SEX and CANDY by Wonderlust Parties

SEX and CANDY by Wonderlust Parties

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Sat 02 Jul

Hosted by:
Cost / Tickets:
early Bird tickets start at $45
Most suited for:
Woman, Couple, Couple (FF), TV, TS, Trans Woman, Trans Man. Between 18 yo - 50 yo



There is Nothing SWEETER Mmmmm...
Except with a side of something Kinky.

* Have you ever wondered what the kink scene is all about?

* Have you wanted to try some sexy kinky play?

Then Sex & Candy is for you

Come take a walk on the sweet sexy kinky side at Wonderlust Parties where you will be surrounded by like-minded delectable treats everywhere you are.

Don't be bored with the ordinary ....Come to a play party that's out of the ordinary... a place of Wonder & Lust

This fully stacked Venue boasts it all!

music and lighting

A designated Club/Bar area where your mixers, glasses and ice are all provided, BYO Alcohol Only

Parties are a great way to meet potential new playmates or just see what it's like for the first time.

Come along with an open mind and see where the night leads you.
Do you have to play on the night??. - No!

We are big fans of sexual chemistry and sometimes the group isn't right for you on the night and that's ok.

Single ladies looking for a fun safe party.... your Female hostess on the night will make sure you're never left standing on your own or feeling uncomfortable- that's a promise.

WonderLust will totally change your perspective on what an outstanding play party is!

WonderLust will open your eyes to a play space that meets all your sexual desires and needs.

kinky . fetish . candy themed costume, erotic or exotic
Dress up or In adds to the atmosphere
No entry after 9 pm
No means NO!

Most suited 20yr-40yr

There are no expectations to play we understand that the mix of people may not have the right chemistry for you and that's ok :) but this is a play party so come with an open view to play if the mood is right for you.
It's not just a social event but a full-blown part with lots of play
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  • boxing

    1 month ago

    Hi we are first timers we cannot make this event but we are interested in coming to your next one if you have another up coming event thank you !!

  • WonderlustParty

    1 month ago

    Hi there, Yes of course a couple is a couple :) we dont do background checks :P - however there has been occasion where by a non- couple have secured a ticket who were obviosly not a couple this wouldnt be such an issue except the guy made a pest of himself upstairs and was told he could no longer frequent the play spaces without his partner .

  • 365Days

    1 month ago

    Hi Team, my partner and I have individual profiles but would like to attend as a couple. Can you confirm whether we can? Thanks K and S

  • WonderlustParty

    1 month ago tickets are Now live and selling

  • WonderlustParty

    1 month ago

    Hey There Hotties, I hope you all have something sexy and fun planned for this weekend, the tickets will go live today - early bird tix are limited so grab those real quick!

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