Ball Play 101

May 17 2024

What are your tips, tricks, stories, preferences and no-no’s
Hands, mouth, teeth, gadgets
Pinch, pull, rub, squeeze, tickle

Balls games all allowed

What works for you?



  • Introvertedfun


    2 months ago

    I think The best trick is to be able to read your partners body & to understand exactly how she respond in order to know what to do and when to do it how hard soft fast or slow to do it. Timing is the key & attention to reactions on order to bring on the most exilerating orgasms 🌶️🌶️

  • Alexis


    2 months ago

    For me, the soft skin on the underside feels lovely when it’s caressed.

    Gentle stroking, licking, caressing, sucking is all nice.

    It’s a very vulnerable area so nothing sudden or sharp (like teeth). That’s a major turn off.

    Also, it’s the whole area that is sensitive. So not just focussing on the balls. Right from the inner thigh, the perineum, and around the base of the penis. This whole area getting soft, gentle attention is super nice.

  • big_rig

  • nightingale8


    2 months ago

    *not restricted to bondage and impact play/CBT. I had vanilla sex in mind but definitely open

  • Libertine001


    2 months ago

    Hummmm balls is fun...

    Send a vibrating tone right through them ....


  • MsSuperFoxy


    2 months ago

    I came here thinking balls are like cherries.
    The slower you eat them, the better they taste. I like to take my time to bring out all the flavours. They really don’t get the appreciation they deserve. I love cherries and I like to kiss and worship them.
    Crazy huh! The things we learn about cherries.

    Ms Foxy 🍒

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    2 months ago

    Until someone decided to take a firmer grip on proceedings, I never realised I enjoy being taken to that line between a good squeeze / hard suck and almost aching pain.

    But having them massaged, tugged, sucked while being stroked has always been absolute heaven.

  • RachWandered


    2 months ago

    I don’t have my own balls which is awfully disappointing 🥺

    I reckon I’ve played with a few tho and they’re all wonderfully unique… God nightingale8 - best topic.

    I’ve had guys who hate them being touched, others who’re indifferent guys who are like “pull them HARD”!!

    My favourite thing is to try and keep both of them in my mouth while I’m giving a hand job …

    Hand jobs are so underrated!! But I reckon they’re really fun!! Esp with balls in your mouth 🥰

    Takes some doing keeping them both in btw …

  • Inflation


    2 months ago

    Lick my balls like your giving them a sponge bath, and I'll never complain.

  • TheMinx


    2 months ago

    I like the feeling of them on my chin when I rim.

  • Yami_pilot1


    2 months ago

    Are….. the old hummer. 😜

  • Sawadee


    2 months ago

    I love the soft feel after man scraping .... nice to handle and get sucked.. my most recent encounter ' the lady really knew her craft.. of course she then went onto bigger things.. 😁

  • Howling_Izzy


    a month ago

    I must say; I quite like the stimulation of a woman's fingertips and it touched the hand, as she gently pulls on my scrotum.
    I do have a Hafada piercings on both sides of my scrotum. I've never had any negativity from women about about these piercings. Some genuinely intrigued. But, when wearing a scrotum collar. Especially the first time you hook up for sex. They have appear to be excited. It's "WOW!" I've never seen that before. The upside for me, the foreplay and the time they spend playing with my balls. They seem hesitant, with the idea of me wearing it during intercourse. But, in the heat of the moment, there's a new experience with the scrotum collar. I've been told if like a little mallet, gently tapping away with a weight behind it. Same as when you start grinding, as it's very warm smooth and has weight. This is my experience from women around my own age from my 40s to my 50s.
    My experiences with 3 younger women 19 to 21 (me mid 30s) was a OMG daddy, you've got piercings. Then when they saw that I had a scrotum collar on. It was OMFG and instantly blocked. The safety net for them, is that we're playing on rhp. They were getting off on playing for me, to their fantasies. It appeared that they were working up the courage to play for real.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    a month ago

    Fingernails lightly tickling the most sensitive parts around the sides and underneath while getting oral or using the other hand at the same time. I do that with partners that love to please and I coach them how to control my sexual arousal so that they actually take the orgasm when they want because they are right on the edge. So good