I have had an open relationship for 3 years but am finding I want sex less than usual. Even sex with my partner is an effort. This is causing a strain. Is there something natural or health wise I can do to change this.

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Sex drives are cyclical. People don’t realise that what goes up must come down, at least for a while, so it may just be a phase. Other reasons for a change: you could be going through a hormonal imbalance, which would require a trip to the doctors for a simple test. You might need more rest, or you could just have ‘swinger’s droop’: something that can occur when you burn out from over stimulating your endocrine system from too much sex or ‘emotional baggage involving sex’. Situations like this can lead not just to low sex-drive but even depression or self-loathing. If that is the case, your best bet is to go back to a simple, less adventurous sexual routine until your levels reset.

Of course, there are also all sorts of lotions and potions you can take, most of which don’t work, but one of the most simple, tried and recently tested methods is to increase your intake of fish, particularly ones high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Aside from the benefits of boosting memory, reducing anti-social behaviour, fighting depression and anxiety, helping you sleep and generally being good for pretty much everything that makes you tick, a huge 92% of couples who ate high omega 3 fish at least twice a week reported it increased their desire for sex. Omega 3’s are also known to boost levels of the sex hormone progesterone, so try increasing your intake, getting more rest and reducing stress where you can. Maybe even a short holiday to reset your system.


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  • fancyfantasy

    Great advice, thanks.

  • Rabb1tRabb1t

    Wonderful advice! I’ve also found the way people think about sex makes a lot of difference too. If it’s riddled with guilt, taboos, discomfort with nudity or bodies, libido is likely to be lower than it would be if someone has a mindset that sex is something expressive, creative, enjoyable, filled with laughter and freedom and respect.

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