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Sat 19 Feb

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Cost / Tickets:
Prepaid $70 couples single ladies free
Most suited for:
Woman, Couple, Couple (FF). Between 18 yo - 61 yo


Venue61 is becoming 1 of the hottest lifestyle party events in town today. many who have came have always come back time and time again. Established in a unique double storey home which is transformed to a 5 star environment far from all those clubs and "BARS" to make you feel comfortable. Due to the government restrictions we asked all our guest at the door for proof of vaccination. Your hosts offer a unique, friendly and discrete venue for all your adult entertainment with no pressure involved come as a social visitors or as a player its entirely up to you as you’re in charge of your night.

There are many reasons why people are turning to swinging. People may wish to reinvigorate their sex lives, or add excitement to long-term relationships. “Experienced swingers who communicate well and have rules they adhere too, say that it enhances and adds to their already great sex life”, so why not try new things. Not sure if this is for you? Why not drop us a message to talk to us you will be pleasantly surprised and find out more.

Banish all your worries for a night and come to our place. Of course, one question all first-time swingers want to know more about. “rarely does it happen as you walk in the door. Most people like to wind down with a couple of drinks, chatting, flirting, dancing and then if the moment is right, they head to the playrooms for some fun”.

At Venue61 we provide finger food, bottled water, heated outdoor pool 2 private playrooms with a added large play area 2 bathrooms, soaps, lubricants and condoms, for safe-sex practices. This is it BYO event bring your own booze, Champagne on arrival for ladies. We believe this face-to-face connection is preferable to meeting people online.
The venue is open until late night.
Prepaid event $70 for couples free for single ladies
We look forward to welcoming you to Venue61
Smart casual
No single males, no means no, drugs and drunkenness will not be tolerated
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