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Rebecca Daniels | August 06, 2021

WIN - RedHotPie's Big Night In!!!


Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be reaching out to get your prize out to you ASAP! 


Get hot at home with the RedHotPie Big Night In give-away! We know getting out and about is tricky in some parts of the country right now, so no matter what’s happening where you live, we want to bring the party to you!

We’re giving away not one, but two massive Big Night In prize packs. We’re going to take care of food, bevvies, entertainment and even some sexy toys to ensure whether you’re flying solo or having a Big Night In with a partner, you can get naughty and enjoy a little sexy time… as we said, there are two prizes up for grabs, so get your entry in now.

Each of the two prize packs are worth $250, here’s what they both include:

$100 Lovehoney gift card

Lovehoney has the world’s hottest range of sexy-time toys, and we got you hooked up with this $100 Lovehoney gift card. Your bedroom won’t know what hit it!

$50 UberEats gift card

Let’s someone else do the cooking – log on to UberEats and order in from your favourite local. Fuel up – you’re going to need that energy later.

$50 Dan Murphy's gift card

A little lusty lubricant? Why the hell not! Thanks to your old mates at RHP, your next Dan Murphy's haul is on us - cheers!

$50 Netflix card

This Netflix credit is gonna be perfect for the lulls in lusty action! Chuck it on before, between and post-play for the perfect night in.

For your chance to win, in a sentence or two, describe your naughtiest night in memory in the comments section below, the sexier the better!

And don't forget - RedHotPie members get a MASSIVE 20% off EVERYTHING at Lovehoney so get shopping at

Competition closes midnight Saturday, July 31 2021. The winners will be chosen at random from eligible entries and notified after promotion concludes. Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.


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  • Orangegirl95

    A play partner and I went out to dinner at this nice Italian restaurant and were given a table up against the wall in the corner. I had on, by request, a long skirt with no panties which allowed him to run his fingers against my clit and into my dripping pussy. It got even hotter when the server came to take our order and he kept moving them ever so slowly inside me, and when a gentleman across the room kept staring at me, and dipping his eyes down to my leg resting on my partners chair, gaze intense and I just knew he knew what we were doing.

  • Welshlad1

    One night I was out with some friends when I was living back in Wales. Went to this club seen this hot lady from across the room we got talking after a few drinks we was on the dance floor. I started to rub my hands over her sexy body my cock was getting hard I slipped a finger in we then move to the speakers of the club I got my hard cock out and fucked her so hot filling her deep with cum with everyone around us

  • BiPolyMale

    I'm sleeping with my old high school teacher! granted its been a few years since he was my teacher but it still feels so naughty that it makes the sex so much hotter! i now love being in trouble with him. mmm detention...

  • scandu4fun

    My then girlfriend now wife was leaning to drive but still didn't have her L's, so I took her to a quiet road to let her drive my car. When we got back to the main road and were changing seats, she thanked me by pausing into the back seat. Got a bit uncomfortable, so being horny she was less shy and we finished on the boot.

  • Funtimes_76

    Love it very erotic, great story

  • cpl8683

    It was a night in Sydney with a couple we met through RHP, started with a meet at a little speakeasy which ended at Men's Gallery before a taxi ride back to our motel😍 My wife was lucky enough to sit between the men in the back and let's just say being wet is an understatement

  • melbourneminx

    Naughtiest night would have to be when I walked up to one of the managers at my business during a Friday evening event at work. We had barely spoken prior to this night however the champagne had kicked in when I asked him “have you ever had sex at work?” to which he responded “that’s a very inappropriate question to ask”. I replied “I know..but have you? Or should I say, do you want to?” 5 minutes later we were fucking in the work bathroom. This was the beginning of many naughty months in the office!

  • Erotika

    My RHP friend, Massage4Couples, put out an invite on RHP for CD/TV to experience full on doube-handed sensual Tantric massage. I was coming up to Perth to visit and had no idea that my friend had organised my wildest sexual fantasy. I was under the impression that I was just assisting him with a client. However, when I found out it was a CD my mind went into overdrive fantasizing about getting up close and personal. In my excitement I also got a special lace-and-stringy-thing that basically allowed full access to everthing on my body. Steph the CD turned up and she was breathtaking - tall, super extra sexy and way beyond my wet dreams. However, I was still under the impression that this was a normal client. So we all went into the tantric room and we all got down to bare naked essentals. We started on Steph's back which was stirring me up a lot, and then she/he turned over. At this point the client is blindfolded so they can just enjoy, and not knowing what is coming. We started doing the full tantric massage, which builds up to hands on everything. By this stage Steph was fully erect. My friend then encouraged me put my lips, tongue and mouth down on that beautiful long gorgeous cock. He then encouraged me to climb up on the massage table and slide down onto Steph. I did so and then put both legs down either the side of the table for full-on deepest penetration ever - I felt like a love Goddess at this point.. Steph even went WOW on this full immersive experience. From there it just got hotter with penetrating each other everywhere possible. Finally, I lay with my body facing up and bent back over the table to recieve an explosion of Steph's love showered all over my breasts and stomach. That was my fantasy absolutely fulfilled, and I am not sure it can be beaten EVER!

  • chiefwilly

    My wife and I were camping with friends in the bush. We had been frisky with each other all afternoon, including a short sneaky play in the shower tent when we set it up. This just fuelled the desire but we had to bide our time, the friends were not that type sadly. We sat by the fire as all the others drifted of to bed and the minute they left our hands started to wander. Soon enough we were just out of the light of the fire by our ute passionately but quietly enjoying each other's bodies under the stars while the others slept meters away in tents and campers. We were soon in a frenzy and finished as hard and fast as we could without making to much noise with my wife bent over the bonnet where any unsuspecting camper could have caught us. We finished our drinks by the warm fire and went to bed giggling like teenagers.

  • Triplette

    TRIPLETTE Seductive dinner/wine.. Tied to the bed arms and legs, blindfolded😵‍💫 Oblivious to events apart from smell, taste and touch……….smeared with vanilla yogurt.. a banana pushed inside my pussy. Fingers exploring orifices. Mind blowing orgasms………….mmm!

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