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Blowing 10 men (A true story)

My husband handed me a glass of champagne to start the evening off. We were having a night at home and he had been messaging some guys about using my mouth.

I started getting ready while drinking my champagne. Finding a sexy top to wear, some slutty heels, and some very slutty bright red lippie. At the same time, hubby was setting up the gloryhole. It's basically a folding screen/wall divider which he's constructed to have a sufficiently sized (and conveniently located) hole in it for giving blowjobs.

Now the first question we get from a lot of guys is 'why gloryhole?' Well we are all allowed our kinks and fetishes, surely! As far we are are concerned, there are two key advantages of a gloryhole. First, it allows indulging in anonymity - which is a bit of a turn on for me, not knowing who I'm sucking off, and has privacy benefits too. Second, it allows me to blow guys to completion without any of the uncomfortable bits like chatting or being touched/groped/made to do stuff I don't like. When my husband first discovered I had a passion for sucking off multiple men (which was well before we got married), he suggested we try it, and I haven't looked back. It's kept our marriage interesting.

Once everything was set up, I'd run out of champagne, so he poured me another drink. It was more or less time for the guys to start arriving. He said one of the guys was a bit early and already here. So we turned the lights down low, and I knelt down in front of the gloryhole while my hubby blindfolded me. Ok that part is a bit kinky but it's a big turn on! He messaged the instructions to the guy and next thing I hear the intercom ring. Hubby buzzes the guy up, unlocks the front door then goes into the bedroom and shuts the door (for the record - he does not watch or participate with me - we are not that kind of couple).

My heart races and the excitement starts to build. I sit there in anticipation. It feels like an eternity of waiting but it was probably only about 30 seconds or so until I hear the door opening. I can't see a thing. I move my face up to the gloryhole and open my mouth wide, with my tongue sticking out. I hear shuffling and the door closing, then a belt being unbuckled. Next thing I feel a penis against my tongue. I wrap my lips around it gently. This guy has a big, thick, cut cock and I can tell that he's quite tall. That's about all I can tell about him. I start sucking him, getting deeper and deeper with each suck. Within about a minute, or maybe a bit less, I feel his cock harden even more and hear him grunt a little. Sperm pulses out of his cock and I fully relax my throat muscles and take it deep in my mouth. I swallow it.

The guy then does up his trousers and says, rather energetically, 'thank you!' I'm a slightly annoyed because I don't like hearing the guy's voices, but also a little turned on to know that he enjoyed it a lot. I hear him walk out and the door closing.

Hubby then comes to me, lowers the blindfold and gives me my champagne to sip. Then he says 'there are 3 more guys outside waiting'. Wow, I thought, this will be a fun night.

The blindfold goes back on and the scenario repeats... over and over and over. Guy 2 is not as tall (as indicated by the fact his cock was right in the middle of the gloryhole opening, which is generally quite ideal) or as hung, but his cock is cut and a nice straight shape. I suck him, gently at first, then deep, then rapid and deep, then long and slow. It feels like he is taking forever to cum and I'm getting tired. But just when I'm about to give up I feel his cum filling up my throat. There is so much of it! And it just appeared without any warning! I was very turned on.

Guy 3 then rings the intercom. It stuffs up (which it sometimes does), and hubby has to message him a few times to get him to try again. Some guys are a bit slow and can't follow instructions, which shits me. Anyway. After a bit of stuffing around and feeling annoyed that he's wasting our time, I eventually hear the door opening. The guy is nervous and a dickhead and starts talking and trying to look at me. I show him the palm of my hand - I just want him to go away. Anyway next thing I know he's shoving his cock through the gloryhole. It's big, cut and he blew his load in like 10 seconds of me sucking it. A bit fast but what the fuck, I was just glad when he left.

Guy 4 has been waiting a bit by this time but eventually he comes up. Hubby said he was quite young, and I thought uh-oh I'm in for some nervous idiot again, but he was actually very well behaved. He undid his pants and I feel his cock against my tongue. It's uncut but very clean, and it grows bigger and bigger as I suck it. After a minute or two I feel it getting even harder and then it pulses with cum, at least 7 or 8 shots, right into my mouth without warning. It tasted very sweet and was a total delight to swallow. He shoves his cock back in his pants and is out the door in literally 2 seconds after he's cummed.

Hubby comes to check I'm ok and gives me my lippie to reapply (it tends to get all messy and rubs off after I've sucked a few guys). I'm feeling so turned on at this point.

Hubby pulls the blindfold back over my face. There are more guys to service. The next few guys were fairly uneventful but I was getting them off and being rewarded with cum, so I was happy. Guy 5 was a bit fat (which makes blowing him at a gloryhole quite awkward, if you think of the physics for a moment) but had a thick cut cock which I enjoyed. Guy 7 was tall, young and uncut.

Guy 8 seemed tall as well but had a huge cut cock that was a complete joy to suck. Some guys have cocks that seem to be just the right shape for deepthroating with ease, and this was one of them. He got off really, really deep in my throat, though it took him a while to cum. Apparently, I found out later, he was super tall and had to stand at a funny angle to get his cock into the gloryhole. He asked us to raise the height of the hole a bit, which made me laugh as no-one has said that before. But I guess he enjoyed it.

Guy 9 had, arguably, an even nicer cock. Big, cut, not too thick and not too thing, and perfectly straight in shape. I love that shape! I was also having an amazing time worshipping his big cock. But, alas, he was clearly nervous as he was shaking a bit. After about 10 minutes of sucking his cock, I couldn't make him cum. I started using my hand on it, whacking it against my tits, slapping it. Then sucked it deep. Nothing would work and eventually I got him to leave because I was just too exhausted (turned out that he was indeed very nervous and it was his first time getting blown at a gloryhole!)

I was pretty much done after that, feeling a bit tired and my mouth quite sore, ready to have more champagne and of course suck off my husband (who always gets to cum last). After a break for a few mins hubby says 'er, there's one more guy... your regular boy'. I'm like, which one? haha. Turns out it's this young asian boy that I blow pretty much every time we do gloryhole play. He is physically stunning (I've seen his pics, yes), toned like a super model, and has a long uncut dick. He's also in his early 20s and seems to really enjoy getting off in my mouth. So I got back on my knees at our gloryhole and took his delicious boy sperm directly down my throat. He seemed happy, and so I was I.

Pretty much straight after that I heard the door open and shut again... my heart raced... who is this? I didn't hear the intercom. What was happening? I figured that if it was anything unplanned my husband would come out and deal with it. But he didn't. Next thing I know there's a cock pushing through the gloryhole. It's thick and cut. I wrap my mouth around it, then take it deep, till I feel the guy's pubes against my nose. At that stage I nearly gag with laughter because I know it's my husband. I suck him greedily and slutty, like the time I first met him. After some fairly intense deep throating he unleashes his cum inside my throat. I nearly choked there was so much!

He comes around the other side of the gloryhole, takes off my blindfold, looks at me for a moment then passionately rams his tongue down my throat. We make out for a minute or so.

Then we shower, and go to bed. Back to a normal married life.

So that was a typical play session, I guess. 10 complete strangers, and 1 husband. (Oh and before you ask - no they are not complete strangers - they are all guys my husband has vetted and approved of. We care a lot about safety and are always very careful about who we invite over.)


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  • RedLipstick

    I need this in my life!

  • MickinMandurah

    Hot story, such a massive turn on to see lady enjoy more than guy. I'm coming to Melbourne tomorrow for the next two weeks if you have any events planned? :)

  • SexyKyle1010

    So fucking hot!!!??

  • M26M9

    So hard reading this on the train home right now. what a hot couple!

  • smokeyandbandit

    Wild storey guys. Kept me hard as a rock with every word ;)

  • pebblebeach2019

    Are you in Perthby chance?

  • sexcouple

    That was so sexy

  • tim1213

    Turned on hard you sure know how to get the blood pumping

  • Gloryhole_couple

    Thanks everyone for all the comments! We will write again next time we do it - this time hubby will write from his perspective. If any attractive, hung, circumcised men in Melbourne want to be a part of it, send us a message directly

  • bmandga6

    We host bukkakes occasionally at home... our most was 13 guys

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