An Introduction to Ethical Hook-Ups

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Thursday, 4 June 2020 6:30 PM
Version: For all
Facilitator: Georgie Wolf

Escort Georgie Wolf shares the secrets to a successful sex life. A crash-course in ethical techniques for creating connection, ensuring consentmarketingprofs, and having incredible sex.

Nowadays, hook-up culture is bigger than ever. Online dating gives us access to thousands of potential partners at the touch - or swipe - of a button. But many of us still aren't getting exactly what we want. Stories of disrespect and disappointment are common. ‘An Introduction to Ethical Hook-Ups’ is a crash course in better casual sex, with straightforward skills for finding the right partners, making genuine connections, and negotiating sexual encounters that leave everyone better off.

This course is designed for people of all ages and genders. It's a practical and sex-positive approach to having great sex. Questions answered include:

• Can casual sex be good for us?
• How do I flirt without being creepy?
• What's the easiest way to make friends with a new date?
• How do I ensure consent without feeling awkward?
• Is it okay to walk away after a one-night stand?

Georgie Wolf (from Curious Creatures and The Art of the Hook-up) is an Aussie escort, writer, and educator with a mission: to help others lead more successful sex lives.

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INTENSITY: Two out of four chillies. Most people experience this workshop as a gentle introduction, some people experience it as challenging.
WHO FOR: People of any age, background, or gender who have an interest in online dating and hook-ups. Singles and people in open relationships are equally welcome.
WHO NOT FOR: People who aren’t comfortable talking about sexual topics, and people who are looking to pick up or get dates at the event.
WHAT EXERCISES / ACTIVITIES?: Verbal sharing of our experiences, some discussions in pairs, but no physical contact.
WILL THERE BE PAIR-WORK? Yes, verbal discussions and non-touch-based exercises only.
HOW WILL PAIRING BE DONE? Participants will be paired randomly, with no consideration of gender.
CAN YOU WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH ONE PARTNER? No, but you are welcome to sit out any exercise.
NUDITY: There will be no nudity in this workshop.
SEXUAL CONTENT: This workshop contains discussion of sexual practices and consent.
COMMITMENT: You may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level that's right for you.
BRING: Water bottle, your own snacks.
WEAR: Whatever you're comfortable in.

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Tickets are released in ‘rounds’, where ‘round one’ tickets are cheaper, to encourage you to book in early. There is no other difference between the ‘rounds’ of tickets.
Tickets range in price from $75 to $125, per person.

It is never possible to buy tickets on the door, nor by paying with cash. See our FAQ for more information on this:

Unless otherwise stated, workshops start at the advertised time, and doors will be locked ten minutes later. This is because late arrivals interrupt the dynamic of the group, and will miss crucial safety information.


Guest Age: 18 - 99 yrs (most suited)

Guest Type: Man, Woman, Couple, Groups, Couple (FF), Couple (MM)

Cost: Tickets range in price from $75 to $125.

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