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Date ideas to spice up your sex lifeCouples who go on interesting date nights have better sex lives.

Christina Miller | June 21 2022

Date ideas to spice up your sex life

Whether you've been married one year or thirty, dating should never stop. Going on interesting dates is good for a marriage, it gives you something new to talk about, a chance to have fun together and grow sexually together.

Remember when you first met – all the excitement and fun?

When we first fall in love a chemical called dopamine is released in our brains, a feel good chemical. It has been observed that when you do thrilling and new things we get the same dopamine release, and if you do them with your partner, you will associate that fun with them.

When you go on interesting date nights as a couple you have fun with your spouse and you begin to think of them as fun.

Planning a fun date night isn't always as easy as it sounds. Seriously, dinner and a movie is a great date idea but every now and then you need something a little more exciting.

Check out the list below for some coupled-up date ideas to spice things up.

1. Plan adrenaline rush activities

Exciting situations will release endorphins and dopamine, these are present during sexual activity, and so try something new and exciting together outside the bedroom like; skydiving, sign up for a mud run or colour run, dare each other to go to a swingers’ party, rock climbing, go on a roller coaster, play strangers at a bar or better yet fulfill your bucket list.

2. Plan a surprise weekend away