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As a throuple, Daniella, Priscilla and Steven have heard it all when it comes to their unique relationship....

Rebecca Daniels | April 06, 2020

Throuple claim to have ‘dream sex life’

As a throuple, Daniella, Priscilla and Steven have heard it all when it comes to their unique relationship.

"There have been the disgusting messages from people calling the girls “stupid, manipulated and lost” while Steven has been called narcissistic and insecure. The hardest thing about our relationship is outside voices,” Steven says. “People who criticise anything, especially things they don’t understand, probably just haven’t been around the block enough yet.”

Daniella Masciola, 21, Priscilla Soares, 26, and Steven Bolden, 27, from Connecticut, US, have been in a three-way relationship since May 2020. Steven and Priscilla had initially been in a long-term, open relationship for years but in October 2019, their romance transformed after they first met Daniella through a chance encounter. The trio are now in a “closed poly triad”, meaning they only date each other — and say they’ve never been happier.

“The story of how we met is pretty serendipitous, it’s like we were destined to be together,” Daniella said.

“Steven and Priscilla came into a store where I used to work to buy shoes for her birthday. As she was trying some on, he pulled me aside and told me to come up with an excuse to not let Priscilla get them — because he had already bought them for her in secret. So I told her we had run out of matching pairs. A week or two later, he came in and gave me some chocolates as a thank you. I thought Steven was very attractive, but worried that he was a cheater. Little did I know, he wasn’t cheating at all.”

Months later, in May 2020, Daniella bumped into Steven again when — as if designed by fate — they ended up working at Amazon together. There was an “instant chemistry” between the pair and after telling Daniella that he was in a polyamorous relationship, this set her mind at ease — and intrigued her to continue seeing him.Within weeks, she was introduced to Priscilla and the trio got on like a house on fire and started dating each other after a few months.

“We spent a lot of time exploring our city, going for dinner dates and enjoying movie nights,” Priscilla said. “Us girls would take it in turns to cook dinner, and we’d sit and play games at home and talk.”

Eventually, the trio moved things into the bedroom, having a threesome, which Steven calls “a dream come true”.”I obviously had sex with both of them from the beginning but we actually didn’t make it a party until a few months in,” Steven explained.

Within months, the trio made their relationship official. Prior to this experience, Daniella claims she had “never heard” of throuples. She doesn’t live in Steven and Priscilla’s home but the trio share a bed almost every evening, although it can sometimes get a little crowded.

Daniella said: “One of the hardest parts of our relationship is our sleeping arrangement. Both Priscilla and I like sleeping on the end of the bed. So does Steven but of course, it’s ladies first — 99 per cent of the time, he’s squished in the middle.”

Daniella admits her friends and family were initially wary of her new relationship but were still very supportive.“For a while, my parents thought it was a phase but after getting to know Steven and Pri, they now know it’s really not so different after all,” she said. “Plus my boyfriend and girlfriend are both great people in general so it wasn’t much of a hard sell.”

On a typical day, the throuple will wake up and enjoy breakfast together, before walking their rescue dog, Bella. In the evening, they’ll share a cosy night on the sofa watching TV or playing board games. When it comes to their sex life, the throuple insist it’s “probably not what most people think it is”.

Steven said: “We like to keep the focus on the bigger picture and the more important aspects of having a successful relationship, poly or otherwise. A big misconception about a throuple is that it’s a sexual free-for-all and that we are basically swingers, which is not what we are at all. Picture a traditional happy, healthy relationship then multiply it by three and you have our relationship. Yes, there’s obviously more threesomes than the average person has but for the most part, it’s one-on-one. Threesomes every day would just be too much work,” he said.

The trio insist there’s no jealousy between them and they enjoy spending time together in pairs, with the women often getting their nails done together or sharing a bottle of wine. The romance has come with some challenges though but this often originates from outside of the relationship.

Steven said: “The hardest thing about our relationship is outside voices. Polygamy shouldn’t be this ‘taboo’ thing some people may see it as and we’ve received disgusting messages from people calling the girls ‘stupid, manipulated and lost’. Others tell me I’m ‘narcissistic, insecure or even a closet homosexual’. I think a lot of hate actually comes from jealousy. Many people are in unhappy relationships and are getting cheated on and lied to. People who criticise anything, especially things they don’t understand, probably just haven’t been around the block enough yet.”

The throuple document their romance on Instagram where they regularly share their experiences.

Priscilla said: “We always have a good time together so it’s easy and natural to be ourselves. There’s just one extra person around to always help with everything. You truly just feel twice the love and happiness. As the saying goes: ‘three’s a party’ – so it’s always more fun to be around all three of us and there’s always someone around to do things with. There’s also the added financial benefit of having three incomes.”

Steven, Daniella and Priscilla celebrated their one-year anniversary together on May 17, 2021 with a romantic weekend away to Little Italy in Boston. Priscilla added: “Love is not so black and white, so I think the love I have with Steven is different from the love I have with Dani, and both of those love connections are different from the connection we all have together. I couldn’t tell you exactly what ‘love’ is but I could tell you this is love and there are no rules to love.”


Have you had any experiences with throuple relationships? If not, would you consider one? Tell us below in the comments!


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  • ForLargFit

    9 days ago

    You all 👀 look happy & sexy together xxx best of luck xxx

  • Madambutterfly78

    10 days ago

    And? Who in a hetro monogamous relationship ooooo look at me lol.

  • FancyFace

    13 days ago

    The most important thing is being true to yourself and these guys are doing that. Well done 💗

  • Angelndevil78

    21 days ago

    My hubby and I were in a poly relationship ourselves that ended badly where the other female was cut from our life. There was a lot of hurt and questions never got answered. Having people openly talk about poly relationships might help other people who are exploring this kind of relationship understand it a little bit more by reading people’s experiences. It all helps. There is no need in being negative or implying their intentions for posting this is for attention. We are all on a journey, let’s enjoy it while we can. If you don’t like what you read, move on but be KIND to yourself and others :)

  • Letsflynow

    23 days ago

    Good for them, its working for them so each to their own.

  • Dudicorn

    24 days ago

    Haters gonna hate. Poly is poly. Simples..

  • Hottieandblondie

    25 days ago

    So happy for them

  • noice01

    26 days ago

    I find people who criticise with anger and antagonism on any topic usually have overts themselves on that particular can test this theory quite easily

  • tryinsomething

    26 days ago

    Love this… good for them ❤️

  • Clandestine2

    26 days ago

    Very much a dream for me too, would love having a close girlfriend that we could go for dates, but also share with my man and all be very happy together

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