Friend Requests

June 13 2022

I don’t get how many guys send “friend” requests and they haven’t even had a conversation!


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  • Introfiant_sub

    22 days ago

    I delete all friend requests. What’s the point - I’m not here for penpals.

  • FiestyFatty

    22 days ago

    Why even look at the friend requests? Just delete🤷

  • SuperFoxxxy

    22 days ago

    There's absolutely nothing to get.
    Ignore and move on to those who want to invest in you..

    Ms Foxy

  • AWomanWithNeeds2

    21 days ago

    I just delete but if I recognise them try it again I'll block. No skin off my back. This is not Facebook.

  • HoneyAndTheBee

    21 days ago

    Its an easy way to filter the fake profiles.Do yourself a favour and Instant block on any cold call friend requests

  • Iamthecowgodmoo

    20 days ago

    I treat it the same way I treat FB. If I haven't met you in person, or at least talked to you at length and formed somewhat of a connection, then I will delete it.

  • justforthefun44

    20 days ago

    It’s similar to women not replying to message just not the thing to do
    Have some respect for others if you send a friend request don’t expect to be added.
    If you send a message at least reply

  • JennaTalls

    19 days ago

    Sadly , for some people... they collect "friends" in an attempt to make themselves look more likeable.
    "Look at me ... i have 100 friends". PMSL... Yeah you go little rock star.

  • YouTarzanMeJane

    19 days ago

    One guy wanted me to add him so it would make him look more genuine 🙄 yeah, no buddy

  • Nudiebicamper

    18 days ago

    i have to meet before i add as friend then make the call as wether to add or not

  • twowithnolimits

    17 days ago

    If we get a friend request from someone we have never chatted with we simply send a polite reply saying we don't except unknown friends and would be happy to chat further and then consider it again.. amazing how many "friends" don't even reply to that offer...

  • Badasfuck

    13 days ago

    @FiestyFatty I just read your truth in regards to boys sending friend requests the embarrassing thing is that I just sent like 5 cause I thought that that's what I had to do so to all the people I've offended in a whole 20 seconds of joining please except my sincere apologies and remember we are just mere male's I just thought the ladies I sent them to were really pretty

  • humancondition

    12 days ago

    Well the term friend request just means you add them to an online list.
    Without adding them, the guest users cannot chat to you.

    So to answer your original question;
    They send friend requests in order to chat with you online to see whether or not you are compatible with them.


  • Tmack69

    10 days ago

    Hi I go to Tamworth on a regular basis, I'm there this week (Tuesday) what ya up to??

  • footlong8013

    9 days ago

    @twowithnolimits Ditto, twowithnolimits. It's pretty stupid. We put it out there, we all actually want fun, to be social, then you do that, and they still ghost .Ditto it's just sad 😔

  • Hotasianwife

    7 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with sending a friend request if the individual wants to connect with you. But most have no intention to speak with you so I delete.

  • thatmissally

    7 days ago

    @twowithnolimits Accept 😛

  • YouTarzanMeJane

    6 days ago

    @seekFdomme I don't have any "friends" but can still chat if someone messages me first and I reply within the 7 day time frame

  • Viking1969er

    6 days ago

    Just new to this site … and forgive me for being naïve 🙏☺️ … but other than this forum I’m not sure how you send a message?… do you always have to be a Paid member to send any messages ? Or can you send otherwise ?? ( every time i try it sends me to pay 🤷‍♂️… please help a newbie 😉🙏

  • Veritas_ergo

    6 days ago

    @AWomanWithNeeds2 Correct. It’s rather rude to not even engage in a conversation first isn’t it? Like walking up to someone in a bar and asking for their number as a first thing

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