Bali Getaway Feb 2023

Bali Getaway Feb 2023

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Fri 24 Feb

Hosted by:
Lifestyle Getaways
Cost / Tickets:
No Cost
Most suited for:
Couple. Between 40 yo - 65 yo


Take your lifestyle experience to the next level and dare to be bare at our Bali event! Meet 29 likeminded couples at our luxurious resort take-over. Lifestyle Getaways invites you to join one of our upcoming travel events, for a truly fulfilling 100% lifestyle experience, no matter how you choose to indulge!

Our provocative new getaways that fuses sumptuous relaxation with the liveliness of beautiful Bali. Over seven nights, indulge in the experience of being surrounded by sexy, like-minded couples in the lifestyle. The Beautiful resort is just 5 minutes walk from one of Bali’s famous surf breaks. Experience sunsets along one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali and wake up to the sound of the ocean in the contemporary-chic lodgings. Lounge around one of the two clothing optional pools and dine at the resorts award winning Restaurant.
Immerse yourself in the party lifestyle with our fun filled itinerary, the memories and connections you create will be evoked long after your latest escapades in Bali!

While in Bali, explore all the decadent pleasures of the famed Island of the Gods, With its paradisal surroundings and magical vibes, sandy beaches, candy-coloured sunsets and dense jungle, all providing a picturesque backdrop to its colorful, deeply spiritual, and unique culture, stakes a serious claim to be paradise on earth.
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  • berwickdark

    13 days ago

    Where can we get more information?

  • LivinLife

    23 days ago

    This would be a experience of a life time can you pls send us information ASAP thanks

  • kangawallofox

    1 month ago

    Can I please get some info on this, looking to attend with a play mate

  • MrandMrsGreen17

    2 months ago

    Booked and can’t wait 😊

  • Bi_Fem

    2 months ago


  • anieelad

    2 months ago

    Signed, sealed, delivered.... Bali, here we come! 😀

  • DingDingDing

    2 months ago

    Bali here we come. Booked and can’t wait! 💋

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