My friends think I am dating a sociopath

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I have been dating a guy for 6 months now and I really want it to last but my friends say he is a sociopath and I should get out. How can I know if things are going to get better or worse with him?
If you have to ask that question, “Will things get better”, then the answer is usually ‘no’.  About 3 in every 100 guys is a clinical sociopath, so it is likely we run into them all the time.  The problem is when it comes to love we gloss over the glaring signs and end up suffering the consequences long term.

Unfortunately, Sociopaths don’t look like the villains from a Batman movie but they do have some tell-tale signs.  There is no ‘fixing’ Sociopaths, so don’t expect to love him back to ‘normal’.  That is a recipe for all kinds of miserable in your life.  You are best off identifying him and moving on.  Here are the key characteristics;

1)   He is very charming - But there is no depth to his charm and it can be turned on and off.
2)   He is very controlling – He might control who your friends are and where you go.
3)   He is too good to be true – Overly attentive at first, fun to be around, everything seems right.
4)   He has wide mood swings – He uses this as another method to control you.
5)   He takes advantage of kindness – Sociopaths often play at being ‘wounded’ or ‘hurt’ to garner sympathy.
6)   His love attention feels empty – Sociopaths do not feel emotions like we do, so their love feels ‘slightly off’.
7)   He is sometimes cruel and treats others with contempt – You might catch him acting this way behind your back.
8)   He doesn’t have many close friends – Sociopaths avoid talking about past relationships and may get irritated when questioned.
9)   You are always cleaning up their mess – Sociopaths always prioritise their needs first, so have no fore thought for others.
10)   He won’t let you go – Like a vampire, Sociopaths will do and say anything to avoid losing their meal ticket.

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Posted: May, 26 2018
Don’t always listen to your friends follow your heart
Posted: May, 20 2018
Men are not houses you pic because they are a good fixer upper.
If you are waiting for things to get better then you are wasting your tune.
People can and do change but only if they want to, but at the end of the day are you currently happy, do you feel loved and appreciated.
If so maybe your "friends" are not looking out for your best interests. I can count my friends on my fingers because, well a lot of people are not worth the effort.
So are you happy when you are with him only you can answer that.
Posted: May, 19 2018
Listen to your friends on this ONE! Do not become an enabler to his bad behaviour he will break you! X
Posted: May, 17 2018
is he on a list? it might pay to ask around, as kiki13 said, it's time go......boyfriend

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