April 20 2024

Curious - I quite enjoy kissing a girl after she has gone down on me. Wondering if many guys enjoy this also?
Also if girls find it a turn on or a turn off?
Have you, would you?


  • Flirtydancer


    a month ago

    I think this is pretty standard. I also enjoy kissing after a guy has gone down on me. Such a turn on!

  • NeoAndTrin


    a month ago

    I don't mind kissing Trin after she's gone down on me but I wouldn't if I came. Luckily I don't cum through oral so it's not ever going to be an issue for me.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    a month ago

    Not bragging or anything. I've done it a few times. The idea is pretty hot. It demonstrates a level of trust and respect that only makes experiences that much stronger.
    Chefs kiss! 😘 🤌
    Pièce de résistance

    Ms Foxy

  • shaneinacage


    a month ago

    I enjoy it, It combines a few different fetishes and I would happily do it everytime.

  • kenetic


    a month ago

    It adds to having a sensual time,, sharing cum kisses, I like licking the female after I have cum in her,, clean her up with my mouth, kisses,,,,,same after she has sucked me, sensual warm kiss,,,,,same when doing M/M

  • fun2behere


    a month ago

    I honestly enjoying going down on a woman after a man - me or another man - has cum in her. Also sucking a cock after he had cum in a pussy is also a huge turn on for me. Tasting both of them is the thrill for me

  • peter196921


    a month ago

    I think it’s very enjoyable and turns me on very very much

  • FeistyFatty


    a month ago

    This is fairly standard play these days I think you'll find. I don't know many that don't enjoy x

  • DMSR1999


    a month ago

    Love it. Clean up duties and cum kisses are so hot.

  • Andrea_Sydney


    a month ago

    Interesting to hear people think it’s standard and fun. Letting someone cum in my mouth is very unsafe in terms of STIs. This is committed partner play only. I wouldn’t want to deal with an STI for a little fun thing.

  • Lostyanumber


    a month ago

    Anyone who can make me cum in their mouth deserves a passionate kiss 💋.

  • couplefb


    a month ago

    What is your definition of snowballing? My understanding it requires more than just kissing but the passing of semen between partners orally or even just visual as long as it appears in the form of a snowball?If so, as the male , I really enjoy to see my partner snowballing my cum over her chin, throat , breast etc…and very excited when into another play friends mouth. I’m not a big fan of receiving the snow ball whether it is mine or someone else’s though 😉

  • Sawadee


    a month ago

    With someone l know and trust... not a problem.. Must admit to having a face full of wet pussy many times then sharing... and vice versa... Different with someone l dont really know.. Like going bare back , if l dont know the lady and its on' then its on..

  • Shellbicouple


    25 days ago

    Ok if its the wife, or someone we know. Love going down on her after I have cum in her, tasting us both and sharing it with her.

  • Salos


    24 days ago

    If my girls kisses me I kiss her back! Doesn’t matter we’re her mouth been!

  • Jakezzr


    24 days ago

    Definitely its hot as hell, I love it better when I women grabs you by the back of the head straight after you cum inside her and make you lick her out. That is really hot but I absolutely love eating pussy!!

  • SDSBinMelb


    12 days ago

    The musky taste of a cock (mine or someone else's) on a woman's lips is super hot. I luv snowballing also, sharing cum with a woman is a turn-on for me.

  • mit_subishi


    5 days ago

    I love it, think it’s hot as