Hook-up tips for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's day is a great excuse to up your hook-up game. ...

Love is a beautiful thing. Being that we at RHP are all about love or at least the act of making love, we want you to have the best time possible on V-Day. So, let us help you with some hook-up tips for Valentines Day

This is including how you present yourself, plan the day and finish strong in the bedroom. Here are your 5 dating tips for Valentine's Day .

1. Get some pics up on your profile

Blind dates are a fun-game you might indulge in when you're in your 20s. It's definitely not the best way to find your match or someone who is like-minded. Get some fresh pics up that show off your assets and tell a bit about who you are. We live in the era of social media and photos are a powerful medium.Your dating app profile photo is an advert of you, so make it count. That profile pic is going to get people interested in you. 

2. Grooming - give them a vision they will never forget

Now that you've baited in the 'ideal' couple or single with your fanatic selections of pics and your smooth exchange of texts - you're a Casanova. Next  step is to pay some careful attention to your presentation. Don't show up fluffy and furry unless that's their kink. Just take some time to get that mess in order especially downstairs. You don't want anyone to go searching for the prize. First impressions are important and you want clearly to showcase your assets. Order of things - trim or shave, wash and smell awesome. 

If you don't, you’ll discover just how fast a woman or couple can leave a room.

3. Seduce them 

Take them somewhere erotic and sexually charged. Maybe agree on going to a swingers club, hey we are all adults and it's no secret why we're here. Go to a strip club or invite them over for Netflix and Chill. Have some bubbly, strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate - this is no time to be cheap. Focus on the price. After working on setting the mental mood, lean in for a kiss and then the rest will flow from there.

4. Turn your bedroom into a fantasy room. Sensual Boudoir 

Now that your date is in the mood, move into your bedroom or the hotel room. Make sure the ambience is inviting and sensual. Have some sexy music in the background, lighting is dimmed and you have all the toys and lube ready to go. We all know the power of lube. Have some battery operated candles around the bed and offer a massage using warm massage oils and use slow, circular strokes - you get the picture.

5. Switch on that sexy brain

Oh yeah, don't assume anything. Make sure you read all the cues and that you have a sexy brain that wants pleasure but wants to give pleasure. Bring whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate into the bedroom. Serve it on you or your partner...

It's 2019, and finally, people have embraced butt play. No matter what gender, diddling around there with a finger, a tongue or a toy is just another way to heighten your sexual pleasure.

Pretty sure everybody wants to enjoy a sensual and erotic Valentine's Day. Get on DateFinder and let people know that you are a definite bet as a Valentine date.

When both of you have enjoyed yourselves, you pretty much have nailed Valentine's Day. 

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Posted: Feb, 26 2020
Hey you like oral sex
Posted: Feb, 12 2020
Keen on spending Valentine's day eating nice pussy
Posted: Feb, 12 2020
Valentine's day is silly anyhow
Posted: Feb, 26 2019
Posted: Feb, 24 2019
Posted: Feb, 17 2019
My ex just asked if I wanted to spent it with her ??
Posted: Feb, 14 2019
Happy Valentine's day to all the lovely ladies in Rhp land Hope you all get spoilt
Posted: Feb, 13 2019
Posted: Feb, 13 2019
Innisfail man with a big cock doesn't wanna be lonely tomorrow
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