How to host a Sexy House Party

Host your own Sexy House Party
  1. Important first steps to consider

    • Decide on your willingness to open your home up to host a Sexy House Party.
    • Walk through your house and decide which rooms are going to be open to your Guests, and what rooms are "No Go" areas.
    • From here you will be able to know how many guests you can accommodate comfortably in your home.
    • Transport and Parking to your home, do you have adequate space for parking cars.
    • Set ground rules for yourself/yourselves and reinforce them in your mind.
    • What will guests need to bring with them (Lingerie, Spare towels if spa is available, Alcohol if BYO)?
    • What are you going to be providing (Catering, Lube, and Condoms)?
    • Entertainment; Music, DVDs
  2. What guests do you wish to invite?

    • Think carefully about the guests you choose to invite into your home, and how you think they will get along with other guests.
    • Being a Sexy party the age, body type, and gender are the most commonly asked questions when people are deciding whether or not to attend.
  3. Post your Party on RedHotPie

    • Log into your RedHotPie member profile - Click the events tab on the top right hand side of the homepage.
    • On the events page, click the button labeled "add an event" which is located above the events search box on the top right hand side of the page.
    • Now follow the simple steps to posting your member party.
    • Be detailed in your party explanation and including such things as; date, time, type of event, things for guests to bring if any, BYO, let people know that once registered if they are invited contact and venue details will be send to them.
  4. Promote your Party

    • Contact [email protected] and ask for their help in promoting and featuring your event, RHP has a very friendly, experienced and helpful events team and we get very excited about promoting member parties.
    • If you have Sexy Friends outside of RHP be sure to let them know.
    • Be organized; create template messages to send out to people for each step of the way to notify people. Invitation message first then followed by a "Party details" message closer the party date, Any enquires in between will most likely require your specific answers to their questions.
    • Search member profiles and send out messages to member whom you would like to come to your Sexy party.
    • Use the RHP chat rooms to promote your party as well as make some new friends, RHP chat is full of different types of members.
    • Be reliable and respond efficiently to all messages you receive, even if they can't attend or are not suitable, you never know what bridge you might be burning.
    • Send your final party details early - typically about 5-6 days before the party is ideal, any less will most likely mean a lot of your guests might not receive the party details. Allow enough time for people to log into RHP and read your message.
  5. On the day of your Party

    • Ensure that all rooms that are going to be open to your guests are ready.
    • If you are catering, prepare or order all your food.
    • Make sure you have enough mixers and refreshments; there is nothing worse than having to leave your party half way thru the night to run out and grab something.
    • Make sure you have a sound system ready with tunes for the night, as well as DVDs.
    • Ensure enough time to get yourself ready, you want to be looking your best.
  6. On the night of your Party

    • It is essential you have a mobile phone for people to contact you.
    • Be amazing hosts; be as friendly as possible and introduce your guests to one and other. Your attitude will ultimately decide how enjoyable your party becomes.
    • As your guests arrive, take them on a tour through your house and be sure to point out the "No Go" areas.
    • Don't forget to stop and take a moment to reflect throughout the night to make sure you and your guests are enjoying themselves and things are flowing smoothly.
    • Be prepared and organized, if you follow the above steps carefully then things will flow very smoothly on the night, you are now hosting the sexiest and most enjoyable Sexy party ever!
Contact the RedHotPie Events Team
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Email - [email protected]
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