Man 24yrs

Hardly Working

What I enjoy most about my office job is that no one notices when I lift my gaze from my monitors to stare at the sky through the window. I can let my eyes glaze over and my jaw go slack as my mind drifts to filthier things.

I can recall the women returning from gym on their work breaks, their brightly coloured polyester activewear clinging to their sweaty bodies. I'll begin building an impossible fantasy in my head. A fantasy where one of them will abruptly stop in my path, turn their head to smile knowingly back at me, before leaning forward and peeling down her ruched yoga pants, in a silent invitation for me to devour her in the middle of the food court. I would, of course, immediately kneel down and grab her by the hips, pulling her towards me while burying my face as far as it can go into the valley of her developed ass. I'd nuzzle forward until my tongue reached the salty and sour taste of her cunt, until my nose was accosted by the smells of her busy schedule.

I can stretch my legs out under my desk and enjoy the tension release from my thighs and calves, as tension builds below my fly. I can feel a smile pull at the corners of my mouth as imagined faces of shock and awe turn to stare at the public obscenity. I can feel the drool pooling under my tongue as I picture her losing balance and catching herself on the railing separating the walkway from the dining tables.

I can feel my cock swell and press against the underside of my desk as I fantasize about how this woman would sway her hips as my tongue took long, firm, deliberate passes - up and down, parting her folds and capturing all the sweat and juices. I would want her to saturate me completely, making a steamy mess of my face. I want to feel the warm air between her thighs drag down my throat each time I pull away to take a breath. With slow and subtle leans into the back of my chair, I can grind my firm shaft into the hard edge of my desk. The sensation of my cock filling up my sturdy work pants is incredibly satisfying, as though there's a warm, gloved hand enveloping the entire length of it.

I try to savor those moments at work, and look forward to taking care of myself with a cock ring snugly fit around my heavy balls when I get home.


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