Club86 Swinging Sexy Corset and Lingerie Play Night

Club86 Swinging Sexy Corset and Lingerie Play Night

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Sat 06 Aug

Hosted by:
Club 86
Cost / Tickets:
Refer to the events tab on the website
Most suited for:
Man, Woman, Couple, Groups, Couple (FF), Couple (MM). Between 18 yo - 99 yo


Club86 is an Adult Lifestyle Club located inside of a beautiful historic building in Ipswich CBD. Our Adult Lifestyle Club is a venue to explore your intimate fantasies of socialising and playing with open like-minded people of all sexualities and genders. For example: roleplaying, fetish/fantasy apparel wear, costume wear, spanking, bondage, massage, wax play, BDSM, polyamorous play, swinging play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, naughty games, etc. (note: it is not open to the general walking past public).

Although there is no sign at the front doors saying the Club name, the front doors are a unique 2 solid wooden doors and above the door it’s painted in gold saying the address. It’s located a few doors up from Subway and a block from Ipswich train station. Free parking can be found in the surrounding well lit streets.

The doors open Thurs 6.30-11pm, Fri & Sat 6.30pm – midnight, Sun 3-9pm. We recommend arriving close to opening times to maximise your chillout, socialising and play time.

Club86 prefers that tickets and memberships be pre-purchased on the website and you will also find inside of each event listing that there is below the Ticket - a Bookin button for anyone paying at the door with: cash (correct cash preferred) or Eftpos.

Club86 is a private members club. You can attend for the 1st-time without an annual membership with a 1st Time Visitors Membership (free for 7 days – complete this form on the website, then you just need to pay your for entry/ticket) – which you can also do on the website. 2nd-timers need to pay for their annual membership prior to entrance to further events which can be done either via the Membership tab on the website or at the door.

Etiquette: Ensure you have THOROUGHLY read the etiquette tab on the website prior to attending. (Club86 is an Adult Lifestyle Club – it is not a strip club nor a brothel).
• Always ask “May I touch you?” before touching anyone.
• All sexualities and genders are welcome.
• Attire: Smartly dressed (males – collared shirts & trousers/chinos, ladies – dressed for a more classy outing) or in costume if it is a themed night or once you are inside the club you make wish to reveal your Adult Lifestyle attire. Don’t get turned away due to arriving in “casual attire” which doesn’t meet our dress standards – see the About section or the Etiquette tab for dress standards examples on the website. In the Etiquette tab it details all the locations in the club you can walk around nude in (the majority of the club).
• BYO: Please write your name on your drink bottles prior to arriving at the Club (this can also be done at the bar if you’ve forgotten) and hand it to our bar attendant to look after for you. Don’t forget to collect it at the end of your night as the club disposes of forgotten BYO drinks.
Club86 Swinging Sexy Corset and Lingerie Play Night
Club86 Swinging Sexy Corset and Lingerie Play Night
Refer to the etiquette tab on the website for all general information. Club86 is an adult lifestyle club.
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