What games can we play to spice up our sex lives?

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Hi guys, can you recommend any fun games to spice up our sex life, even things we could do at parties.
There are no shortage of sexy games on the market these days and studies show that novelty and activities play a larger role than you might expect in sexual desire, especially for women. So here are a few of the games and ideas we think are more fun:
1)   Nookii - This is a great board game for grown-ups with 3 levels of sexy intensity. Every task is timed and it can be played with 2 or multiple players. Available on Amazon.

2)   7 Minutes to Heaven – Remember those days you would squeeze in behind the stairs at school for a pash/snog/kiss/to make-out. So, find a confined space. Set your timer to 7mins and go for it. Everything except intercourse. Feel the flush of the old days come rushing back - and in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

3)   XXXopoly – The grown-up version of monopoly. Role the dice and land on sexual property that might require a triple xxx version of rent to be paid, ranging from foreplay to sexual acts. Not feeling like it? just pay the fine and move on. Lots of fun for 2 people or more. Available on Amazon.

4)   The Feedback Game – Ever wished your partner knew exactly what to do to you? Start by getting nekid, sitting on a bed facing each other. The first person has 1 minute to do to the second person exactly what they want done to them. You may find some winning moves here.

5)   Love is Art – This is all about making art while you make love. The pack provides body-safe paints and a canvas and you simply get nekid and do what you do all over the piece of canvas. Now you just have to come up with a story about it when your parents come to visit. Available on Amazon.

6)   100 Questions About Sex – This card game, available on Amazon, is great for teasing out the hidden desires and your most erotic stories. It can also remind you of some of the things you have been missing. Play it in 2’s or with a group.

7)   30 Seconds – Get naked and comfortable. You have 30 seconds to create as much pleasure as possible for your partner. Think that’s not enough time? That’s the whole idea.

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