became known as Malegypsy which reflected who I really am.  I have met and chatted to some great people.  But I have now found the best for me.  I am now in a relationship with Tiny_Bec and I travelled to WA to see if there was a connection, and there certainly was something, as a week later she was travelling back to Qld with me. We are now both very content and are happy to keep using RHP to chat as we have made some great friends on there.  Message to all the guys and girls out there, if there is omething you want, you really need to seize the day and go for it.  Enjoy the ride....
FunLovingGal6680 25 January 2011
I met my man (hypnopuppy) here over a year ago, we started off with daily chats and lots of harmless, yet kinky, flirting. Just over two months ago, we decided there was more to our relationship than just a bit of fun. I've not long come back from Melbourne, having stayed with him for a couple of weeks and meeting him for the first time face to face. We are more in love now than we ever were. Thanks RHP!! I love you, my gorgeous puppy!! xx
celebree 15 January 2011
I was hesitant in joining RHP... and being stood up on the first proposed coffee meet did not help matters, but i perservered and im glad I did. Apart from reconecting with some MIA friends of past years, I have met two or three very nice guys here, and hopefully this run of 'good' conduct will continue . Thanks!
mel_isbad 13 January 2011
Thanks to RHP I have met the love of my life we have had a amazing time together, we have also met some great people that we would say have become gr8 friends and best of all we now have a wedding to plan as we have just got engaged. Thank you RHP.
curiousascouple 11 January 2011
RHP you have been great, we have been on here for about 12 months and enjoyed meeting and talking to other people most of all making new friends with similar interest we were also lucky enough to win the september comp winning the M-Spa and his and her robes, so thank u very much RHP!
fun_capricorn 11 January 2011
Ive had lots of fun, and RHP is a great site...Thanks for everthing.
HotSprings 10 January 2011
We have been really impressed with the quality of the gorgeous and sexy people we have met through RHP and the parties!  Well done guys!
Juzzylb 05 January 2011
thank you RHP... without you i would have never met the goddess that i met last night :)
Fun_N_Kinky 02 January 2011
We have been on RHP for a while now and I have to say it has to be the best swingers site out there! We have met some great couples who we are now really close friends with and have had some amazing nights at the inner circle parties... The nye party tops the list though thanks RHP and inner circle for putting on one amazing new years bash we had a ball... The people were sexy the hosts were (as per usual) superb ;) and the venue was perfect... Couldn't ask for much more...if it wasn't for all the support from RHP members these sexy parties wouldn't be possible so it's good to see we get something back I think it's the main reason RHP is the number 1 site...
Thanks again guys keep up all that great work!
mellissa_1985 01 January 2011
I am having so much fun and meeting so many great people. So happy and appreciated being able to join and be who i want to be.
mitch_and_kitty 28 December 2010
We want to say a BIG thank you to RHP for helping us find each other, almost a year, just got our own place, and completely in-love <3 We couldn't be happier =)
AdventureAlways 26 December 2010
We have been members of RHP for a number of years now, and we have been fortunate to meet some very nice people and enjoy some wonderfully sexy, cummmmm filled times with singles couples and groups. We have formed a number of relationaships and regularly hold cple and group events at our place - a great time being had by all. We look forward to meeting and ejoying a lot more people from here. Have a great break all.
verified_plz 23 December 2010
Melbourne is gonna be fun with a little help from the 'Pie!! Hello VIC people ;)
coupleanew 19 December 2010
we have had some fun here in Perth as we live here... We find it nice that couples are open about there sex drive and that it has nothing to do with love.

ticklemefancy 11 December 2010
Love RHP, have met some amazing guys and some not so amazing guys. ive been here on and off for 2 years and no other site seems to satisfy my immediate needs rhp gives me the opp to speak to those who are interested immediatly i am only a guest but thoroughly enjoy my time here at this level. I think i might have met the man of my dreams time will tell.
traveller1957 11 December 2010
I have tried other sites, unsuccessfully - I was a little hesitant using this 'recommended' site, but my experience has all been pleasant, easy & genuine.  I had a few messages within a couple of hours of signing up & 2 dates arranged within days - what fun awaits !!!  Thankyou RHP
Avidity 10 December 2010
We have been members of RHP for just on a year now and have been very lucky to meet some wonderful people. Attending the Sydney Inner Circle parties has been the highlight of our social engagements. Thank you RHP, we are looking forward to another great year :-).
SailingTeam 09 December 2010
We've been with RHP for many years now, Starting in Perth where we met sooooo many great sexy people and had soooo much fun.
Now in Sydney we're meeting even more and look forward to many more fun time and hot events. Thanks RHP.
sammy09876 09 December 2010
We are new to the swingers scene and we have had some fun experiences thanks to RHP and the events that they organise ( Inner Circle & Prima Nocta).   So we just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great space for like minded people to connect through.
yoshitam 08 December 2010
We have been on this site for over almost 3 years now and have to say that RHP truly is a wonderful sexy dating site, with fantastic people and a lot of wild fun. The saying .. " A friend in need is a friend indeed but a friend with benefit is better" couldn't be any more true.
scorpios64 08 December 2010
Ever since joining RHP the fantasies have become real and we have also met some beautiful genuine couples, that are  great friends and in return they have introduced us to their friends who happen to be RHP members also. RHP events are also great and we have had some awsome experiences at the Sydney Innercircle parties. Well done RHP keep up the good work!!!!
scarlett61269 05 December 2010
I've been double lucky. Whilst I've kissed a lot of frogs along the way, I've been lucky enough to find one of the best friends I've ever had and also met the most amazing guy. The big lesson is to never judge a book by its cover and that the mind is the sexiest part of the person. Would never have thought I'd ever do anyting like this but there are no regrets, as I've met two very special men.
yellow33 01 December 2010
Im very new here... and all the guys who have contacted me have been pure gentlemen. So different from other sites!
memmy 30 November 2010
i have read alot of testimonials and i see that alot of people makes friends of this site and im happy i joined in...
taby001 30 November 2010
I love Red Hot Pie! I have been a member of the site for over 2 years now & in the time I have met some very hot, sexy & talented guys & I have also made some really great friends. I recently attended my first swingers party organised through Red Hot Pie & I had a blast! I love Red Hot Pie  because I can be myself & it opens up many oppertunities that would otherwise be closed off to me. I love the forums & I have even won the Amature Picture contest a few times ;)
rexit1 30 November 2010
Thank's RHP !!!! 1.5 hrs after signing up i was on my way 2 fantasy land with a wonderful, sexy lady whom I keep in touch with on a very regular basis, the start of a great friendship. luv the site keep up the good work, rexit1
Ginger_babe 27 November 2010
My hubby and I can not thank the RHP team enough for such a great website and fantastic service they provide. We have been members of other websites and come accross nothing but fakes and substandard service and features. RHP is the clear leader and innovater in adult dating websites.
partyorganizers 24 November 2010
Well, what can i say about this site, i dont think words can describe the amazing experiences and people i have met thanks to rhp. hope for many more :)
sexperiences 23 November 2010
We had a fantastic Saturday night at the PIC party sponsored by RedHotPie. A great chance to meet fantastic couples and singles in a relaxed and classy venue, followed by a hot afterparty! Thanks  RedHotPie for a fantastic event, definitely recommend it!
honestandfun 21 November 2010
I shouldn't really be on here because all i really want is a relationship but I have had a lot of fun and met some amazing, fascinating and sexy men. I am seeing someone right now who is blowing my mind and I must say that RHP is a trip of a site. If someone had have told me that I'd be doing this, I simply wouldn't have believed them.
Nomineee 14 November 2010
My testimonial wont read that I have found the love of my life. My testimonial is a little different, and reads that I have met an amazing friend thanks to RHP. He is my best friend and even though we are not 'lovers', we play together and have hot and naughty fun together. We play together through our singles profiles, and enjoy going to events and parties together. RHP definitely brought us together to share this wonderful period of our lives and to share all these new experiences and has given me a person that I can trust and truly be myself around.
paulandrosie 10 November 2010
We've had more success on RHP than, well, certain other adult contact sites in finding hot girls, couples and guys to join us for gangbang fun.  Everyone is honest and open, and more to the point, REAL!
SummerGuy38 08 November 2010
RHP is the greatest adult web site, I've tried a few in the past, but nothing compares to ease of use and excellent functions of RHP, I joined last week have had lots of interest, winks and mail and I set up a date finder for Friday, the lady was lovely and sexy, we were to meet at southbank, get to know each other then have some naughty fun at the night club. We went to a night club, it was a bit quit, we were enjoying a wine and comparing past stories and experiences and before we knew it we were logging on to RHP ( gotta love iPhones, lol) and looking up swingers clubs and we found Couples International, and soon we were having an awesome night, not only was I playing with my date, but another sexy lady joined in to make it an erotic 3some and a night never to forget. Thank you RHP and thankyou CI.
Alfred_Hitchcock 01 November 2010
joined RHP a few weeks ago - i had my first RHP play date within a week, a few more females lined up for future dates...looking forward to them.
moodog123 23 October 2010
Hi to all! Thanks too RHP. Just letting everybody know, what a wonderful time we have had and our memories will last forever... WELL DONE.

Lindyloo69 27 September 2010
I have met a wonderful gorgeous man ..........Thanks RHP
Hardontwo 22 September 2010
Met a couple online first day met them and may I say they have made me think that this is the best site known to man, it may have been beginners luck but the couple made us relaxed with an edge of flirtiness that kept you on your toes a couple of drinks and laughs and probably the best night of debauched fun I have ever had.
funmat 19 September 2010
All i want to say is... HOW GOOD IS THIS!!!
shootnstar37 15 September 2010
I love RHP cause i have meet the most wonderful guy i have meet in a long time.He is a great and romantic and very..Open,Honest and Very Caring and im hopeing this will go very far and the time we spent together was amazing and hopeing many more to come xx
brookeshorty 14 September 2010
We were a shy couple to begin with, but after a few meet and greet drinks with other great couples and singles, we started to feel more relaxed. We have always played with the idea of exploring sexually with other people and now we are living this fantasy.
We have been very fortunate to be invited and attended some very sexy parties, and have been told by long term RHP members that we "have taken to swinging, like ducks to water!"
All thanx to Red Hot Pie we are LOVING our new lifestyle and look forward to meeting lots of new people in the future!!
lotafunme 11 September 2010
littlemisstunzaf and lotafunme have recently started a relationship and are now a couple.
funbinumbers 09 September 2010
Where Oh Where Shall I Begin?

I have been a good Christian, dutiful wife, then understanding ex-wife and mother for most of my life. I was bred and trained to be a people pleaser.

So, once I divorced my Third hubby (lousy at choosing husbands); self imposed celibacy for over 2 years, I realised lust is not equal to love!

My gal pal told me to join RHP and shag to my heart’s content without bothering about love. Then, Andante found me! He was the first guy I played with on RHP. Out of thousands of messages and Flirts, I chose him.

As they say, when you're not looking and least expect it....LOVE bites you in the ass! Now, 2 singles has become a very happy loving swinging couple : ) Absolutely the best of both worlds and; who said you can't have your cake and eat it too!!

Lust can become love with the right person. The timing was right for both of us!
start2getmegoin 05 September 2010
RHP has been sooooo much fun & I have met sooooo many friends. Recently I had the best entire weekend ever with a man I met on RHP. If we stop seeing eachother I will rejoin RHP. RHP works THANKYOU RHP! XXXXXXX
bootycallgirl 29 August 2010
RHP is not just doing it's bit creating families and 'Happily ever afters' all over the country.. (Pat on the back for the RHP founder!)

It's also providing busy, happily single singles like myself endless joy, with hot 'no strings' encounters with kinky, likeminded people... at the click of a button!   Easy peasy japaneesy!

...my friends want to know why I've become a hermit of late haha ha..I blame you RHP, although I'm sure I'm having more fun than all of them put together hehe..

I've met lots of fantastic people on here previously, 2 or 3 weeks back in the game and um... won't kiss and tell, but yeah RHP works ;)
Justkel 20 August 2010
I had a profile on RHP for a while and had met quite a few different people through the site. I was looking for ‘no strings’ adult fun…in other words...I was just looking for sex. Kelly(M) was looking for the same.

I didn’t want to go to a pub or club and just pick up someone.

I wanted to fully control the situation I was in. It just felt safer, than taking a drunk guy home.

I sent Kelly a flirt after reading his profile; he then paid for membership to reply to my flirt in a message.

I was on other sites similar to RHP and had over 19000 hits on my profile on just one site, but I found the RHP website much easier to use, with easier access to profiles and photos.

We then chatted via email for a few weeks, then web cam, then we joke that we met through a mutual friend ‘Gloria’, as our first physical meeting was at Gloria Jeans for a cuppa to feel comfortable with each other before getting naked!
We had a very strong connection from the start. So then we went and did what we both joined RHP for…. Good, no strings attached, HOT SEX! After four days of this, we both knew there wasn’t any strings between us….but one huge rope! This caught us both off guard!  Both of us right from the start said that we could never be monogamous and therefore we still have a profile on RHP but as a couple, Justkel as we play together. We find it a lot easier to met like minded people on RHP.  After meeting a lots couples, We met a couple that introduced me to the Australian Sex Party as they thought I would make a great candidate in the upcoming election. So with out RHP that may never of happened!

Kelly asked me on Wednesday night over a romantic dinner to marry him and I said YES! Kelly and my daughter secretly bought me a big engagement ring
and he even asked my dad for my hand. There are still some old fashioned values.

darkmaiden 19 August 2010
I have met a man that is not prefect but he's perfect for me and i love him completely! I'm glad me were both on here for hook-up's because we've found our soulmate.
violet_ambrosia 17 August 2010
I have found success with a sexy young bdsm minx, you know who you are.... thank you for an amazing kinky night! mmmmmmmmm yummm :D
waynomc 15 August 2010
I have met the most gorgeous, beautiful lady through RHP... still pinching myself. I take my hat off to this site... smiles all round!!!!!!!!
lovejoy2 15 August 2010
We have just had a very sexy night of with a very sexy cpl from RHP. Thanks guys and we hope to play with you again very soon....So Good...
mel_isbad 14 August 2010
mmmm  this guy is great, yum, had so much fun
sexiarss 08 August 2010
"My smile could leave you Breathless & my Eyes  will say take me..... I want you like no other" thanks to red hot pie I met a wonderful sexy man who has done exactly that & more...taken my breath away in one meeting. Its been a long search but worth it and we are extremely happy and now happy to join as a couple on here....Truely life is meant to be fun..live it..enjoy the journey and know what you want to explore single or as a couple....we did and are living proof to all good things come to those who persist and wait...We'll recommend rhp...xx
LIQu69 29 July 2010
I have a lovley lady in my life now... thankyou for the fun times.
bellygood 29 July 2010
I have LOVED being a member but am seeing some one at the moment... Should I become single again in the future I will be signing up again pronto!
honey44 18 July 2010
I met my magical man, 'Aladdin' on this site 3yrs ago & I have found this site awesome and recommend it to anyone to find a guy who can love you forever for whom and what you  are. We will love each other for ever no matter what. I recommend RHP...
Shortfunbicouple 10 July 2010
heya everyone, like many lucky people on RHP we too have a great story. I joined RHP after being in a relationship for 15yrs, was just lookin for casual fun and I met a guy on RHP and it was the best thing ever, and we are still together going strong. I have finally met my true soul mate. We have been together for 18months so thanks RHP, we love the site and have met many lovely friends on here and are still having heaps of fun meeting new people!
justcantbehave 09 July 2010
1 year ago we met on RHP, what started out as a casual sexy fling soon developed into the most wonderful romance of our lives and now we're the most happy, in-love and committed couple on earth! thank you Red Hot Pie!
allgood69m 05 July 2010
I decided to join RHP.......so in went my profile, after a short time i chatted to a local girl and we meet up and had the time of our life.
playmates4us 04 July 2010
Thank you RHP we found each other on this site and after meeting up with a few men i knew the first time i spoke to my man that he was the one for me we have now moved in together and have been living together for a year and now we have decided to broaden our horizons as a couple and play with other like minded couples...WE would recommend RHP to anyone ..it really works
swingingcple 29 June 2010
Three years ago, I signed up for a Trial Membership and instantly I was flooded by requests to meet by lonely women.  After chatting for a while, I met a few of them and they were lovely, honest and very down to earth, but I hadn't met anyone that took my breath away.  Six months after joining, I sent a flirt to this lady whose profile was perfect. We met and clicked instantly. Twelve months later we were married.  We have been married for one and a half years now and the HONEYMOON is still not over. We have joined the swingers arena and have met some similiar minded couple. We love each other, we love RHP and we love life. We believe that this is how life was meant to be. Julie and Don:)
leatherandlaceme 28 June 2010
Met the love of my life on this REDHOTPIE site. I was only on here for a couple weeks before she flirted with me. There were a couple of ladies i had talked to at the time, but she was ( and still is) beautiful, funny, smart, and caring. So after a couple of weeks talking and messaging. We arranged to meet. I got on a plane and travelled from Western Australia to Queensland. And she met me at the airport. Wow. We talked, laughed, hugged and kissed. And that was just at the airport. I stayed for a week. It was great.Talked about our  dreams and asperations. I returned the following month and stayed for another week. We were having such a good time together, that on the third month i decided to stay in Cairns while we got to know each other.
  We were inseparable. Went everywhere together. Did everything we wanted to. And three and a half years later, we are still together. We have RHP to thank. We go to the meet and greets attend many of the parties that RHP has, and we are even involved in the beach soccer team that they sponser. We will say that if it weren't for RHP we would not have met, not be with each other right now, and probably not be as happy as we are and have been for over three years. If you dont believe, come to any of the REDHOTPIE parties. We are *Leatherandlaceme*. Come say hi.    
sexyozzies 09 June 2010
Thanks so much Redhotpie, we have been on this site for the past 8 years since we were based overseas to now back in Australia. While overseas, RHP kept us connected with sexy couples when we visited Australia, we even got the chance to host RHP couples visiting Dubai while on holidays. We can't say enough about now much fun we have had attending great parties, meeting stunning people and making so many long term friends ! So once again thankyou and keep up the good work RHP team from Paul and Tania :-)
Horn_Baggers_778 08 June 2010
I haven't been on this site for that long, but I have met some really great people thru this site, alot I have become great mates with. I am amzed at the high responses I get daily, it is very flattering! There has been one guy, who I met before xmas, and the only guy I have been with sexually, he has really caught my eye, blown me away and has made me realise not all guys are the same.  He is an absolute sweetheart, very affectionate.  We were together for a while and had a break and some how fait brought us back together, and we are having a ball - really enjoying ourselves. full filling some of our fantasies and hopefully it will continue you long term.... As he would make the perfect partner in a relationship. Guess time will tell, either way we shall always have a close friendship. xxxxx's
bigbird69 07 June 2010
I'd like to thank RHP for the opportunity to meeting all the guys and girls in the past 5 months. But i have the best news, for me anyway. I have met the man of my dreams, he is an angel sent to me; we are inloved and are now looking forward to our future together. It's the last thing i ever exspected, and he as well. There is hope for all to find love like we have, and all the players out there, watch out as it may happen to you. Good luck everyone - xxxxxBig Bird.
SugarsGotSpice 06 June 2010
I was seeing a man in melb for a short time who wanted me to be involved in swinging with him.
Hence i started using this site. After giving him the flick for not being a nice person, I decided to make a single profile to meet people. The first man i met after chatting for a few weeks is the man i have been seeing now for12 wonderful months. First just for fun but eventually I fell in love with this cute, sexy and gorgeous man and he loves me too. We are very happy. I never thought a site like RHP could bring me such a special man but it did and for that i thank u RHP. We now meet other lovely couples together xx
moonlightmile 06 June 2010
Hit the jackpot on this site and found the man of my dreams.
ToowoombaTwo 27 May 2010
Mr TT2 and I met through RHP as singles... 18 months later we're living extremely happily together, relocated to Qld and loving our life together, and making lots of plans for our future together. Thanks!
Deelitefool 17 May 2010
I would like to thank you for assisting me in finding the man of my dreams. We met through your site and we have fallen madly in love. Wow without Redhotpie Id stil be a 30 something year old cat loving spinster...
customer69 30 April 2010
Movie tickets, nabbed by my sons as soon as the mail was opened. Thanks anyway!
deliciousmeow 24 April 2010
we met on red hot pie, and met up for a sexy hook up, and fell in love, now we live together, moved interstate, and love spending our lives together. The last 9 months together have been the best of our lives. Thanks RHP!!!
PynkBytes 20 April 2010
I have met some fantastic people & have had much more fun than I first anticipated...
skyline_cpl 19 April 2010
Thankyou Red Hot Pie! Me and my bf met on your sight 2yrs ago and have been inseparable ever since. we decided to stay on Rhp and do the swingers thing. we have met some great couples and single guys. all thanks to u. Thankyou RHP! xoxo
letsgetstuck 13 April 2010
Thank you to all  the people who have made me feel comfortable in such a short time. A lot of the girls are really nice looking and are well mannered and couples seem easy going.
hottongue4u 26 March 2010
Have meet some really lovely and wonderfully sexy ladies thru RHP who I continue to meet with. Would LOVE to make more new friends though.....so cum on ladies message me!!! Lol
40DeeD 24 March 2010
I just love RHP! Not so much time-wasting going on and everyone knows where they stand from the start. I've met some lovely guys on here, had lots of fun and still looking forward to much more of it!
TinknWink 23 March 2010
Hi eveyrone, since joining up to rhp 4 years ago... I met the man of my dreams nearly 2 years ago, we now live together and enjoy searching for couples and women to share fun times with. Thank you rhp for helping me find the man of my dreams xx
scorpionstings 17 March 2010
I love you RHP for getting me togehter with my sexy hot man (of almost 6 months)! He's the absolute BOMB!!!! He's handsome, cute,  got stamina (!...:) he's a good fisherman and he can be a little bit romantic too! And he has the best physique I've ever seen (sshhhh...don't tell everyone 'cause they'll all want him!)  
And loves me too! (God he's sexy!!! Did I already say that!?) together, we've had the best sex life ever!!
Thank-you...Thank-you...Thank-you!!!! x
10inCock 16 March 2010
Hi all, thx to RHP, i joined up nearly 2 weeks ago and the 1st nite met up with a local girl, well we have spent many nites since 2gether and just seeing how things go, who knows we could be the soulmates we are looking for, cheers RHP....10inCock.
sxtc_driller 13 March 2010
we  just celerbrated our 1st yr together thanx to RHP where we meet hehe. we think its grt  we not only to have we met each other and fell in love but  also meeting other cuples exploring ther fantasys. its  awrsome !!! Thanx RHP!!
kelly_61 12 March 2010
thank god for RHP the only site where you can meet the person of your dreams oh and have a whole lot of fun too. Carry on with the sterling work you guys do , true players here and not a site for scammers like all the others
BundyBear5 09 March 2010
Thanks RHP,
I met my partner (Dougie-U) through RHP 3 yrs ago. Had been chatting for a few mths then to my disappointment he vanished due to family problems. A few mths he came back, yay for me!!! Picked up where we left off & then decided to actually meet & hit it off just as if we'd known each other for years. We have moved into a brand new home 12 mths ago & plan to marry July 11. Everything is just sooooo perfect!! Thank you RHP
twinkles1973 08 March 2010
I think it is great that so many people have met and found their partners / soul mates on this site... I'm just still waiting to find mine :) xoxo
lil_me 05 March 2010
Thnks RHP, after a while I had given up on finding 'the one' but I did on this site!!
So thank you from us both, lil_me and wacountry!!!
pyro1969 04 March 2010
Well what can I say..I have met some of the most incredible sexy and interesting like minded people and had an outlet for my personal sexploration... thank you for creating a safe and fun way to meet people, no strings attached.
experimentos 04 March 2010
We are Canadians that used your site while we were in Australia.
We were really astonished by your site, as we have nothing similar to this back home.
We would like to suggest that you branch out internationally, and hopefully find your way to Canada! You'll have some workers here waiting if needed :)
Steve86 09 February 2010
met my gorgez soulmate on your site weve been together for 2 years were engaged and were having our first son... thank you for bringing us together were so happy
MissMinxy1 19 January 2010
I met the love on my life on RHP eight months ago. We've since moved in together and things couldn't be better.
Thank you Red Hot Pie.
slaz502 08 December 2009
Thank you for the experience, it has been fulfilling!!!
maybeonetimeonly 08 December 2009
We havnt been on R H P for very long but already
we have met a great couple and are hooking up this weekend.
it is a great site to jump on when your horny and excited and its so easy to find like minded people to chat and play on here
thanking R H P.
beachgirl69 18 October 2009
ive been on rhp for 3 years now as a singlle and as a couple prpfile. i have had some of the best times of my life, i have had some really sexy horny times with some really nice people thanks. rhp
LostInnocence 18 October 2009
Thanks to RHP I found my soul mate (6 months ago) and  I am now engaged and looking forward to what the future holds.
bettyboop03 04 September 2009
thanks to RHP i found and met my husband on this site  just over 12 months ago and its been great ... we have so much in common but also being individuals as well. marriage has and still great.... finally found the man of dreams...

thanks RHP
Dellaroo 12 August 2009
Im having a ball on this site and might have met someone....will just have to wait and see how it goes ....
bickham12 20 July 2009
thanks  have found a girlfriend thank again
AmIHomeYet 30 June 2009
Thanks guys, I found a girlfriend through your site, and we are very happy!!
HappyFuckers24 24 June 2009
Thank you RHP !!! I found 8 months ago, believe it or not but my soul mate. Claire is amazing and we still look for the right play mates on RHP (hoping for some TV/TS's to meet up with). Anyway we are to be married in Vegas by Elvis in September and if not for RHP I'd never have been this happy, CHEERS guys owe you a few beers, loves you all
Phill and Claire xx
Tanda1 23 June 2009
We have met 6 lovely ladies and 3 great couples through your site. There are other sites as we all know BUT RHP seems to attract a better class of poeple who understand the needs of others.
Keep the site going and best of luck with securing classy people who love to party & play
T and A
Doobydoo 22 June 2009
Nice work RHP. Good times all round, have met lots of sexiNcool cpls & singles who are now great friends.
gabby_pet 20 June 2009
i just wanna say that this website isn't just great for the fun times it can help you have. i met my husband on this website back in 2007, now we are married and expecting our first child together and enjoying the fun we have together all the time. THANK YOU REDHOTPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
justforfun73 19 June 2009
I have met some nice ppl, 3 cppls and 1 girl and 150 web cam girls. Thanks RHP you're the best!
HotazIce 15 June 2009
Just wana say I have met some lovely ppl off this site :-)
SILKYAS 15 June 2009
like 2 say what a gr8 site here, always fun with heaps off interesting people to chat with , let alone the use of the cams, excellent , keep it up rhp , cheers for all !!!!!
Eiboon 10 June 2009
At first I was a little unsure about this site, but, I hung in there and it payed off :). Now have meet some really wonderful people, :), and have had some realy wonderful intemate encounters. For a long time I had desired to fullfill some sexual desires that had not been in the past, well, since becoming part of this great site I have had a few of my "cherries" popped. Thank you RHP and a big thank you to Couples International.   Cheers. :)
Inqwizitiv 10 June 2009
A girlfriend told me to give this site a try as she has had some great experiences.
roosterfun 05 June 2009
Hi my bf and i have been on RHP for not too long we have meet a couple of couples and are enjoying ourselves, we didnt meet on here but, the ppl we meet we have became good friends with
Thank you RHP
abslil 04 June 2009
We have met some fantastic couples and single women on this site.  We have had some short term and now some long term playmates.  RHP opens to doors to open minded people like my wife and myself.  
18_19couple 02 June 2009
Thank you red hot pie my partner and i meet on the site and have been together for ova 6mths now (WE KNOW IT DONT SEEM LONG BUT) we went on two dates ova 2 days lol and pretty much clicked from there.  We moved in with each other only after 4 weeks lol. Also we r swinging on the site still  but we r very happy with each other and just out for a good time with other couples
Steve86 31 May 2009
thanks redhotpie i met my gorgez soulmate on your site weve been together for 2 years were engaged and were having our fist son in september thank you for bringing us together were so happy
pinkbits_27 25 May 2009
met my great man on here midnightrun_81 very happy and expecting our first child together... xxxx
EasyTiger86 21 May 2009
Hi, I won the Taskmaster Competition. It was great, I went down to Sydney and saw my favourite band and had a ball!
jewelBBW 24 April 2009
Im now in a great relationship with a fantastic guy...thanks RHP
blueeyedhoneys 26 March 2009
we have met  some awsome people on this site,and had lots off fun with couples etc
good on ya RHP
softkiss69 23 March 2009
I love attending events sponsored by Redhotpie,they are always a fun contribution to a party.Id like to thank them for a wonderful prize,and adding an extra perspective to the Prima Nocta party.x.M
samncraig 19 March 2009
My FIANCE and I met on RHP a few years ago. When we met I think we spent the next three weeks together every night on dates and after about 8 weeks I moved in with him, we just clicked!
We are now planning our wedding for 02nd May this year and have our first baby due on 03rd August. We just wanted to say a massive THANKYOU! to RHP. Criag and I could not be happier, engaged, married, we own a home toghether and are now expecting a beautiful little girl! Life just doesn't get any better.
hunnipot69 08 March 2009
Hi everyone... i met my partner here a a couple years ago and moved half way across the country to be with him.  we love each other deeply and are currently planning our wedding.  We still use the sight to meet people and have made some wonderful friends here.

Thanks rhp for a great site.
funtime40 08 March 2009
Hi all what a great site full of fun people.We have meet some hot and fun cpls that we still see.what more could a cpl want!!!!!!
At_The_Drive_in 26 February 2009
Hey all. I met my Boyfriend on RHP. we are a match made in heaven.
emslicence 23 February 2009
update on mr & mrs em nic we have now joined as emslicence still enjoying chatting to all our friends you know who you are.
and absolutley in love and happy thank you red hot pie
Mrs_Em 21 February 2009
I had been a member of rhp of a long time and I stopped looking for the right guy till one day licencetothrill caught my eye. A few months down the track I moved to cairns to be with him and we are both very happy. We both still enjoy the site as mr and mrs em. Thank you RHP.
gemandpat 12 February 2009
We joined up about a month ago.  We met up with a very nice couple for dinner.  We all hit it off so decided to have a weekend together.  It was all nervous chatter for all of 'first timers'.  Had a few drinks, played a naughty game or two and guess what?
Thankyou RHP for making this possible.
Gem and Pat
back_for_fun2234 10 February 2009
we met on rhp a year ago and been together since it was love at first sight. we are planning on moving in together and wanna spend the rest of our lives together
pmbandit74 07 February 2009
well i have meet a lovely lady off rhp
Irish_Rebel 10 January 2009
I have been on this site on and off for a few years and its been nothing but fun and exciting!! I have met some great people and had some brilliant experiences. The social side of the site where you get to meet real people is one of the best things about the Pie. I have also been lucky to have won some prizes which pretty much covered the membership. I will be moving on from Australia and to distant shores but I will take very fond memories of the Pie with me.... xxooo Rebs
kath_bill 17 December 2008
I've been kathbaby67(a single woman) on rhp for 3 and a half years,I met alot of men for dates but I wanted more.Then finally last August '08 I met bill1959,he has been like a dream come true for me.He is such a sweet man with a kind heart,and also such a hot lover with a hot bod;-) :-P We are so alike and love each others company.He brings me a cuppa in bed most mornings.It must be love I really hope so,I adore him to bits..Thanx rhp,I'm still floating on cloud 9..I don't ever want to get off xKathx
sexysunnycouple 09 December 2008
Thankyou Redhotpie, we have been on for a couple years now and have had a blast, great parties and stunning people. As a couple the fun we have had has helped our relationship and build a better empire of great people! So once again thankyou and keep up the good work...Cheers...Robert N Kelley
youngfrisky 08 December 2008
Hey Red Hot Pie, we would love to thank you for building such a website, we have been very lucky to meet so many lovely  couples from all over australia. hahaha we are hooked for life... keep up the good work...xx youngfrisky
hellokitty2008 11 November 2008
good site guys!
riversx69 07 November 2008
Have hooked up with a great girl.  We met on rhp and now we’re looking for another girl or couple to join our fun.  We’re having a great time ...
FireAngel59 20 October 2008
Thank you RHP I have met the most wonderful man on your site and we  couldn't be happier, you have changed both our lives and you will never know the depth of our gratitude.
rocket691 07 October 2008
There are soooo many hot women in SA love to have all of them.
v8bogangal 25 September 2008
I met a couple on another site who told me of this site and have never gone back...thanks grav and lee since then I have had lots of fun in the chat rooms and have met a wild couple which have been satisfying my desires mmmm  xxxxx gr8 stuff RHP
GRAVNLEELEE65 21 September 2008
another RHP engagement ....Just like us
shanlei 21 September 2008
I would like to formally announce that DTE 1973 & myself our now officially engaged. We would like to thank all our friends on rhp
Fitman88 19 September 2008
I have met many nice people and have made a few good friendships
needsomelov 16 September 2008
for the past 4 months ive been cing sacredone we have had a sexual relationship and i fell in love with her too me she was the most amazing woman that ive ever known the joy from finding her holding her and making love too her has been the greatest moments of my life she is just that amazing she truely made me believe in love and the joy that it brings from finding a woman that showed me that love is truely worth looking for and that it still exist in this sometimes mean cruel world love ya sacredone and ya know i do mwahs xx
katiegirl007 06 September 2008
New to RHP and discovered a great couple that i can be me and explore my Bi side with. After just a few chats I had a chance to meet with them and now looking forward to many more adventures. Great site for creating opportunities to contect with like minded people.

spartikas16 29 August 2008
hey spartikas16 here writing in to thank RHP for there great website that’s help associate me with the style of life I desire at the moment since being on red hot pie I’ve have met plenty of sexy and interesting couples and women and would also like to take the time to thank also couples International for there warm and friendly club members and atmosphere both Bryan and Leesa have created within their club at Woolloongabba in Brisbane i sincerely recommend that everyone be a part of their festivities and guarantee a brilliant night out that wont leave you disappointed once again thanks to both RHP and Couplesint
UnoUwant2 17 August 2008
Hey everyone, im unouwant2 and i met my partner niceqld_guy of two and a half years on here..we hit it off straight away we moved back to his home town from brisbane and we have brought a place of our own and we are now talking about marriage:-).....thanks Red hot pie.....you have made me the happiest i have ever been and most definatly ever be :-) LOVE YAS :-)
EuroAsian_Luverz 13 August 2008
There are a number of swinging/dating sites in Oz but without doubt Redhotpie is the best. This website has so much to offer in so many ways to so many people. The opprtunities here for people to meet likeminded friends/lovers are incredible. It caters for people who like participate in forums. The Hot/Redhot pics are a great way for people who have some pics to share to show them & also people who enjoy looking to appreciate their efforts. Hot chat is there for those who like chatting. Video intros for people who want to show a glimpse of their peronalities. Date finder for people who are looking for a date. Competitions, readers stories,  etc. Overall, Redhotpie has to be the best adult website in Australia, maybe the world, for adults who are looking in one way or another to spice up their lives. We give Redhotpie a Gold medal, & say thanks for being the best at what you do!  
thckhrdcok 12 August 2008
sooooo many hot ladies on rhp,xxxx
shanlei_dte1973 06 August 2008
Well been on this site for about a year now, not only did i find the man of my dreams, but i also made many many good friends, and i love yous all, oh and maybe a few enemies along the way too, but hey cant have it all. THANKYOU RHP for helping me find everything i was looking for
bareitall 29 July 2008
Hi to the team of RHP, just dropping a line to say my friend thought it was time i came out of my shell, and starting to meet some nice real people, thanks for opertunity to find new faces
missfpv_01 28 July 2008
Hello RHP has worked for me I met the man of my dreams on here and then we lost contct hopefully he might show up so we can be together forever
4somelover 25 July 2008
hey its so much fun letting others find,join and fuck my lil nymph lady and always looking for new guys to fuck her with me and i just luv filming her enjoying it!!!  Cum On GUYS!!  FILL HER UP!!
mscurious68 15 June 2008
I thought I knew alot when I joined the site...but alas,  I was nieve...I have been re-educated and met some great people on here........thanks guys..top job...top site
tigers_den 15 June 2008
Baby tiger and I met when we had separate profiles on RHP. We were both looking for new and interesting sexual experiences but lo and behold found true love. When we met in the WA chat room we were stunned to discover how much we had in common, everything from moral values to taste in movies to sexual compatibility. He moved all the way across the country and now we are engaged. I don't think there is anywhere else in the world or in the online community where we would have found each other, RHP was the place, so I guess we owe you guys a debt of gratitude :) -Atalanta-
jjayz 14 June 2008
Thanks RHP found my perfect match and am now in love and happily engaged. Just cant imagine life without each other now. Looking forward to the happy times ahead. Thankyou once again !!!!!!
Splinter_s 03 June 2008
just joined and its been a blast, thank you rhp and all those lovely ladies
NSG78 09 May 2008
I have met the man of my dreams through your wonderful site... We are getting engaged and are very happy! Thank your team!!
fullnoise999 09 May 2008
I am happy to announce I've met someone...
longlegs40 09 May 2008
I now have met the man of my dreams, thank you!
kelirehenna 30 April 2008
Thanks RHP, I found a wonderful man - sweet, sexy and just a little bit naughty *wink*. We are having a ball being together, just moved in together! and you never know what's coming up on the horizon, look out for a new couple profile soon...
Becsy89 21 April 2008
Thank You so much Red Hot Pie, I have found the man i want to be with, we are getting married in March next year, I hope other people have as much lick as me.
lavieenrose 08 April 2008
I've found the man of my dreams...I've had a ball and thanks for the opportunity!!
kharlie_here83 08 April 2008
Thank you so much, without ur site i may have never meet someone like the man i am witw now, once again thanks
t7122 08 April 2008
thanx to you guys i found my mate through this site! Thankyou
warts 30 March 2008
I met a great girl on here and we had heaps of hot steamy sex with each other and numerous 3sums with other cuties and now are planning on getting married...love ya villianess!
jock290 19 March 2008
have been on here a while met some great people.now we have met a truly great lady thanks to RHP hope more people find what they r looking for here like we did
ssandy1 16 March 2008
hey guys, WOW what a site, i have joined very recently yet i have met so many genuine, happy,open people and even hough i was only looking for fun times I met the man of my dreams!!!!!!!!!! A big thank you to the team who have created such a wonderful,fun site that others have failed to do. Other sites have only succeeded in providing fake people and perverts . This site is nothing like the others . Keep up the great work!!!
adamsworld 11 March 2008
Im having the time of my life on RHP. So many dates and relations that i dont think i'll be giving it up anytime soon...
canover 10 March 2008
Great just great, logged onto RHP and went through the women seeking men pages, 780 ladies online thats 78 pages of 10 ladies per page...
hogryder 07 March 2008
Have met a few good contacts through this site, and had a ball with them...
sexypaul5 02 March 2008
i just joined and its been a blast, thank you rhp and all those lovely ladies
LEELEE65 21 February 2008
Well, i have to say joining RHP was the best decision i made after ending a long relationship and turning 40. I had never chatted on the internet before but quickly made a great circle of friends m/f. I met my fiance ..most ppl know him as Grav on RHP. He moved over from NZ after making many friends over the internet before coming here. We are soon to be married and last year i was so proud to give him his first child.. a beautiful girl. We have met many ppl that have partnered up from RHP and have a wonderful circle of friends and are always interested in meeting more. I think the meets are so much fun and there should be more, including family days for single/cpls with kids who find it hard to get to the meets. What can i say.. if your destined to meet it will probably be on here. Just enjoy!
lavieenrose 14 February 2008
Hi there. Great news! I've found the man of my dreams. I've had a ball and thanks for the opportunity!!
DITA_VON_TITA 21 January 2008
I joined RHP in about April of 2007 and had a lot of mostly good dates, meeting attractive, friendly and fun guys of various ages. Through Date Finder in Sept 2007 I randomly met a fantastic, romantic and gorgeous guy who is now the love of my life. I just wanted to thank RHP for getting me here. Online dating rocks!
b_n_s 10 January 2008
I have met a women i have been looking for all my life, she has so many wonderfull qualities, she is the lady of my dreams. We have been together about 7 months and i want to spend the rest of my life with her.
Thankyou RHP
Taistus 08 January 2008
We have met some really hot cpls but we have our favs! They are the best friends in and out of bed and cant wait to catch up again and again lol
        thanks RHP
lovin_2 02 January 2008
Thanks to the guys at RHP. We met on here a couple of years ago and are now happily married!

RHP really helped in finding the ideal partner for each other as we had a no "bullshit" approach. We were able to offer each other an insight into each others life and personalities by laying everything out upfront and honestly.

Well done RHP for the fantastic sight. We would also like to say to those still trying - Don't give up as there are so many people on here and there is always someone right for you!

Now, we just need to find that someone extra...... ;)
sexy_vixen81 30 December 2007
I just wanted to let everyone know that sometimes its good to let go and ride life's roller coaster, taking things as they come to you. I met up with a very lovely guy from this site, for what we both agreed would just be some casual fun.......We just had our six month anniversary last week and everyday just gets better and better. Thanks to all the lovely people i made friends with on this site and i hope you all find that excitement or happiness you are looking for.
antoroduo 26 December 2007
Through this site I have met many fun, genuine people and 18 months ago met and found something that blows us both away. We are together and will be forever. Still have good mates in rhp and catch up in here at times for laughs.
Spose the trick is sifting reaaally well.
Never know, be fussy. can happen xxxxxxx
We are soooo in love, would never have believed could have come from this site but living proof.
roberts51 20 December 2007
i honestly became a member of rhp to hopefully meet other people 2 chat,laugh n share common grounds in life!
i have met an amazing,caring and genuine man,whom shares so much in common with me its dreamatical!thanxs rhp as we have fallen deeply in love n the future can only b even more pleasant as we share it together.xoxo
couplesint 15 December 2007
We are the owners of Couples International. Dont know where to start, but we will try. We have been on RHP for years and then started up the webcam at our club. Since we started beaming live from our club we have noticed that people chat on line, meet at our venue ( singles and couples ) and then start up fun times. There has been an awful lot of singles that are now couples because of this great way to chat and meet. Many singles are now living with the singles they met right here in the chat room and then at our venue. And many couples simply chat to eachother and then meet at our venue and have heaps of fun together. Thanks heaps to RHP for the fantastic webcam meeting rooms and keep up the good work. How cool it is that you can chat and view the person you are chatting to prior to meeting and then have a place to meet them in a safe enviroment. Redhotpie you guys rock and we thank you for giving us all a place to chat and meet before we meet in person. Bryan and Leesa Couples International. Woolloongabba
Gods_Dirty_Angel 12 December 2007
Thanks for the fun. its an awesome site!
Bello_Bachelor 11 December 2007
Dear RHP, i now have a beautiful girlfriend in my life!
auxr8grl 11 December 2007
hi... i would like to thank you for a wonderful experiance...
testinitout 05 December 2007
rhp introduced me to a wonderful sexy man, everything i asked for in my profile. i simply wouldnt have met him otherwise.
twj80 27 November 2007
Hi, i have mt a wonderful girl, i've had fun on rhp... many thanks
naughtydark 24 November 2007
We were looking for a discrete, attractive and intellignet man to join us for a threesome.  We found what we wanted

Won't go into the detail (unless you like sex stories - lol) but we have met him on a couple of occassions now and had a lot of fun.  

We have had some difficulties getting together because of busy timetables, probably need more options and RHP is the place to find them!

Thansk for a great site.
brianna_ 14 November 2007
I have also found 'the man of my dreams' rhp....I want to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful soul, he makes me feel alive.. yes this site does work btw.  Lots of fun and all that stuff too!  great work!?? =S
wings79 13 November 2007
thanks for all the fun times and i met my partner here who i look to spend the rest of my life with so for that i love you guys!!!!
funwtdcpl 07 November 2007
The site has been gr8... thanks RHP.
AussiKiwi 05 November 2007
I have just  married  my beautiful wife who I met through your site... we are very happy with each other.
Thank you for your site as it does work.

fazalbury 05 November 2007
i have recently got married to a wonderful  man from your site we are  truly happy ,thankyou for   your site  as it really does work.
secretgirl65 02 November 2007
GHOST_RIDERS 26 October 2007
I am pleased to announce that I have met a gorgeous girl on RHP!
pole_dancer 26 October 2007
hi... i have found someone... i thank you very much for a wonderful site , i have had a fantastic time on here.
peterpan2344 23 October 2007
I joined rhp in the hope of finding a casual relationship, however I have found a Lady who I am going to marry!
wantitnow12 16 October 2007
Great site... had lots of fun!
deLeys 16 October 2007
Hello and thank you for a pleasurable experience using RHP!
luvs_adventure 05 October 2007
I have found the guy i am after!
TheSuit 05 October 2007
Ive been on RHP 4 a little while now...  it really is a great forum!   the parties and socials are sensational, and all the staff from RHP are friendly and helpful.... Funny Even lol    
I must admit, ive been lucky enough as a guy here to have had a couple of fun meets which is brill.....
holly_girl_69 03 October 2007
With the help of your site ive found the love of my life... many thanks from us both.
andie_38 27 September 2007
Just a quick note... have had great fun and thankyou.
kiwistyle 21 September 2007
I have found the love of my life. Thanks
Gauky76 14 September 2007
Hey everyone...

Have just joined RHP and am having a blast. Have met some wonderful people who I know I'll be keeping in touch with.

Thanks guys
Passion8Gurl4U 12 September 2007
Well RHP worked for me......met the most gorgeous man with such a beautiful soul. Have fallen in love & are exploring the world together! Made heaps of gr8 friends along the way also! Thumbs up on RHP for me without doubt!
Good Luck on your RHP Journey!!!
hornyguy1977 12 September 2007
I have found that special someone in my life, once again thank-you red hot pie.
naturalgal 12 September 2007
Lucky for me i have met someone. Thanks i have had heaps of fun on here and made some good friends.
dannycasablanca 02 September 2007
I won the comp, and was glad to win, got a call from RHP to say, i was in. Rocked up at the night, met max and his crew, they welcomed me in, and we had a few.
But it was the girls we came to see, and they blew us away, hot bods,tits and ass, man, what can i say.
They were all great, but our girl suzie Q was the best on the night, her strength on the pole, was quite a sight, she dazzled us all with her beauty, style and grace, sadly the other girls were out of the race, she was crowned miss nude 2008.
so i say thankyou to max for hosting the night, it was cool to meet you, and the venue was right, to the other 2 guys who failed to go, you dickheads, you missed a really great show.
thanks redhotpie for making my year, and when next in adelaide, its my shout , ya hear !

Hot_Silk 30 August 2007
Thank you for your site, I have now found a man that i love dearly.
heatseeker181 10 August 2007
hey guys i would not change from platinum.....having lots of fun messaging,also gives the gals a chance to get in touch.
landspeed 26 July 2007
just been on here a little while but it looks pretty fun though so far!
sirbeefy 18 July 2007
I recently got in contact with someone who is a wonderful person.  She is very popular in the chatroom with both guys and gals.
Irish_Rebel 14 July 2007
I like many other came to RHP for a quick perv and a few laughs and maybe the occasionaly romp with a sexy girl. Thing was that something I didnt expect happened. I am friends both male and female and some devoloped into amazing friendships. Reciently we lost one of those amazing friends and it made me really think of what RHP actually meant in my life. Thank you for allowing like minded people to gather together without ridicule and judgement. Thanks for all the fun , laughter and amazing sex ;-) Keep up all the good work!! were all rooting for ya ;-) xxoo irish
bollywoodguy 10 July 2007
It's great, exactly what I wanted, had a good response. Thumbs Up!!
pussyaholics 10 July 2007
has worked great, met loads of couples, have regualr meets with other couples met at parties from here.
beeb2 05 July 2007
has been good still looking for nice girl couple, really enjoying the meeting up parties
CSG_and_Vixen 05 July 2007
My partner and I met on RHP a few months ago. We were both on here looking for a relationship but thought would try other things out first. Me being in Ballarat and he being in Melbourne wasnt a problem. We met in Melbourne with his friends for drinks and we found out we were both after a relationship. We are now living together with our cat and dog and also have gotten a dog toghether!!! (pets are so much better then kids!!)Also I made up another profile to help me boost my self esteem about my body. Which did wonders!
Pleaseteachme 03 July 2007
Easier to use than other sites.  I have found it good so far to meet men and couples! YAY!!
TheSuit 29 June 2007
Hi all! Multi here, i just attended my first RHP Social event.... and i have to say-- it was a blast!! Sandy, Michelle and Justin made us all feel very welcome, so big thanx guys!!

Now i would imagine there are few people that wouldn't have any idea what i am talking about... so.... I entered the "Cashback" movie comp. Never thought i’d get a ticket, but i did and for that i am grateful because it allowed me to have some insight into what RHP is all about.

I joined like most fellas thinkin maybe i’ll get lucky... but it sure takes just a lil more than a sleazy handle and some cheap one-liners !! lol You just have to bring class.... coz, no class = no ass and certainly no fun or interesting conversation. I felt a little bit embarrassed when announcing my handle to everyone, but it sure gave me perspective-- there’s a whole lot more to be enjoyed here than just an opportunity to get lucky!!

Once again, thank you Sandy, thank you Michelle and thank you too Justin u krayze mo-fo ;) I promised Sandy i’d read her ’slice’ my opinion is that its pure Flava , a delectible diet of delicious detail on all that is pie.

Cheers and all the best :P

Karl aka _multipleman_ (& yeh i’ll be changin it!!)
hellkittykat 27 June 2007
Hi there, thanx 2 ur sevice i am now seeing someone and we’re going to c how it goes.
Deezo 23 June 2007
I can’t remember how long I have been a member of RHP, but I just recently met a sexy couple where the wife was keen to get her first taste of the "darkside".  I am an American Black man and was totally impressed by this sexy lady and her equally sexy husband who had no issues with her fantasy.  He actually made the initial contact and told that his wife was taken by my profile pic.  We made plans to meet but were hindered by the recent rough weather.  We finally made it work last week on Tuesday June 19th, eventhough the weather was a bit hairy.  I arrived safely and enjoyed a glass of "red" while we broke the ice.  We decided to start our fun in the spa bath where it got really hot & heavy with the husband and myself satisfying the wife in the spa and near the spa.  After she had a few orgasms, we gave her break while we chatted in the sauna.  Soon, she suggested that we return to their apartment for some more fun, as she was now ready for me to cum, because i held back to make sure she was satisfied first.  Back in the apt., we watched the wife play with her favorite toy, the dolphin.  She came once and started on a second, when i placed myself underneath her and licked her while she continued with the dolphin. The orgasm was exciting and the juices were sweeeet!!!  Then, hubby and I gave her a good workout before we simultaneously sprayed our love juices all over her as she had asked for.  It was an unplanned team effort that worked to perfection.  We’re all looking forward to the next session and hoping some hot chick or two (or hot couple) will join us.

Spanked 20 June 2007
RHP is certainly a successful marriage broker! I met my partner on this site for what was meant to be a purely ’casual’ date almost three years ago, and we got engaged less than a year later. We have experimented with the adult ’lifestyle’ throughout our relationship and although it has been very challenging at times, it has also helped to cement our relationship by forcing us to face exactly those issues that many ’normal’ couples ignore: jealousy, sexual appetite for others, self-esteem etc. Not to mention that we had some incredibly horny, fun times and met some brilliant people! Nice one RHP. Now we’re back in the UK - all I can say is watch out England...
barbiegal 19 June 2007
OMG I love Redhotpie......being an Exhibitionist, I just about almost live in the chatroom.....(I did say almost)..... we do get out and Meet People, which is what this is all about, and have met some of the nicest and sexiest people off this site. No where near as many time wasters as we have found on other sites.

Since couplesint has been running the Competition for Single guys to win free entry I have decided that bris really does have some hot, sexy, intellegent guys after all. Thanks guys for entering and we hope to see many more of you enter in the future ( read couplesint profile or post to find out how to enter, or mine).

Thanks heaps to RHP for allowing this comp to happen.....the ladies of brisbane THANK YOU......I THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

Keep up the good work xx
tripod8barbie 19 June 2007
We have been on other sites for years and found that RedHotPie has been the best so far. We have met some of the nicest people off this site and like others we organize to meet at Couples International as it is a great place to meet and if we get on play also. I would like to say its awesome that you run such a good site and I recommend it to others all the time. Its fantastic having the webchat as you can see others doing their thing and being the exhibitionist that I am, I get what I want out of having cam on as well. Only wish more did have cam or at least pic’s for all us perves to look at lol. Thx heaps and keep up the good work RHP xx
ladyj 19 June 2007
Hi all,
A huge thankyou to redhotpie, i have been on this site for a short time and have had a fantastic time.
I am a single lady and have trouble meeting single guys and couples as i am really shy.
I have found on this site that the people are real. There has not been many times at all that i have encountered a fake profile. You see, i have met many people from here at Couples International as they all seem to go there. I chat to them on here and then meet them there. It is fantastic. I have had a ball and I want to thank Redhotpie for showing me that there are real people here on the net and that you can meet people in a really safe enviroment from this site.
Keep up the good work Redhotpie....I will be on here for a long time yet, the party has only just begun.......
Thanks. Ladyj
couplesint 19 June 2007
Hi all,
A huge thankyou to redhotpie, i have been on this site for a short time and have had a fantastic time.
I am a single lady and have trouble meeting single guys and couples as i am really shy.
I have found on this site that the people are real. There has not been many times at all that i have encounted a fake profile. You see, i have meet many people from here at Couples International as they all seem to go there. I chat to them on here and then meet them there. It is fantastic. I have had a ball and I want to thank Redhotpie for showing me that there are real people here on the net and that you can meet people in a really safe enviroment from this site.
Keep up the good work Redhot pie....I will be on here for a long time yet, the party has only just begun.......
Thanks. Ladyj
Astrawalker 13 June 2007
I have met some great people on RHP and I hope  you are all having as much fun as me... cheers astralwalker
Smellypete 13 June 2007
Good entertainment value.  Nice to meet people who have similar interests in the fun scene.
Simbad83 12 June 2007
I have found the girl I want. Thanks a bundle.
Dingo29 11 June 2007
RHP is the greatest, love the parties, love the meeting, love the RHP girls!!
Funncouples 08 June 2007
RHP is a great site - the parties are a great opportunity for meeting people.
Zippyapple 07 June 2007
Great, fantastic, love the people! mwahss
419erbitch 06 June 2007
Met a gorgeous man from RHP and wonderful friends!
dartford 05 June 2007
Hi all. I’ve only been actively using this site for a couple of month’s, and already my life has taken several very sexy twist. The best one so far has been winning a membership to Leesa and Bryan’s CI (see post below). I had a taste of the scene a while ago, and now RHP has given me a golden entry to a wonderful establishment run by wonderful people.

Thanks RHP and thanks CI...
MrX 05 June 2007
In the great name of Ferris Bueller’s day off. ’Oooo yeah, chica chickah!’
HelplessGuy 01 June 2007
Met a good friend off the site - don’t know where it’s going but it’s good so far.  Good to meet new people off the site.
Missbitch2U 31 May 2007
I met all my babies’ godparents from here!
Mymymy1 30 May 2007
Met many stunning and beautiful people and have introduced many friends to join since joining myself in January ’07.
CJPerth06 29 May 2007
I have met so many people and made so many new friends it’s GREAT.  There are so many good times to be had.
ashababe80 28 May 2007
Have been on RHP for three years.  I’m now getting married and my maid of honour is a girl I met on RHP.  I love RHP!
couplesint 23 May 2007
This is Bryan and Leesa from Couples International in Brisbane.
We own Couples International and are really proud to say that it is with the wonderful support of RHP that we have grown to what we are today.
We have an awful lot of RHP patrons attend our venue on a weekly basis and we advertise on RHP as we know that only real patrons are on here.
Unlike other sites, where you are really unsure who you are talking to, it seems we have never had a fake person email us with regards to attending our venue.
The single guys on this site seem to be very nice and always willing to send photos when asked and we only ever allow single guys to attend our parties if they have contacted us via RHP. So all you single guys, get your photos to us and be part of our wonderful classy club for adults.

RHP is the place to go to check out all the latest HOT CAM , most of our patrons perform on RHP Hot Chat and love to. We are looking forward to setting up a HOT chat CAM in one of our rooms so you can all log into RHP Hot Chat and see what is going on in our club.

Thanks to RHP for all their support and we will keep on keeping on because we feel the lifestyle is really targeted the right way , here on RHP.
Bryan and Leesa
Couples International
us2_4u 22 May 2007
Definitely THANK-YOU to RHP for putting on great events!
slyda 21 May 2007
I’ve had a lot of fun on this site and am now in a relationship. thanks for your help.
flirtysarahbi 18 May 2007
Just want to say thanks RHP, I’ve been on more dates in the last couple of months since I joined than I’d been on in a whole year! I love this site!!
cointreauonice 16 May 2007
Keep up the good work, it has been interesting. Sami
perthman319 14 May 2007
Hi there.
Well I’ve been on here for about 6 months and have met and loved many a wonderful woman here. It’s been a pleasure to meet them not because of the sex but mainly due to their wonderful and friendly nature and they are fun too. I can only say that Redhotpie is like a diamond in the sky.
2more4fun 14 May 2007
We are never bored on weekends thanks to RHP. Just wish we had more weekends to go to parties and meet other hot people!
chuggy1000 30 April 2007
About 3 months ago I met a woman off of RedHotPie, and we have hit it off pretty well over the last couple of months. We both have kids and accept each others and we have all had many social outings together. I am starting to fall in love with her. I love spending time with her. Another success for RedHotPie.
p.s. and the the sex has been awesome as well
Cathy135 26 April 2007
In only two weeks I have found the most wonderful man. Thank you - our lives have both changed forever.
realman43 24 April 2007
Hi there I have met someone wonderful from RHP. Thank you to RHP for a wow service - I have met such wonderful people.
sb2003 24 April 2007
Hey just wanted to say this site is frickin awesome! i’ve met a few hot boys and so far haven’t been disappointed ;)
FelicityandAusti 02 April 2007
Hi - we have been on RHP for a while now and think the site is fantastic. Recently we have moved to California. We have been looking around at the sites here, and they aren’t anywhere near as good. Have you thought about setting up in the US?
willow70 27 March 2007
I have been on and off RHP for years - and I have met some of the best firends I have ever had from the chat rooms and a few from msg’ing... and now I am very please to say I have met the man of my dreams (thumpa) from the chat room (WA) - we have a large circle of social friends as well from the room, every weekend is filled with some event, bbq or outing... Thank you RHP for my meeting the best group of people I ever have.
southsidecpl 07 March 2007
thankyou RHP for the friendship we have found on your site, she is a gr8 female that knows how to have fun
sheebee 24 February 2007
Hi there
I just wanted to send a msg to say that I have been having a great time ,,,
Paddy72 22 February 2007
I didn’t expect much when I joined, but I have met the most fantasticly special guy, we are having lots of fun and are  moving in together very soon.  Thanks heaps RHP.
BigMike 22 February 2007
RHP is simply the best site on which Iv’e ever been a member. I would not have believed that you can have too much of a good thing. Well I certainly have too much of a good thing. Happy to tell you about it if you message me.
Tisha23 18 February 2007
Hi I have to say RHP was the first dating website I have ever been on and after being on it for 2 weeks I met the most amazing guy we are in a relationship and have been for nearly 7 months we are talking about the future. He is my soul mate and i thank every one at and on RHP
rayfeb 12 February 2007
I have found my soul mate, and I would like to thank you very much
connorsmummy86 27 January 2007
thanks so much rhp after a few weeks i met a great guy and we hit it of so thank you so much i feel alot better now about myself, keep up the great work
sexysarah82 22 January 2007
Well I came on here not really expecting to have much luck meeting a guy interested in a real relationship, but I’m now with a wonderful guy and things are going great, thanks RHP!
jodez99 22 January 2007
Thanks to rhp i have met the man of my dreams, in just 3 days.
rwatto 18 January 2007
I’ve had much pleasure from the contacts I’ve made on RHP. It is a very well run site, and although I am going away for a while, I will upgrade on my return.
FLUiD1 16 January 2007
Thankyou for the hours of fun on RHP, i have found a partner.
short_princess 16 January 2007
Thankyou for all the years i have been on your site, it has helped me find someone special.
squirmy 16 January 2007
Thankyou for giving us a chance to explore a different, fun time.
hotsurfer4u 11 January 2007
i have found a very nice girl from your site .thanks alot guys..
swompy 05 January 2007
Have tried the other dating sights but found rhp is easily the best dating sight in australia thank you
purerist 04 January 2007
Somebody clone me, the action here is intense!
SusieNSmash 27 December 2006
I decided to become an upgraded member in september 06 in result of this after getting a great many messages and flirts only one had an attraction to it.. We met and started a casual relationship that esculated within 1 month and moving in was the answer now we are planning our future and marriage is a definate.. Sorry to all the other girls that wanted smash he is one in a million and for all those that did not reply to him your loss.. we will post wedding photos once the event occurs.. Thanks RHP now we enjoy the site together as a couple
horneyasxx 15 December 2006
I have found a great guy from your website and we are now in a relationship.
lovey_1887_ 04 December 2006
Thankyou very much for this experience...it sure was a very good one and I hope that it continues making ppl happy :)
LollieMay 04 December 2006
Had a great time on here and I have found someone. Thankyou and keep up the good work
joey_1 04 December 2006
I found this website fantastic, i found a playmate! I have told heaps of people about this fabulous site.

Onelife 04 December 2006
RHP has worked wonders-couples and singles, they’re all here for the picking…If you’re looking to get ahead I strongly recommend RHP. Cheers.
adjustedhalo 03 December 2006
On  01-12-2006 i married the love of my life and i met him right here ...........i believe it is the first marraige from RedHotPie couples .
lilmeechanqld 27 November 2006
I had heaps of fun and actually met alot of cute guys!!
repeats 26 November 2006
thanks rhp we meet a guy from this site and the 3 of us had a great night of sex cones and acohol.hope we can meet a few more .
fbiaus 20 November 2006
Thanks to rhp I have met and now living with a really wonderful guy. Thanks rhp.
hornymicky 03 November 2006
Great site have recommended to heaps of friends...
crystal_69 29 October 2006
I have found my soul mate...Thanks for a great site, keep up the good work! ... Crystal
hotpussy69 26 October 2006
I have found my perfect partner Thanks RHP
Nothinbutmammals 24 October 2006
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