Hi and Bye!

May 17 2024

Messaging etiquette, yes rehashing the same old stuff. We have noticed more and more recently that people initiate a conversation with us, we send a few messages back and forth, and then nothing, zero, zilch, nada! It seems to happen more frequently later on in the week, it’s as if people are overly excited about the coming weekend, exploring there options and quickly moving on from one conversation to the next without actually asking any substantial questions, could be ‘there is always something better around the corner’ way of thinking, but at the same time they are potentially burning their bridges with any future meet ups.

If someone initiates a conversation with you, a few basic messages are exchanged, and then nothing for about 24 - 48 hrs, what would be a reasonable amount of time to wait before assuming the other people have lost interest and you move on/remove yourself from the conversation?

J & R


  • Flirtydancer


    a month ago

    No, 24 hours and no response then it's delete and move on.

    I've had guys come back and ask why I've deleted. I just say I get too many messages and only keep active conversations going.

    I always show effort and interest to keep a conversation going but if it's not reciprocated then bye and thank you next x

  • Opalrose


    a month ago

    Sometimes I just don’t feel like replying for a day. Or I’m busy. Or I have real life stuff going on.
    Or I’ve been pounded by dick pics all day and enough is enough.

    If someone can’t wait a few days then that’s their loss.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    a month ago

    Simples. Don't sit around waiting for replies or wanting a timeframe for reply. If they reply, they reply. If they don't, so be.

    Ms Foxy

  • CallMeV


    a month ago

    Yeah I have experienced it. I know that they are genuine but still disappear after a great long chat.

    I always approach with ZERO expectations and never wait for their replies as Foxy mentioned. But after a while, those profiles will go into ignored list.

  • NeoAndTrin


    a month ago

    Yeah it kinda sucks.

    Also having a conversation, planning something or asking to catch up for the initial drink on a certain date and then like getting the old chestnuts of:

    "Oh we've been asked to look after my son's kids/animal."


    "We thought we be over the tummy bug we had earlier in the week but it hasn't quite gone away yet"

    Look great we get actuslly response but it's like how every conversation ends you doubt if there ever was going to be a meet in the first place...

  • RagnarPrime


    a month ago

    I found a lot of people couldn’t hold even basic conversation here.

    One word replies or unable to recycle something into a follow up question.

    Hence I fucked them off.

    Things fizzle once it’s obvious the conversational style is a mismatch.

  • Andrea_Sydney


    a month ago

    I don’t always reply fast, sometimes I take several days even or longer. Life does its thing, it’s not just about getting things in line here.
    Guys usually have to be very patient with me. Equally, I don’t really care how long they take to reply. They do when they do.
    If something feels right, we’ll still end up meeting 😊

  • Brisbul


    15 days ago

    So you’re in a cocktail bar mingling and strike up a conversation. Suddenly the person just turns mid conversation and leaves without warning. This would strike you as extremely rude and the text equivalent of that is no less rude. In a text conversation it might even be more rude because the physical context of the person leaving is also absent and you have no idea whether the conversation is still even going.

    A simple ‘excuse me’ is the least you could give if you want to leave a conversation Ina cocktail party. In. Text conversation it doesn’t take much to say something like’ ‘be back later, have some chores to take care of’ or ‘just a sec, kids need attention’. This at least lets the person know that the conversation has paused.

    To just leave a conversation part way through is rude. Simples 🙂 No one is too busy for it to be an excuse for basic manners.

    Just my 2c 🪙
    Peace all ✌️