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RedHotPie Editor | March 09, 2021

Polyamory Doco Causes Huge Stir!!

Before exchanging “I do’s”, there was something important Jan Oliver Lucks and fiancee Zoe felt they needed to do.

Have sex with other people and film it.

Using their iPhones, the pair recorded their six-month exploration of polyamorous love.

Their probing journey – to ménage à trois or nah? – is the subject of a new docudrama, There Is No ‘I’ In Threesome, which can be seen now on Foxtel and Binge.

“Sex can be a performance or an act,” German-born, New Zealand-based filmmaker Lucks, 37, said.

“Depending on who your dance partner is, you change the way you act and dance.”

After dancing a duet as monogamous lovers for years, Lucks and Zoe agreed that they were curious about polyamory – a lifestyle that can be defined as sharing an intimate relationship with more than one romantic partner.

“Non-monogamy was something that we had on our minds before we started our relationship,” said Lucks, who directs and co-stars in the film. “We just hadn’t explored it.”

According to the terms of their open relationship, both he and Zoe were free to engage in heterosexual or same-sex romantic encounters with others.

They had to clearly communicate the details of their extra-relational rendezvous with each other beforehand and afterwards.

Lucks and Zoe then had the option to add the other person as a third to their non-traditional fold.

“It brought out different aspects of our behaviour in the bedroom. We were pushed into new territory,” said Lucks, who previously considered himself a “sexual underachiever” due to his lacklustre love life in college.

“We would have an experience with someone else, and then bring it (or them) into our relationship and our bed afterwards,” he continued.

“It really enriched our sex life.”

No desire was deemed too taboo.

The pair tried a little bit of everything, from participating in sex parties to BDSM to watching one another have sex with other partners via Skype. They enjoyed it all.

“It was so easy to become enamoured with the attention and the excitement and the sex and the infatuation,” Lucks said.

But as the saying goes: You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

“Jealousy does arise,” Lucks said. “Suddenly, your partner needs you for less things. Now, there are other men (in her life).