How to make my penis big???? Is there any pill without any side-effects?

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The short answer to your question is no, there is no magic pill that will make your penis bigger. There are other non-surgical alternatives on the market, but their effectiveness is dubious, and those that do claim to have an effect on penis length are temporary only. For example some men like to use penis pumps and have found them effective, but at best it may add roughly an inch to your length and it is not permanent. It may be worth visiting your local sex shop for further advice.

You could otherwise try a few tricks to give the illusion of a bigger member. If you have a lot of pubic hair you can try and trim it back in order to accentuate your penis. If you are on the heavier side, you could consider losing a few kilos for the same reason. I remember reading about a Japanese porn star who specifically kept slim to make his penis seem bigger.

If you are interested in more drastic measures, there is always surgical intervention, in the form of a penis enlargement. A relatively new surgery where a crescent-shaped piece of silicone is inserted under the penis skin offers an increase of 1.5-2.5 inches in length both flaccid and erection. However this surgery can only be performed on a circumcised penis, comes with a hefty price tag and will require a minimum period of six weeks with no sex and no masturbation afterwards.

At the end of the day it's important to keep in mind that ultimately women are more interested in building rapport with a partner and a potential lack of length is rarely a deal breaker (except for 'size queens').


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  • steveandhisgirl

    seriously, guys why would you bother doing this........its dangerous anyway

  • NeedANymph

    Find someone who will accept you for who you are. Don't change to try and please someone, coz it never works.
    Not all girls love big dicks, I've met some that could not take it or it was painful but some love it as long as he knows what to do with it.

  • sweetnsensual

    We have met guys that are hung and they can’t get hard and at the end of the day we are interested in genuine people not a big member!

  • steveandhisgirl

    met guys with big dicks, well according to them it is, but no stamina, total waste of time having something and cant cut the distance.........and id lov to know where they measure from pmsl cant stand wannabes anyway......quality not quantity thanks

  • Valleyman83

    Haha he is dreaming if he thinks a big cock will help. To do any good on here, he'll need a mimimun of a private helicopter, a fancy European supercar, a yacht, the body of a Greek God, a 10" cock and look like a Calvin Klein model. Then and MAYBE then he might get some attention. Otherwise fucking forget it.

  • steveandhisgirl

    hate big dicks, it aint what u got, its how you use it fellas..........most females dont have a grand canyon, no pint if u cant touch the sides lol

  • naughtybbwcpl

    There isn't a magic pill just some of us are blessed I guess

  • manvancan

    We have wicked sex and when she need a size injection we get one! There’s not a girl in this world that doesn’t like a long fat cock. If they say that don’t they are lying.

  • Dennison123

    Just use a strap on
    Its still you making love to your lady & you both get what you want
    It stays big for as long as she wants & you can keep going till your buggerd
    Love Them

  • bigoneforu

    Perhaps find a very tight pussy instead of trying to make your cock bigger ? ;););)!

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