Thursday Afternoon Party

Thursday Afternoon Party

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Thu 23 Jun

Hosted by:
Club 103
Cost / Tickets:
Ladies $ 20 Gents $30 Couples $50
Most suited for:
Man, Woman, Couple, Groups, Couple (FF), Couple (MM). Between 21 yo - 69 yo


The adult lifestyle club where you can be yourself.

Who would like a Happy Hour combined with Sexy fun? Well, come on over for some afternoon delight and warm up before the weekend hits.
[email protected] offer you a safe location for you to meet other like-minded people and friends.
Bring your own drinks & your toy bag (if you have one) to [email protected] and play like you own it.

DRESS CODE: Being it during the day casually dressed is acceptable, although if you prefer to feel sexy on the outside as you do on the inside you are welcome to slip into something sexier in our change room.

DAY PLAY STARTS at 12 pm and 3 pm

Ladies $20
Gents $30
Couples $50
Our Club Rules: The use of mobile phones upstairs is not permitted. Disorderly conduct will result in you being asked to leave.
CONSENT: In the absence of a yes, it is a NO!
If it could make someone feel uncomfortable, DON'T DO IT!
DON'T just join in, ask first
RESPECT at all times
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