Enlightenment in the Bedroom

Enlightenment in the Bedroom

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Fri 07 May

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Man, Woman, Couple, Groups, Couple (FF), Couple (MM), TV, TS. Between 18 yo - 99 yo


Enlightenment in the Bedroom is a luxe, 3 hour, multi-speaker live event presenting the cutting edge conversations and mysteries arounds sexuality, sexual wellness, relationships and intimacy!

We source and gather highly engaging experts in the field of sexuality from around Australia to bring you pioneering information.

Whilst you are listening to the experts you get to drink our champagne and wine, nibble the yummy nibbles and be part of the audience in a room of other classy men and women who desire to absorb the same kind of sexuality information, whilst also having fun and being entertained!

For this event we have soured two of the top sexuality experts from Sydney.

Our first speaker is Lelii Luxe speaking on "Integrating Sexual Energy to Make More Money". She will be teaching about the link between our sexual energy and our ability to make money (and how to make more of it!).

Our second speaker is Luke Skewes who is speaking on "Fun and Play in Intimacy and Keeping this Alive in Long Term Relationships". Luke is in a non-traditional open relationship and specifically coaches couples in this area. He is also known for his fun stories and great sense of humour!

We make sure that the evening is educational, entertaining and engaging... with some good laughs, open conversations and an opportunity to Q & A the speakers any curious questions you may have about relating, sex and intimacy!

Find more event information on Facebook or Eventbrite under "Enlightenment in the Bedroom".
Fun Sex Education Evening
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