Confidence Is the Sexiest Thing You Can Wear

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Confidence in the sack has all to do with knowing your worth and abilities....

Sure, it is easy to doubt our appearance, our body shape, the imperfections and wobbly bits. But one of the biggest factors of feeling sexy when getting naked is confidence in the sack. 

Being confident in the sack is knowing your worth, trusting your abilities and what you are bringing into the bedroom. 

Think back on what sex was like when you were young… Bet you are saying: “If only I knew what I know now!” Although your body was at its prime, your experience in the sack and your knowledge of your turn-ons was still developing. While sex may be the ultimate goal, it is what you bring into it that makes for a great experience.

Ditch your body image issues because young or old and regardless of gender, we all have body image issues.
Focus on your life learned sexual lessons and express your normal, healthy sexual appetites. Boost your confidence in the knowledge that your sexual abilities make you desirable and sexy
. Most men will prefer a less-than-perfect shaped woman who knows what she wants in bed and loves sex over a perfectly shaped youthful woman who is clueless about her turn ons and her sexuality.

It's logical then that investing time on our confidence is key. Confidence is something you practice. Check out our tips, for a few things you can do to boost your self-esteem before the clothes come off.

Compliment Yourself 

Every day as you’re getting ready, make a note of what you like about yourself. It could be your breasts, your face, your lips, your legs, your round booty or your hair. This is a great way to shift focus on the positives rather than the flaws. 

Another way to gain confidence and get more comfortable with your body is to spent time naked. So, next time you’re alone try it out. Get naked and get comfortable in your own skin, which will bring about body positivity. Of course, satisfaction with one's body might take time but disrobing might speed the process. 

Make yourself look sexy

You don’t have to spend hours getting ready, but before you head out, put on your favourite lipstick, wear your favourite high heels, maybe style your hair, wear clothes you feel great in or wear some sexy lingerie. You’ll feel ready when you bump into that sexy hottie or dash out for a quick meet with your date you hooked up on DateFinder. Whatever you do, do it for you because it makes you feel sexy, slutty, beautiful and sensual. 

Fake it till you make it

Seriously, pretend you feel sexy and confident until you do. Make eye contact with an attractive man, hold your gaze for a while and smile. Be bold and ask that hottie out for a drink. Strut around with head up high and shoulders back just like the confident woman you picture yourself to be. Time to let that confident woman out of the shadows.

Spend quality solo time

Masturbate often, in the bath or when you first wake up. Invest in a toy, catch up on some erotic reading or watch some porn. Get that sensual aura to be more present and learn what turns you on. Picture yourself in sexual scenarios that you want to make reality one day. Get your sexy hormones pumping through your veins and naughty thoughts permeating your mind and watch your confidence and sex life go through the roof. Get in touch with your sexual self and you'll ooze sensuality in your everyday life - something that is irresistible to others around you.

Focus on what is sexy

Do you wonder why some hotties choose what you might think are less -than-perfect partners? That’s because a large majority of men prefer a woman who knows what she wants in bed, who enjoys sex and knows her way around the sack, over someone who is beautiful. Looks aren’t everything, so stop worrying about your imperfect body and focus on your sexy confidence.

What makes you feel confident in the sack? Let us know in the comments below.

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Christina Miller
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Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: Sep, 05 2020
Confidence is very important in and out of the bedroom. Nice profile MelindaMM, looking forward to chatting to you :)
Posted: Sep, 04 2020
Love this, and would love to see tips for guys to express confidence. I think many single guys here on RHP struggle with no replies but they’re not necessarily approaching confidently/comfortably either. What makes a fellow stand out, Ladies? What’s a good opening line?
Posted: Sep, 04 2020
Confidence is both verbal and non-verbal. Working on conversation skills is more than half the battle for a man. Looks are one thing, but the ability to work with what you have, namely an interest in other people that is genuine, is way more attractive than any six pack.
Posted: Sep, 04 2020
REALITY CHECK! 99.9% of men don’t see any of “your imperfections” until you grizzle and point them out!!! My body has been through huge changes over the years! Weight up and down, at one point there was over two of me now. DID I EVER MISS OUT ON SEX?? NEVER 🥰 And that is simply because I know I’m good at sex, Conceited? No! How can you possibly be bad at something you enjoy?? Don’t let a lump or extra skin get in the way of an amazing orgasm !! Enjoy it Enjoy yourself
Posted: Sep, 03 2020
Can I add patience and communication skills to the list 😀
Posted: Sep, 02 2020
Why is the article only referring to women and imagery of women?
Posted: Sep, 02 2020
Great read! Confidence in youself and your bedroom abilities continue to grow, if you let them.
Posted: Sep, 02 2020
I've learned to love the skin I'm in and feel fantastic for it. If they don't like what they see it's their loss not mine. I've blossomed sexually and love showing it. I feel confident and not afraid to show it to people I meet by dressing sexy in the bedroom and expressing my desires. Sex is sex it's how you make it more enjoyable and desirable.
Posted: Sep, 02 2020
Good article and I agree with the principles. 2 things to consider... All the images throughout the article are of slim under 40’s. Why not demonstrate examples of what you are suggesting by using images of well presented older or larger men and women? Secondly why the focus on women? I appreciate the article was written by a woman however plenty of men would benefit from this advice. There is NOTHING sexier than a confident man. For me it beats many other physical or personality traits.
Posted: Jun, 27 2019
Great read and very true...
Posted: Jun, 11 2019
Loved the article and agree with it 100% I believe that by seeing myself how I'd like others to see me, allows me to sincerely be confident with who I am and what I look like. I am not a super model far from it actually but I don't need to be. In my mind and how I finally (it's been a long journey) see myself is exactly how others See Me, I am not skinny, I have amazing curves and bumps, I am not tall. I am a sensual, confident, sexy, cheeky, fun loving, and definitely a free spirit, who nowdays cares very little of the opinions others have about me. When I go out that is exactly what people say to me this is both men and women. Women often make comments like "I wish I had your confidence" "I love how you really don't give a damn what anyone thinks of you " "I wish I could pull off what you are wearing and feel good" I also get people telling how proud I should be of myself, this is well because I am not skinny, and usually only skinny, flat tummy long legged girls can only have the confidence I display and have. I often have people telling me that they can't stop watching me dance (I love to dance and I really do dance like no-one is watching)
Posted: Apr, 06 2019
Confidence is very sexy in and out of the bedroom. Beauty fades on the outside but not in you. This article is an amazing boost for those who lack confidence and have body issues. Thank you for this.
Posted: Apr, 06 2019
The imperfect person who accepts they’re imperfect bumps, rumps, or lumps will always succeed and enjoy sexlife over the perfect person that constantly strives to look/be “perfect”. Imperfections are what make you you. It’s what he finds sexy makes you different from everyone else. It doesn’t define you it may even be exactly what he’s looking for. Perfect is living/fulfilling a fantasy in which is just that “a fantasy” though his eyes. That’s why the perfect person is still looking for “perfect” holding expectations no doubt will always lead them to disappointment over an over an over wondering why is it so hard to find or hold onto there “perfect” person and there unrealistic expectations he or she must live up to.
Posted: Apr, 04 2019
Absolutely, we all get the hots for different body shapes....just love who you confidence is super sexy & people will pick up on that..!
Posted: Apr, 03 2019
Biggest sexual organ is the mind..sort that out and the rest will flow ??
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