- CANCELLED - Desensitized Presents Fire & Ice Play

- CANCELLED - Desensitized Presents Fire & Ice Play

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Wed 05 May

Hosted by:
Club 103
Cost / Tickets:
$30 Per person
Most suited for:
Man, Woman, Couple, Groups. Between 20 yo - 62 yo


This evening we will be showing the desires of fire & Ice Play

Fire !!!!!...
Ice !!!

This will be a controlled experience.
Plus lots of other activities....

Costs : $30 each

8 pm Start til 2am

Hope to see you there...

All other areas are open for Play...

The adult lifestyle club where you can be yourself.

[email protected] is a great place for singles and couples to meet, maybe you have met online or just looking for a hook ups with other like-minded people, [email protected] provide a safe location in Belmont for all sexual encounters.

Pool table and 5 playrooms are available.

B.Y.O Drinks


Sexy or Kinky ( No Thongs)
Rules: The use of mobile phones is not permitted. Disorderly conduct will result in you being asked to leave.
CONSENT: In the absence of a yes, it is a NO!
If it could make someone feel uncomfortable, DON'T DO IT!
DON'T just join in, ask first
RESPECT at all times
Contact details:
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  • HotChocolate

    12 days ago

    I think the covid restrictions mention no night clubs this week? Does it not include adult clubs? 🤔

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