Initial contacting

February 17 2024

Curious to know what the ratio would be between men initiating contact (first message to a lady) and woman contacting men?

I suspect it would be predominantly men making the most first contacts. Or am I mistaken 🤔?


  • PerthVixen


    2 months ago

    1. When you open the “Forums” page, the second heading (LH side of the screen) is “All Topics”.

    2. Directly to the RH side of the screen is a magnifying glass.

    3. Click on it.

    4. Type in “Messages”

    5. Tap the FIRST response - Tags, messages (in bold)

    6. Enjoy YEARS of forum posts which discuss this very topic.

    If you’re too lazy for that 🤔

    1. Scroll through forum posts.

    2. You only have to go back to 4.2.24 to see the previous post on this topic.

  • FeistyFatty


    2 months ago

    I have never sent a first message from my solo profile or my couples profile. Get enough messages so don't really have to.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    2 months ago

    I would think you will find it very much like Fiesty said. Women do not have to initiate contact. I am sure there would be the odd time a lass may see a profile that ticks all the boxes they have and they may initiate contact. But apart from that I would say near 99% of the time it will be males initiating contact

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    2 months ago

    We did have seeking single men on our profile in the past . When we were payed members. We did get a reasonable amount of messages just sent to us from the single men. Though sometimes Mrs would spend some time scrolling through the single male profiles and sending a few messages out if she wasn't having any luck finding a good match from the ones who sent her message.

    Couples was a bit of a mixed bag. We sent off a few and received some as well.

    Single girls we actually sent very few messages. Our thinking was most girls already know what they want and we.would leave it up to them to decide if we were what they are looking for rather than joining the bandwagon of hungry unicorn hunters.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    2 months ago

    Ok, I admit.
    I've sent a few very cheeky (not smut) 1st messages in my time here.
    Have got great responses back.
    If I come across a well written profile with effort put in, why not.

    Ms Foxy

  • Manofthemidnight


    2 months ago

    I never initiate and that works for me on here just fine. Also most couples strictlly point out in their profiles that if they're interested in men they will reach out and I respect that. Other men should too.

  • RachWandered


    2 months ago

    I usually send first messages. I’m fussy. I prefer to reach out than be reached

  • Tyler_9


    2 months ago

    I’ve sent a total of ten ‘first’ messages to guys in the last nine years. I get 10-15 per day, minimum.

  • Andrea_Sydney


    2 months ago

    I’m on here and on another app and never once sent a first message to anyone. It’s plenty of choice to just go through what comes in.

  • RagnarPrime


    2 months ago

    It comes down to how specific you want your partner to be in terms of kinks for example. If your profile is built for something specific you may get messages or like from women who want that.

    I would say roughly 30% of my interactions have been from initial contact by women or couples (over a 10 year period) purely because I talked about something specific on my profile or had that box ticked to search on.

    Happy to be corrected but I’d say for women, if they just want someone to fuck, then they would get lots of messages proposing just that so they’d not need to go searching.

  • countrytouch82


    2 months ago

    The ratio is "Undefined".

    I found this definition on the internet:

    Ratio when one number is zero.
    As was mentioned by others, it is undefined. If you want the ratio "of A to B" then this means you want |A|/|B|. E.g. the ratio of A to B is the number of A divided by the number of B. Hence, the ratio makes sense if and only if |B| is not zero, since division by 0 is undefined.


  • MajekMonkey


    2 months ago

    On all my dating apps I'll get a first message from a woman maybe once a month. So I'd assume the ratio is something like 1:10 or higher. Maybe even worse on this app because I don't think free users can message first.