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07 May 2019

Exhibitionist Slut

He fucked her hard in the sex swing, choking her as she enjoyed the rough thrusts. He looked like a man possessed. He came all over her stomach rubbing it in to the flesh.

He picked her up and deposited her onto the bench face down. He bound her wrists tightly with rope to the legs of the bench so ...
18 April 2019

Open your mouth...

Naked, Gagged and strapped to a chair with duct tape. I almost feel sorry for him and in my own thoughts I have to remind myself that this is what he wants. It’s his thing! I’ve fantasised over this type of play for as long as I can remember. Taking another man’s wife right in front of his eyes, using ...
25 February 2019

Sexy Hotwife takes her first ‘Bull lover’ ....

She had been in back to back Executive meetings all day and as her partner was away in Melbourne for the week she was extremely horny as she had not played since she left her partners hotel room on Sunday afternoon.

He had been very persistent .. in fact he had been pursuing her online and via text ...
12 December 2018

Take me to the paddock

You strip me naked and take me out to the paddock with a tarp. Putting the tarp on the ground you tell me to kneel. You grab my hair into a bun and tie it and using it to grab my head telling me to open my mouth. Slowly you start sliding your cock in and out, saying “keep your eyes open and look at me”.

“I’m ...
27 August 2018

Ropes un-tied… My version of events (to be read in conjunction with ‘Dianet’’s version.....

We’d known each other for a while and during one of our naked conversations, she’d expressed an interest at being ‘Surprised, tied, used and abused’… I apologised but said that really wasn’t my thing…

Some weeks later (and after having much more ‘normal’ naughty fun), we arranged to meet for a ...
25 August 2018

No Strings (Ropes?) Attached… she says

She woke up excitedly that morning – it’s the day she was to meet him for a coffee. That was all he had asked for! Although she hoped for more, she appreciated the mere pleasure of his company was something to be grateful for. To her, he was manly and muscular, of both internal and external strength ...
19 July 2018

Weekend away..

I was on holiday from work so had no requirements to be anywhere.

Received a text message from a guy i had seen a few times before hand, and had run into out the weekend before.

It was a list of instructions: short and to the point. Time, place, clothes to wear, what to bring, followed by, "You ...
05 March 2018

Five more hidden words

Who needs chocolate, strawberries, champagne or oysters when really, the greatest aphrodisiac known to man is……………anticipation.

And the anticipation of what the night ahead had to offer was almost more than I could cope with. My pussy was throbbing, and as I sat nervously in the driver’s seat of my ...
25 February 2018

A Bottle of Coke

A Bottle of Coke

I had asked Jason, a colleague of mine to come around to our place for a few drinks, he was my Senior manager at work and I wanted to get chummier with him to benefit or advance my chances of any future promotions that may be coming up at work.

I had asked Leanne to choose ...
01 February 2013

Lost In Submission

I’m the kind of woman who has always had a wild, interesting and erotic existence. My decision to submit to a Dom has nothing to do with the knee trembling, giggling hordes who think Fifty Shades of Grey is a guidebook. The man who is kindly training me, is a grown up with no issues. He is dominant because ...
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