Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark

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Fri 18 Sep

Hosted by:
Our Secret Spot
Cost / Tickets:
$150 per member couple / $50 per single lady
Most suited for:
Woman, Couple, Groups. Between 18 yo - 69 yo


If you're into EDM festivals, sexy & wild atmosphere, great music and naughty people, then do we have a party for you ...

At the Glow Party, the lounge room will plunge into black lights and your white and fluro attire will glow!

It’s such a sexy and vibrant atmosphere.Come dressed in something sexy and bright!

Some ideas are something WHITE OR FLURO/RAVE.

We will also have some Glow in the Dark paint you can put on your body and Glow Sticks for a bit of extra fun.

This party is perfect for hot couples who love an ‘off the wall’ party while seducing or being seduced by other sexy couples.
Glow in the Dark Party
Fluro, White or Bright
Contact details:
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